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Packaging Products & Equipment

Tool Presetter shrink fits tool holders.

Aug 28, 2002

ShrinkSet(TM) combination vertical presetter and low/high-temperature, induction-heating machine allows users to shrink, preset, and inspect on one machine. It is available with manual operation, with scope or non-pc vision control, or as fully automatic with zero-positioning and vision capability. ShrinkSet works with HSK shrink-fit, coolant-thru holders, available in standard, extended, and... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Wide-Mouth Baler suits high volume applications.

Aug 19, 2002

Model 6042 features 41 x 60 in. hopper and can bale up to 25,000 cu ft/hr with cycle times as fast as 10.2 seconds. Three different cylinder sizes can produce up to 235,000 lbs of compressing force. Bale length can be adjusted to meet customer needs with bales weighing up to 3,000 lbs. Baler includes Pathfinder color touchscreen and 5-tie automatic wire tier. Slick material tension chamber... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Range and Dryer Plugs are unbreakable.

Aug 13, 2002

Range and Dryer Plugs, made of PVC thermoplastic, have hinged front that assures proper adjustment of top and bottom sections during assembly. Blades hold firmly but remove readily to facilitate wiring. Internal clamp secures wires in place, and molded strip gauge assures perfectly trimmed wiring. Plugs comply with UL498 requirement and come in 30, 50, and 60 A configurations for 3 pole/4 wire... Read More

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Grips and Caps hang and display products.

Aug 12, 2002

Dip-molded Hanger Grips are made of PVC and have slip-resistant finger grooves. They are offered in diameters of .625 to 1.25 in. Standard length is 4.50 in. Hanger caps are made of flexible vinyl in diameters from .625 to 2 in. Standard length is 2 in. Grips and caps fit firmly on products and feature loop hanger end that makes product easy to hang on hooks and display racks in stores, garages,... Read More

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Modular Infeed System places labels with accuracy to .005 in.

Jul 30, 2002

Modular Infeed System can be added at infeed of existing folder gluers to feed, transport, and position carton blanks. It offers exact placement with infinitely variable pitch. Elimination of top carrier belts creates open design to scan entire blanks for bar codes, windows, or print defects. System includes computer sequenced carton feed (independent of belt speed), live side guide, and cammed... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Filling System is offered in expandable frame sizes.

Jul 26, 2002

Digifil In-Line modular filling system handles fill volumes from .1 ml to gallons. Fluid capabilities include free flowing, viscous, and molten products. Designed for tool-less changeover, system features menu-based control system that automatically reconfigures filler operations across variety of parameters. Dockable Clean-In-Place and Cleanamatic(TM) automated options simplify clean up. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Bag Inserter consolidates two lines into one.

Jul 25, 2002

B240 uses servo-driven Parallel Motion to achieve speeds up to 24 bags/min. Bag opening and bag inserting steps overlap, so each step executes more slowly than would be required if they were sequential. Mandrel provides positive bag placement in boxes, cases, or other shipping containers. Available in stainless steel or painted steel, B240 runs tube stock, pre-perfed and sealed bags, or gusseted... Read More

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Cable Wrap protects wire harnesses in enclosed spaces.

Jul 19, 2002

Heli-Tube® Spirally Cut Teflon® Cable Wrap applies like tape for bundling and protecting wiring harnesses which require non-flammable material that will not produce toxic byproducts if exposed to open flame. Helping to prevent short circuits and failures caused by chafing, it is chemically inert and operates over -450 to 500°F. Available in 7 sizes from 1/16 to 1½ in. OD, expandable... Read More

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Hot Melt Case Former offers tape sealing option.

Jul 19, 2002

Convertible case former can switch sealing mechanisms (from hot-melt glue to pressure-sensitive tape) with drop-in cartridge that sets up in minutes. Model WF2H suits packagers and contract packagers that require corrugated case and tray forming and sealing. Convertible WF2 case former series incorporates pin & dome positive case opening technology. It handles all weights and plies of board... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Decuffer/Sealing Machine operates in automated packing lines.

Jul 17, 2002

PBD Poly Bag Decuffer/Package Top Sealing Machine mechanically decuffs and progressively folds poly bag to form double plastic cover over product. It can handle knocked down case sizes of 24, 32, and 42 in. Machine is designed for continuous operation and is available in stainless steel and coated models to meet USDA and special environmental requirements. Read More

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Dispensing System lowers fluid consumption.

Jul 16, 2002

ULTRASAVER(TM) operates on compressed air and electricity, and has timer to control amount of fluid applied. Fluid is contained in disposable barrel reservoirs fitted with precision tips and pistons that reduce waste by wiping reservoirs clean. Users can customize systems via selection of tips, barrels, and pistons for specific fluids. Applications include bonding parts with dots of adhesive,... Read More

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USB Plug is used in dongles and adapters.

Jul 16, 2002

Surface-mount A-type USB 4-pin plug is available with 0.90 mm or 1.35 mm plastic posts. Insulator material is black or white PA6T high temperature thermoplastic. Plug has through-hole shield tabs and contacts made from phosphor bronze with gold flash over nickel. It is suitable for use in flash memory devices, USB hard drives, and hardware/software keys. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Protective Packaging features cold-seal coating.

Jul 01, 2002

Microfoam® Cohesive Packaging has coating that seals to itself to instantly form highly protective package. It consists of closed-cell polypropylene foam in nominal thickness of 1/16 or 1/32 in., with layer of polyethylene film, kraft paper or linerboard laminated to foam. Because cohesive seal is destroyed when contents are opened, both structures offer tamper-evidence. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Adjustable Level Machine reduces excessive reaching/bending.

Jun 26, 2002

Available with pads or casters, BEL Ergolevel ergonomically adjustable machine creates height-flexible packaging equipment. Height adjustable legs allow users to adapt to various operator heights and case heights. Case hold down system holds empty cases in place, allowing for hands-free packing. Adjustment levelers independently control front and back of machine and afford height flexibility of 9... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Case Packer gently packs shrink-wrapped multipacks.

Jun 21, 2002

SP-29 Case Packer automatically indexes and accumulates each product load before sliding it through stainless steel loading funnels into shipping case, providing smooth and gentle packing method that protects shrink overwrap from wrinkling or tearing. While packer requires full-time operator to open corrugated cases and place them on loading funnel, it can replace hand packing crew and increase... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Clear Packaging suits retail and industrial applications.

Jun 19, 2002

Hanging Tubes, with built-in hangers, are constructed of clear tubing in 1/4 to 2 in. dia. Hang holes are available with 1 1/4 in. wide x 3/8 in. sombrero punch or 5/16 in. round punch. Bottom fitting polypropylene plugs are available in several colors for product-line differentiation or color coding. Special shapes and colors are also available. Read More

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Print Feeder has cycle times up to one second per tote.

Jun 10, 2002

Laser quality Print-Feeder suits On Demand documents. It accelerates order fulfillment by intelligently printing and inserting packing slips, invoices, statements, and marketing information into passing totes or boxes on conveyor lines. Scanner, positioned upstream, determines what orders require documents, which are printed and stored in its buffer. Cycle time is independent of printer's... Read More

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Load Transfer Station includes pallet dispenser module.

Jun 06, 2002

Load Transfer Station removes original pallet and automatically replaces it with outbound pallet without assistance of forklift. Single pallets can be tranferred by selecting Manual Override Cord. Pallet dispenser becomes dormant and unit operates as standard Semi-Automatic Load Transfer Station. Systems can transfer from 3 to 55 loads per minute. They include overhead pivot pole controls, hour... Read More

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Slider Zipper seals large bags.

Jun 05, 2002

ArrowSlide® rip-n-zip® resealable bag closure system works on large multi-wall paper or plastic bags from 8 to 21 in. wide, regardless of weight of packaged product. Slider remains tightly affixed to zipper profile during filling and distribution processes, eliminating chance of slider pop-off. One-piece slider and zipper profiles are made of FDA-approved plastic materials and are suitable... Read More

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Liquid Filling System accommodates 6 to 36 fill stations.

May 24, 2002

Economy Rotary Top Drive Filling System is suitable for all free-flowing, non-carbonated liquids including food, beverages, cosmetics, and chemicals. It provides foam control, easy height and fill-level adjustment, and quick-change recirculating nozzle. Power transmission and timing-screw assemblies are positioned on top of machine, keeping important components away from wetted areas. Read More