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Chemline 7025 Polyurea Hybrid Coating offers tensile strength of 3500 psi.

Nov 17, 2017

Chemline 7025 Polyurea Hybrid Coating provides resistance against rust and corrosion to protect trucks and trailers. Unit contains 100% solids and zero VOCs. Product offers hardness of Shore 90 A, tear strength of 350 pli and elongation of 250 %. Applied with a 1:1 high pressure,this coating comes with a gel time of 8 seconds and is suitable for humid application environments.

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InterCoat®ChemGuard Coating is RoHS compliant.

Oct 25, 2017

InterCoat®ChemGuard Coating is suitable for automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical conduit, wall studs, furniture, fixtures, appliances, outdoor and highway railing applications. Unit offers corrosion resistance for galvanized steel and helps to protect the material during stamping, roll forming, shearing. Product provides low coefficient of friction and is eco-friendly.... Read More

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Zinc Clad® 4100 Epoxy Coating is suitable for blasted steel.

Oct 11, 2017

Zinc Clad® 4100 Epoxy Coating comes with self-healing properties and help to reduce the need for sweat-in time. Unit is suitable for bridge and highway structures, stadiums and sports complexes, steel fabrication shops, piping, barges and ships, drilling rigs, and refineries applications. Product features recoat time below 30 minutes and comes in a user-friendly package.

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Abrisa Technologies Publishes New Data Sheet Coated Glass Solutions for In-Vehicle Infotainment Displays & Driver Assist Sensing

Sep 14, 2017

Santa Paula, CA - Abrisa Technologies offers coated glass Total Solutions for the Vehicular market that builds upon its unique combined volume manufacturing expertise in both fabricated glass and optical thin film coatings. According to Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager for Abrisa Technologies, "Our Total Solutions for Infotainment and HUD Augmented Reality Display and Enhanced Vision Systems... Read More

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Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths come with stiff liner.

Sep 01, 2017

Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths are suitable for quality control laboratories testing metals, alloys and carbides. Unit’s magnetic backing is offered in 203 mm, 254 mm and 305 mm sizes. Product is available in TriDent™, VerduTex™, MicroCloth™, VelTex™, PoliCloth ™, MicroFloc™, MasterTex™, ChemoMet™, UltraPad™ Nylon™ and TexMet C™ types.

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8695 Silicone Conformal Coating meets MIL-I-46058C standard.

Aug 26, 2017

8695 Silicone Conformal Coating offers insulative protection for flexible and rigid printed circuit boards over soldering heat, corrosive vapors, moisture, and fungus. Unit comes with UV indicator for quality control inspections. Product is RoHS compliant and helps to protect electronic components and circuit boards against corrosion.

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Quaker Chemical Receives Ringier Technology Innovation Award in Coating Industry

Aug 03, 2017

High-Performance, Water-Based Coating QUAKERCOAT® 801 Meets the VOC Emission Challenge

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Aug. 2, 2017 - Quaker Chemical Corporation (NYSE: KWR, "Quaker") has won a 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Award with its process fluid, QUAKERCOAT® 801, a high-performance, fast-drying water-based coating. It was the second time that Quaker has been awarded this... Read More

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Anti Reflection Film retains screen brightness and sharpness, even in bright sunlight

Jun 24, 2017

Researchers from College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida (CREOL), report on their new antireflection coating in Optica, The Optical Society's journal for high impact research. Exhibiting a surface reflection of just .23 percent, as compared to iPhone’s 4.4, antireflection film contains tiny uniform dimples, each about 100 nm in diameter, which when viewed in... Read More

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Valspar Packaging - Wins Bronze in the METPACK 2017 Innovation Awards

Jun 22, 2017

Packaging division receives honor for its valPure® V70 non-BPA technology

SEWICKLEY, Pa., June 21, 2017 - Valspar Packaging Coatings announced today that METPACK presented its 2017 Innovation award to Valspar's next generation valPure® V70 non-BPA series of coatings for light metal packaging. METPACK 2017 Innovation is the metal packaging industry's highest honor for... Read More

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Flow Room Temperature Underfill eliminates pre-heating a substrate.

Jun 08, 2017

SMT 88UL Flow Room Temperature Underfill provides reworkability, drop test, quicker storage conditions and thermal cycling performance. Unit comes with ability to flow into gaps below 10µm at room temperature. Product is suitable for microelectronics industry.

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Pratt & Lambert® Paints Introduces Three New Premium Products

Jun 08, 2017

CLEVELAND, June 7, 2017 - Pratt & Lambert® Paints, an industry leader in innovative and premium quality paint products, is proud to announce the launch of three new paint products available exclusively at leading independent paint and hardware retailers nationwide. The products include:

  • Aquanamel™ Waterborne Alkyd Enamel, a coating that provides superb flow and leveling with a... Read More

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MICROLOK® MZN Finish for High Heat Applications up to 1400° and Durable Protection for Iron and Steel Parts

May 26, 2017

Eden Prairie, Minnesota: The MICROLOK® MZN finish from Birchwood Technologies is a fine-grained zinc phosphate coating for iron and steel components. It provides protection up to 1400°F for high heat applications such as pistons, rotor and calipers, and machined components where break-in lubricity is critical.

The MICROLOK MZN coating is a twenty-minute process that requires just five... Read More

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ArmorLube™ Coating features hardness up to 1500 HV.

May 24, 2017

Applied using Duralar™ CS-50 deposition system and DualArmor™ process, ArmorLube™ Coating is created from carbon-based formula with coefficient of friction of less than 0.08. Coating is suitable for metal products and parts in firearms, automotive, oil and gas industries. Duralar™ CS-50’s deposition speed enables ArmorLube™ coating thickness up to 15µm. Offering dry lubrication,... Read More

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GO-Antistatic Coating offers protection against UV radiation.

May 19, 2017

Designed for glassfiber reinforced polyester outdoor enclosures, Dubbed GO-Antistatic Coating Treatment is suitable for oil, gas, chemicals and petrochemicals industries. Offering degree of conductivity for outdoor enclosures dissipating electric charges safely to ground, product’s single-wall carbon nanotubes measure around 1-2 nm in diameter. SWCNTs increases smoothness at surface level... Read More

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XuperCOAT™ Ceramic Coating offers high thermal conductivity.

May 13, 2017

Suitable for coating mold plates and tubes in continuous steel casting process, XuperCOAT™ Ceramic Composite Coating protects copper molds against wear from hot steel in casting process. Coating provides low friction, high hardness and ductility.

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Pettit Announces Availability of Award-Winning Easy-to-Use Wood Treatment

May 06, 2017

Coating Manufacturer Shipping Quick-Drying SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment

Rockaway, N.J. - Pettit Marine Paint, leading manufacturer of high performance marine coatings, announced today that its award-winning SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment is now in stores.

“SeaGold is the most user-friendly wood finish available and is perfect for protecting any top-side britework,” said Don... Read More

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857G-3310 Primer is compatible with high-build PTFE topcoats.

May 03, 2017

Intech's water-based 857G-3310 green primer is acid free. Product is suitable for those with VOC reduction initiatives. Coming in fluropolymers, coatings are available in gallons.

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E-Weld Plasma™ Solution inhibits the adherence of slag.

Apr 25, 2017

Used as protection for laser and plasma cutting tools, E-Weld Plasma™ Solution is a label free product which can be applied in minutes and dries quickly. Using ergonomic arm-mounted applicator, users can coat 500 sq-ft areas quickly. Product is water-based, ceramic and anti-splatter solution and can be applied to surrounding equipment which are exposed to weld spatter of slag.

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0-60 Degree Polarization Optimized Anti-reflection (AR) Coatings for P-plane & S-plane Polarization

Apr 10, 2017

Abrisa Technologies now offers very wide angle anti-reflection (AR) coatings for p-plane or s-plane polarization. These coatings support high throughput efficiency for broad angle polarization sensitive applications such as:

  • Switchable Bragg gratings
  • Spatial light modulation (SLM)
  • Laser scanning applications
  • Near-to-eye display components
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Michelman Highlighting Barrier and Functional Coatings for Flexible Packaging Applications at PackPlus South 2017

Apr 08, 2017

CINCINNATI, OH (April 4, 2017) – Michelman will showcase its broad selection of barrier and functional coatings formulated for flexible packaging applications at PackPlus South 2017. The show is being held April 7-10, 2017 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BEIC) in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, with Michelman exhibiting in booth #F16.

The company will highlight its... Read More