Omni-Tract Surgical Introduces Speed-Tract(TM)

Faster, Cam-Assisted Set Up for Table-Mounted Ring Retractors ST. PAUL, Minn., June 6 /- Omni-Tract Surgical, Inc., announced the introduction of their patented Speed-Tract(TM) system. The system is made up of just two parts; a cam-activated coupler mounted on a sterile field post, along with an equally friendly 360 degree adjustable cam-activated arm. Speed-Tract is designed to allow surgeons to...

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Retractor System provides access to lumbar spine.

MARS(TM) Minimal Access Retractor System enables surgeons to perform discectomies, posterior lateral fusions, and interbody fusions with minimal intrusion. System features removable medial blade, individually retracted blades, along with release level, cephalad, and caudad and lateral blade retraction. System comes equipped with several table arm attachment points. Options include Radiolucent...

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