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Introducing our New Pallet Strapping System

Apr 08, 2015

At PAC Strapping we are constantly working to improve our products and make sure our customers receive the very best strapping solutions. For over 30 years we have been focused on providing quality products with competitive pricing, which is why we’re happy to announce the release of our newest pallet strapper. The PSS 703 pallet strapper was first unveiled to Pack Expo attendees and now... Read More

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Samuel Strapping Systems' Completes New Equipment Install at HW Culp

Sep 08, 2014

Since their start in 1925, HW Culp has been producing high quality lumber, with annual production exceeding 100 million board feet per year, for wholesale customers at competitive prices. With this in mind, the need for a fast and reliable lumber strapper has always been important to the company; however, due to changes in the business, the previous machine was no longer up to the job. "The... Read More

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WILSPEC LLC Introduces New Strap Winding Tool to Aid the Trucking Industry

Apr 02, 2014

Several tools are on the market for the trucking industry to aid in re-winding cargo winch straps – but none of them provide the advantages of the new and uniquely designed tool being introduced by WILSPEC LLC. - Fully Engages Winch Hub  - No Slipping - Automatically Engages/Disengages Upon Insertion Removal - Designed to FitTrucker's Battery Operated Drill OR Impact Driver - One-Piece... Read More

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Samuel Strapping Brings Better Bander Performance to Boise Cascade EWP

Dec 12, 2013

Samuel Strapping Systems, a leading supplier of industrial packaging supplies and equipment, recently partnered with Boise Cascade's Engineered Wood Products division to install a bander in their White City, Oregon facility. Boise Cascade EWP's Oregon facility is one of the largest laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and I-joist manufacturing plants in the world, and must meet the needs of over 60... Read More

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Pac Strapping Products Adds New Products in 2013

Mar 14, 2013

Pac Strapping Products, Inc, in Exton Pa, is pleased to expand its offers in 2013.  Along with expanding our reach into some exciting new markets, we've just introduced some new high strength polyester products that can benefit our shipping clients in a wide variety of applications. First, we are now offering 1" x .050" Polyester strapping. This heavy-duty plastic strapping carries maximum break... Read More

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Strapping System utilizes brushless DC motor technology.

Nov 26, 2012

Equipped with thermostatically controlled heat seal or Sonixs ultrasonic welding technology, ROMP-6 Evolution can apply polypropylene strapping in widths of 5–12 mm at speeds up to 52 cycles/min. Design includes side or front coil loading, push-button strap threading, and fully enclosed strap feed track. Moving elements are designed with sealed bearings in open lever style construction that... Read More

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Battery-Powered Strapping Tools ensure operator comfort.

Nov 21, 2012

Powered by Li-Ion battery, models VT550L and VT700L mobile, portable strapping tools are not tied to an air line or external power. Model VT550L features polypropylene and polyester strapping and is designed for light duty applications. With maximum tension of 700 lb, VT700L works with variety of polyester strap widths and thicknesses making it suitable for heavy duty and high-tension... Read More

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Semi-Automatic Strapper operates at speeds of 2.5 sec/cycle.

Oct 17, 2012

Powered by 24 V direct drive motor, IMPACT™ Strapper eliminates chains, belts, and pulleys, minimizing downtime and maintenance. For operation, user turns system on, loads strapping, and flips switch. System uses ¼–½ in. polypropylene strapping for boxes and packages down to 1 ¾ x 1 in.  (with small package option). Machine includes sensor-controlled heating system, electronic tension... Read More

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Strapping Machine targets corrugated industry.

Jun 26, 2012

Made of heavy-duty structural steel, Model SCU-8 can be configured with 2, 3, or 4 strapping heads. Heavy steel platen and reinforced under-conveyor supports allow compression forces of 1,000-8,000 lb on corrugated loads. In addition to Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet connectivity, machine features externally located programming port, external tension adjustment, and redundant safety... Read More

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Entry Level Strapping Machine uses direct drive technology.

Mar 13, 2012

Suited for strapping packages and bundles up to 600 mm high and 800 mm wide, ROM-Fusion incorporates standard 3 sealing unit and multiple decentralized DC motors. Key functions, including strap tension and feed or strap return, can be adjusted to meet requirements. Direct drive completely eliminates need for wear parts. Operating at up to 55 straps/min, even with 5 mm strap, automatic strapping... Read More

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The All New Strapack D53x2 Strapping Machine

Jun 25, 2010

Strapack has introduced the newest in its long line of strapping machines, the D-53x2 semi-automatic strapper. This unit is based on the very successful D-53 and D-53x units that have been manufactured for years. Reliability, durability and versatility are the key components of the Strapack D-53 series of strappers. Strapack is unique in that they manufacture the machines. Strapack builds the... Read More

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Plastic Strapping meets packaging industry requirements.

May 21, 2009

Unaffected by weather and UV rays, QualiStrap plastic polypropylene strapping comes in standard pallet quantities of 24, 28, 32, or 36 cartons per skid for extreme and rigid quality control in machine-grade applications. Product meets packaging industry requirements with machine grades available in job-matched widths (5 mm to ½ in), thickness, and tensile strengths. Polyester PET strapping is... Read More

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Sign Strapping Systems never need painting.

Mar 31, 2009

Suitable for mounting post signs and signals in traffic industry, Series 3815-SS, 1215-SS, 5815-SS, and 3415-SS Royal Independent Stainless Steel Strapping comes in 100-200 ft rolls in banding widths of 3/8, ½, 5/8, and ¾ in. Strapping meeting ASTM standards is available with galvanized or organic coating. Read More