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Bag Insertion Machine suits continuous-duty applications.

Feb 27, 2002

PBI-II Poly Bag Insertion Machine is designed for high speed placement of poly bag liners in erected cases. It operates with other weighing, filling, case forming and closing equipment in automated or manual packaging lines. Machine can handle KD case sizes of 24, 32, and 42 in. Safety enclosure with interlocked doors protects personnel during operation. Handwheel provides height and width... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Cap Applicator prevents skewed caps.

Feb 14, 2002

When paired with in NEM retorquer, NERCAE cap applicator will place caps on containers and tighten them down. It precisely places caps on containers, eliminating skewed or crooked caps. It can also be used in induction sealing applications when sealer is followed by retorquer to cap, seal, and tighten down caps. Applicator can handle CT and CR type closures. Depending on applicator heads, it can... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Vinyl Caps includes high temperature-resistant models.

Feb 13, 2002

Flexible vinyl caps can be applied quickly, fit snugly, and will not split or crack. Dip molding production process for protective caps allows any size, style, and color design to be made. Insulation qualities of vinyl promote resistance to weather, moisture, and chemicals. Vinyl caps are suitable for protecting, masking, decorating, color-coding, and sealing threads, bolts, tubes, studs, and... Read More

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Plastic Shrink Tool provides fully repeatable settings.

Jan 23, 2002

Leister Triac PID Hot-Air Shrink Tool lets users dial in precise settings within +/-1°F and provides digital display of set and actual temperatures. Variably adjustable from 68 to 1100°F, with 7 CFM air flow, tool has over 15 nozzles for applying boots, heat-shrink tubings, and solder sleeves. Hand-held, 13 inch long by 2.2 inch diameter tool weighs under 3 pounds. Cold shield prevents... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Plastic Caps protect parts.

Jan 22, 2002

FL Series straight-sided tube caps have flanged tops for ease of removal. They are available in 2 sizes that have long inside lengths, making it suitable to protect threaded and non-threaded parts in various applications. Two sizes protect threads of 1/2 and 7/8 in. diameter. Caps are constructed of flexible and durable low-density polyethylene, and are available in standard orange. Read More

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Floor Pads reduce noise and vibration.

Jan 21, 2002

Nomad padding is available for floor and counter units, in 1/2 and 1 in. thicknesses. Pad material is resilient and will not lose its shape or deteriorate when heavy equipment is placed on it. It uses coated vinyl loop construction called that absorbs sound and vibration. It is resistant to fungus, mildew, acids, and organic solvents and will withstand bleach and other chemical bases such as... Read More

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Plugs eliminate leaks.

Jan 17, 2002

Zero-Leak Gold® Plugs replace o-ring SAE straight-thread and pipe-thread plugs, and SAE J514 style plugs. They are available in all SAE J514 sizes, and are guaranteed not to leak or back out, even in vibration, temperature changes and pressure spike situations. Plugs require no chemical sealants, eliminating risk of fluid system contamination. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Placer Drive ensures accurate placement.

Jan 03, 2002

Model 200 Series Reciprocating Placer dual action drive provides high-speed processing and accurate product placement. It has large capacity 24-in. hopper that reduces loading frequency, multiple hopper configurations for handling variety of product types, and PLC controls for operator interface. Options include adjustable mounting stand, extended hoppers, and tower lamp. Speeds are up to 60... Read More

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Plugs and Connectors identify power status.

Jan 02, 2002

Power Light(TM) (PL) Plugs and Connectors glow through transparent lenses when power is ON. When devices are de-energized, and current is no longer present, power light switches OFF. Units are available in 15, 20 and 30 Amp 125 Volt straight-blade and locking configurations. 15 and 20 Amp straight-blade versions feature green neon bulb rated at 30,000 hours. 20 and 30 Amp locking devices feature... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Packing Station Table has casters for portability.

Jan 02, 2002

Designed for packing and shipping operations, AutoPad® with Packing Station Table converts three-ply kraft paper into lightweight cushions that protect items during shipping. Table is 28 x 41 in. and is mounted directly to AutoPad converter, which generates cushioning pad directly above tabletop surface. Self-contained pack station contains controls, output, and work area, and can be adjusted... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Shrink Wrap Machine wraps 75 bundles per minute.

Dec 27, 2001

Servos in Model 75GI eliminate need for pneumatic parts, and provides smooth, quiet acceleration/deceleration of seal carriage and seal head. Continuous motion machine shrink wraps random sized bundles from 3/16 to 10 in. high, and interacts with high-speed binding lines, presorted postal route sequencing applications, and counter-stackers. It can shrink-wrap printed products from tabloid to... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Case Sealer suits demanding applications.

Dec 19, 2001

OK Supertaper 1M seals both tops and bottoms of cases with tape. Standard features include stainless steel exterior finish and heavy-duty side belts with 1/4 hp motors that can handle cases up to 90 lbs. Four in. wide side belts handle heavy and bulging cases. OK Supertaper 1M features OK55 tape heads with open tape feed path. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Case Sealer can convert to 2 in. or 3 in. tape requirements.

Dec 18, 2001

Little David Random Legend Series Case Sealer uses pressure sensitive tape to seal top and bottom of boxes. It tapes boxes ranging from 3 to 24 in. high, 4 1/2 to 22 in. wide, and from 3 in. in length. Side and lock leg extensions accommodate conveyor heights from 22 1/4 to 32 1/4 in. Sealed drive system and CaseLocker ST cartridge require no lubrication. Sealer features single mast design with... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Case Erector produces up to 15 cases per minute.

Dec 18, 2001

OK Superformer erects RSC cases, folds bottom flaps and closes them with tape. It features stainless steel exterior finish, automatic squaring system, easy size change, and tape and case monitoring. System uses easy-loading Newlong Magazine. It is operator friendly and provides consistency for automatic lines. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Bag Sealer provides continuous performance.

Dec 18, 2001

OK Supersealer heat sealer utilizes hot air to continuously seal wide range of bag materials at high speed. It does not use Teflon® coated bands, which decreases downtime. System offers integral heater height measurement, variable speed, auto-reverse function, stainless steel finish, and PLC controller. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Coil Wrapping System uses laser to determine dimensions.

Dec 07, 2001

AUTOWRAP uses laser technology to determine exact dimensions of large metal coil of any height, width or weight up to 40 tons, then configures pair of automated robotic arms to wrap it in shortest possible path, all under control of PC. Robotic arms cover all exposed surfaces of coil with wrapping materials, resulting in moisture-proof seal of as many wrap layers as desired. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Packaging Products & Equipment

Dispensing Stand suits potting and filling applications.

Dec 01, 2001

Valve, cartridge, and syringe holders securely fasten applicator to dispensing stand, which is adjustable in height and rotation. Dispensing valve or other applicator can also be angled in its presentation to work pieces. Heavy cast base ensures stability during operation, but unit is portable for storage. Stand assists in production dispensing applications including repetitive applications of... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Stacking Heat Sealer includes ActiveX interface.

Nov 16, 2001

Stacking Heat Sealer is capable of sealing up to 50 96/384 shallow well plates; 35 384 deep well plates; and 17 1 to 2 ml deep well plates during unattended operation. It uses either REMP Peelable Sealing Foil or REMP Pierceable Sealing Foil, both of which are resistant to DMSO and can withstand storage temperatures between -80°C and 120°C. Cycle time is equivalent to 15 seconds per plate.... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Case Sealer features continuous operation design.

Nov 09, 2001

Model 336 hot melt adhesive case sealer is available with elevation ranging from 15 in. to 26 in. It features metering belt transfer that automatically times cases into flap tucker at speeds up to 45 cases per minute. Sealer tucks minor flaps, applies adhesive and plows major flaps closed. Rapid adjust hand cranks allow machine to accommodate case sizes from 8 in. long x 6 in. wide x 4 in. high... Read More

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Solder Dispenser ensures even solder mix.

Nov 08, 2001

Programmable LDS9000 bench top solder paste dispensing system eliminates tunneling, paste separation and waste. It has a hand-held gun with mechanically driven lead screw that gently and precisely pushes the solder mix through an industry-standard plastic syringe and tip. Linear actuator, which is under software control, moves plunger in syringe without crushing paste. It draws paste back at end... Read More