Edmund Optics' Off-the-Shelf Infrared Optics Help Defense Industry Respond Quickly and Efficiently

Cost savings in prototype and testing phases April 2, 2009, Barrington, NJ - Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, now offers standard, off-the-shelf infrared optical components specifically tailored for use in the Defense Industry. These IR products are in-stock and available for immediate delivery, allowing defense customers to reach the marketplace faster, more...

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Prism ensures homogeneous illumination of specimen.

Circular Differential Interference Contrast (C-DIC) prism uses circularly polarized light in contrast to conventional DIC to solve insufficient contrast problems observed in classical brightfield and darkfield microscopy. It allows fine surface structures to be observed with high contrast and resolution simultaneously, independent of orientation. Product is inserted into compensator mount of...

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