Get the Lead Out with Blue Blade Steel!!

Blue Blade Steel Announces Lead-Free Processing Kennilworth, NJ - We at Blue Blade Steel are pleased to announce that we are one of the few hardening and tempering mills in this country and the world able to offer a lead-free surface" for your pre-tempered carbon and alloy strip steel requirements. We urge you to take advantage of our unique capabilities in this market to promote your own...

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Power Management Service provides real-time PC energy savings.

Delivered through web browser, PwrSmart(TM) Service requires no up-front infrastructure investment, software maintenance, or support contract. Patented technology automatically applies power management settings without manual intervention. Analysis engine presents data in graphs and charts, while built-in energy auditing capability enables energy savings insight, ongoing optimization of energy...

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Coating Services

Aluminum Coating Service meets Green standards.

Using water-based TRINAR® Aqua air dry system, Linetec provides on-site repair and restoration of architectural aluminum products' finishes. Application of fluoropolymer finish meets weathering requirements of AAMA 2605, resisting humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss, and natural weathering. Coating also meets interior specifications for Green Seal® Standard and U.S. Green...

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Sealing Services

EB Industries Advances Laser Hermetic Sealing Process

Farmingdale, NY, -- EB Industries, a leading provider of welding, laser welding, and hermetic sealing services, has recently developed a process for hermetically sealing parts that provides precise control of internal pressure anywhere from 10-3 ATM vacuum and up to 3 ATM pressure. This process also allows for the backfill of any gas provided it is non toxic, non-oxidizing and non-flammable....

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Computer Services

Cloud Computing Service meets needs of enterprise-class users.

With Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Center, enterprises can securely design and deploy complete set of enterprise-class data center services for variety of applications without physically procuring, installing, configuring, or managing any hardware. Multilevel service profile provides range of features and support levels to meet needs of various application types, including test and...

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Fulfillment Services

Cloud Computing Services span diverse functionality.

Arrow Fusion remote monitoring and management solutions provide detailed reporting on performance of technology in data center, while Arrow Fusion security- and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions include security services for e-mail and web defense, e-mail disaster recovery, and message archiving. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering includes solutions for virtual, managed, and...

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Telecommunications Services

Vehicle Emergency Management Service links to multiple responders.

Mobile emergency management platform utilizes in-vehicle telematics to provide location-specific notification of vehicle emergencies to emergency responders, along with notifications to towing, roadside assistance, and auto insurance companies. Accident scene management provides clients with multi-modal (live operator, messaging, interactive and automated voice, Web), data-centric network that...

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Testing Services

Greer Metallurgical Laboratory Open for Business

Services available to all. (Dover, OH) August 2, 2010 -- Greer Steel has announced that the full range of services offered by its renowned Metallurgical Lab will now be available to anyone using metals. For more than 40 years, Greer's Metallurgical Lab has been an industry hallmark offering Greer customers some of the most extensive and precise testing available. Now, the Greer Met Lab is a...

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Testing Services

Napoleon Engineering Services Environmental Testing Provides Bearing Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

Olean, NY-- Bearings within agriculture applications reside in a demanding environment. Facing environmental factors such as mud, dust, and dirt bearing seals must perform efficiently to ensure the integrity of the product, acting to prevent premature failure. With a growing number of applications struggling with seal effectiveness, the problem has escalated along with the costs associated with...

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