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Conductive Floor & Wall Paint with low VOC's

Sep 23, 2010

Northvale, NJ - Antistatic Industries offers a conductive, acrylic, water-based, floor and wall paint. STATICPAINT® is available in all colors and is sold through all Sherwin-Williams retail stores nationwide. Sherwin-Williams vendor # 0030031785. STATICPAINT® protects against any static build-up on personnel, handling parts and assembling of PC boards. STATICPAINT® helps eliminate dust... Read More

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Floor and Wall Paint features low VOCs.

Oct 02, 2009

Available in 1- or 2-part systems, STATICPAINT® protects against any static build-up on personnel handling parts and assembling PC boards. Conductive, acrylic, water-based paint also helps eliminate dust clinging to walls and has no hot spots. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, product withstands wear and tear in high traffic areas, and is UV protective to resist fading from halogen,... Read More

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DuPont Water-Based Paints Help California Auto Body Shops Meet New Air Emissions Regulations

Oct 23, 2006

New Products Facilitate Productivity and Profitability WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 4 / In the collision repair business, the key to profitability is fixing cars and then applying aesthetically superior finishes as quickly as possible. However, in 2009, California's two largest air quality management districts will impose emissions regulations that shop owners fear will slow their paint operations,... Read More