Polycarbonate Resin offers flame resistance.

Using fly ash, a by-product of thermal power plants, Polycarbonate Resin provides high level of flame resistance necessary for housing plastics used in electronic products industry without addition of toxic materials such as halogen compounds. Fly ash offers flame resistance, due to its strong adhesion to polycarbonate resin, which facilitates thermal degradation resistance and promotes...

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Tackifier Resin is suited for nonwoven adhesives.

Regalite C6100 multi-purpose, partially hydrogenated, hydrocarbon resin improves tack and facilitates application of hot melt adhesives. With odorless and clear formulation, product is compatible with various elastomers and polymers, including SBS, SIS, SEBS, and EVA. Imparting proper balance of cohesive properties as well as tack, Regalite C6100 is suited for use in adhesives for hygiene...

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Finishing Chemicals are suited for nonwovens.

Synthebond line of polymers, resins, finishes, and fluorochemical extenders are engineered to deliver hand and color fastness, abrasion resistance, oil and water repellency, and increased strength and rigidity for nonwoven applications. Finishing chemicals feature range of binders, performance finishes, softeners, and soil release agents that optimize performance of products such as window...

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Resin is suited for thin-wall injection molding.

SURPASS IFs932 polyethylene resin is produced with proprietary Advanced SCLAIRTECH(TM) technology utilizing single-site catalysts. Low-viscosity product produces parts with improved clarity. Uses include food-packaging applications such as lids and closures.

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Polyethylene Resins do not require chemical additives.

Raprex(TM) pre-processed resins are formulated to provide improved physical properties without chemical cross linking agents. Radiation processing of base PE resin results in inhomogeneous cross link distribution in polymer. This results in parts that are higher in mechanical properties than unmodified versions. Available in extrusion, injection molding, and film grades, products exhibit tear...

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