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SEMCOR's Fluid Handling Division

Jun 10, 2015

We a wide range of products to allow us to help you find a variety of solutions for  your fluid control problems. Many of these products are specially engineered for resisting corrosion from harsh chemicals. Resistoflex introduced lined pipe and fittings to provide the ultimate in rigid  piping for high temperature applications and corrosion resistance. With the acquisition of Dow Pipe, we... Read More

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Fire-Rated Expansion Joint Patents Awarded Spotlight Innovation

Oct 08, 2014

Three 2014 patents prove EMSEAL's innovation commitment. With two new patents issued in August and another in June this year, EMSEAL continues to demonstrate its commitment to reinvestment in RD and innovation in the field of expansion joint sealing and fire-proofing. The EMSHIELD line of all-in-one expansion joint systems provides designers with a new freedom from cumbersome and... Read More

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Complete Parking Structure System helps prevent breakdown.

Mar 04, 2014

Consisting of multiple components, Parking System Solution helps protect parking structures from abuse from cars as well as seismic, thermal, and wind activity. System includes 787P Series Joint with profile that minimizes impact and noise of vehicular traffic; Easy Install Compression Seals, which toughen parking structures against thermal movement and weather damage; and combination of corner... Read More

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Resealing Expansion Joints at Meadowhall Centre in the U.K.

Dec 03, 2013

In spite of all of its design and engineering awards, Meadowhall Centre had a problem. Over a decade of traffic had exposed the reality that the Suffix complex's parking structure was leaking. Unfortunately, this situation was not unique. Car parks all over the world are leaking every day primarily due to the use of the outdated sealing technology inherent to extruded rubber sealing glands which... Read More

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Garlock Distributor to Exhibit at OSEA 2012 in Singapore

Nov 26, 2012

SINGAPORE, - Sanitron Industries Pte. Ltd., the authorized Singapore distributor for Garlock, an EnPro Industries family of companies, will exhibit at the upcoming OSEA (Offshore South East Asia) 2012 show at the Marina Bay Sands, November 27-30, Singapore Pavilion, Booth # BE3-05. Billed as Asia's most important technology event for the oil and gas industry, the exhibition will showcase products... Read More

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High Pressure Clamshell for Expansion Joint Replacement

May 22, 2012

This expansion joint hardly resembles a typical expansion joint. It's heavy duty construction and hardware disguises the thin, delicate yet highly flexible bellows that allows the expansion joint to function properly within a piping system. In fact, there is a bellows in this assembly which can be seen inside the surrounding 2-1/4" thick stainless steel rings that are bolted together. This... Read More

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New Expansion Joint Design to Help Reduce Particulate Build Up for a Major Russian Petrochemical Producer

May 22, 2012

Project Summary: o 30" diameter universal expansion joint with multi-ply bellows, covers, liners and test ports o 36" diameter gimbal expansion joint with multiply bellows, covers, liners and test ports o 30" diameter gimbal expansion joint with multiply bellows, covers, liners and test ports Russia is a major exporter of oil and natural gas and its economic growth over the past decade has been... Read More

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Quick Turnarounds for Unexpected Expansion Joint Failures

May 17, 2012

Expansion joints are no strangers to unexpected failure and leaks. They are commonly known to be unpredictable and typically inconvenient. The successful operation of your plant depends on reliable equipment. Equally as important is consistently responsive service that provides value-driven in-plant services. Recently, two of our customers realized the benefits of EagleBurgmann EJS's service and... Read More

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Critical FCC Hot Wall Expansion Joints for Installation in the Reactor Overhead Line at a Major US Refinery

May 16, 2012

As part of one of the oldest US refineries recent plan to improve the efficiency and competitiveness by reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs, several expansion joints were required for the FCC reactor overhead line to the fractionator. The 48" diameter single hinged expansion joints featured with multi-ply bellows, covers, test ports and refratory lining to accomdate the... Read More

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Expansion Joints for a 400,000bpd Full-Conversion Refinery

May 16, 2012

Project Summary: o (9) 60" Diameter Tied Universal Expansion Joints o (5) 36" Diameter Single Tied Expansion Joints o (5) 30" Diameter Single Tied Expansion Joints A project that began in 2006 grows closer to completion as the refinery procures the final equipment to start processing in 2014. The refinery, located in Yanbu, will produce high-quality, ultra-low sulphurrefined products that satisfy... Read More

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Seismic Expansion Joint suits split slab construction.

Jun 01, 2011

Intended for large and seismic expansion gaps found in split-slab construction, Model SJS-FP-FR is UL/ULC certified for nominal joint openings from 4-6 in. with up to 100% of total joint size movement and 1- or 2-hour fire rating. Watertight expansion joint is installed entirely from deck or floor above, eliminating need for utility lifts. Typical applications include parking decks, stadiums,... Read More

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Expansion Joint features 3 hour fire rating.

Feb 24, 2011

Suited for walls and vertical applications, EMSHIELD WFR3 accommodates structural movement caused by thermal, wind, seismic, and other forces. UL-approved, single-installation product, featuring 5 in. depth of seal, is designed for joint widths of ½-6 in. and has expansion movement range of +25%/-25%. Fire-retardant-impregnated foam is factory pre-coated on both inside and outside faces with... Read More

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UL-Certified Seismic Expansion Joint is 2 hr fire-rated.

Nov 08, 2010

Watertight SJS-FR2 expansion joint offers UL/ULC-certified fire-rated performance that eliminates need for fire blankets and gutters. Installed entirely from deck or floor above, product offers non-invasive non-destructive anchoring, suiting it for retrofit and new construction. System eliminates leaks and handles traffic and point loads at large structural expansion gaps from 4-10 in. It meets... Read More

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Expansion Joint suits seismic and large-gap applications.

Aug 23, 2010

Featuring watertight design, EMSHIELD SJS-FR1 is UL and ULC certified for joints from 4-10 in. with up to 100% of joint size movement. One-hour fire rated expansion joint is suited for floor and deck joints subject to cars, pedestrians, material handling equipment, and other loads. Installed entirely from deck or floor above, no utility lifts or holding labor are required. Non-invasive anchoring... Read More

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Watertight Expansion Joint withstand chlorinated water.

Jul 20, 2010

Suited for use in submersed locations, SUBMERSEAL precompressed expansion joint seal is manufactured to resist degradation while continuously immersed in chlorinated, saline, or potable water environments. Single convex silicone-bellows sealing surface is backed by integral, pressure-resistant, impregnated foam backing. Available in widths from ½-4 in., product provides movement capabilities... Read More

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EMSEAL Receives SBANE's 2010 Innovations Award for Breakthrough Line of Expansion Joints

May 28, 2010

Judges cite benefits of new technology in EMSEAL's revolutionary UL-certified, fire-rated expansion joints WESTBOROUGH, Mass. (May 20, 2010) - Expansion joint manufacturer EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd. has won the distinguished 2010 New England Innovations Award for its line of UL-certified, fire-rated expansion joints. Judges cited EMSEAL's success at addressing market need and benefiting customers... Read More

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Expansion Joint offers 2-hour fire rating.

Mar 11, 2010

Available in widths for gaps ranging from 1-6 in., SecuritySeal is comprised of fire-retardant-impregnated foam, factory pre-coated on both outward facing sides with intumescent fire-proofing material. Joint features pick-resistant watertight seal, which has hardened tamper-resistant surface and is capable of 50% movement. Field-injected polyurethane sealant band seals bellows to substrate at... Read More

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EMSEAL Seals Massive Port Allen Lock

Feb 03, 2010

EMSEAL Joint Systems, Inc. has recently been involved in the successful resealing of the Port Allen Lock located at the Mississippi river in Port Allen, LA. The project presented delivery and installation challenges which EMSEAL was able to meet to finish the project ahead of schedule. The key was choosing EMSEAL's DSM expansion joint system which offered the performance specifications which the... Read More