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Mechanical Power Transmission

RC Series Power Take-Offs feature self-adjusting dry clutches.

May 05, 2017

Suitable for construction, mining, snow removal, forestry, agriculture and recycling, Power Take-Offs is available in RC214 and RC314 models. Designed with two and three friction plates, RC214 provides maximum input torque of 2,195 lb-ft organic and 2,748 sintered whereas RC314 model with 3,297 lb-ft and 4,125 respectively. Featuring advanced controlled system for soft-starting high-inertia... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

WPT Power Debuts Pilotless Mechanical Power Take-off at TCI Expo

Apr 13, 2017

Wichita Falls, TX November 13, 2015 – WPT Power Corporation has expanded it’s power take-off line with the introduction of the Pilotless Mechanical PTO. The product launch was revealed at the 2015 Tree Care Industry Expo in Pittsburgh, PA in November.

Tier 4 standards have made fitment of pilot bearings increasingly difficult. This new mechanical PTO design eliminates the pilot... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

HP800 Power Take Off features spring applied, hydraulically released brake.

Mar 06, 2017

Suitable for driving pumps, grinders, crushers, dredgers, chippers and shredders, HP800 Power Take Off is rotatable by 0°, 45° and 90°. Offering speed increase ratios of 0.77:1 and 0.83:1, product is available with SAE #0 input housing and 18 in. SAE 460 input coupling or SAE #1 input housing and 14 in. SAE 355 input coupling. Featuring auxiliary drive pump towers with 400 hp maximum... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

RO 314/311 PTO excludes rotary union requirements.

Jan 20, 2017

RO 314/311 PTO is suitable for agriculture, construction, manufacturing, marine, mining, timber, and oil and gas production applications. Allowing side load and inline applications, device can be engaged and disengaged remotely via control valve. Utilizing three 14 in. friction plates in 314 and three 11 in. plates in the 311, device eliminates need of external cooling and filtration.

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Plastic Cam Followers replace metal cam followers.

Oct 31, 2016

Combining stainless steel shaft and plastic-composite roller, Series S7NSRY provides maintenance-free alternative to metal designs. These plastic cam followers, which transmit motion in high-speed and light-duty machines in medical, packaging, and semi-conductor equipment, are lube-free and run quiet due to shock and vibration absorbing capabilities. Sizes range from 5/8–2 ½ in. OD, and... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Dana Announces Key Downspeeding Technologies for SmartAdvantage(TM) Powertrain

Mar 02, 2016

Innovations Designed with Eaton, Cummins to Enhance Engine Efficiency NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today that it offers axle ratios compatible with all seven configurations of the newly enhanced SmartAdvantage™ powertrain, a joint collaboration between Eaton and Cummins.  These configurations include the original small-step overdrive transmission and a... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

High-Horsepower PTO meets needs of heavy-duty applications.

Feb 23, 2016

With max power rating of 1,243 hp at 1,800 rpm, HP1200 hydraulically actuated power take-off (PTO) has modular design that allows for both side-load (P) and in-line (I) applications via change of bearing carriers. Control system for smooth engagement of driven equipment is standard, and auxiliary drive pump towers, with 400 hp max capacity per tower (550 hp max for both), are rotatable by... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

TM4 Announces Partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroën, Exagon Motors and the Gouvernement du Québec for the Development of a New Drivetrain

Jan 26, 2016

BOUCHERVILLE, Quebec - TM4 is proud to announce its participation in the new joint venture between PSA Peugeot Citroën, Exagon Motors, Hydro-Québec and the Gouvernement du Québec.  TM4 will act as the developer of the electric powertrain in the pre-development phase of the project. During this process, TM4 will develop a new, highly efficient and high performance drivetrain. This... Read More

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Small-Frame Pumps have strength-optimized barrel bearing cages.

Dec 03, 2015

To meet performance demands of Tier 4 engines and powertrain systems, small-frame size 6/7/8 GOLD CUP® hydrostatic piston pumps feature bearing cage designs that maximize productivity and pump life. Size and thickness of Severe Duty barrel bearing lend to robust cage construction. Available for all Gold Cup frame sizes, Extreme Duty barrel bearing runs with low-viscosity and exotic... Read More

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Piston Pumps convert 2 in. monitoring wells to production wells.

Oct 06, 2015

Blackhawk industrial-strength positive displacement piston pumps can be used to convert 2 in. monitoring well into actual production. Products pump virtually any liquid, irrespective of chemical composition or viscosity, at any angle from horizontal to vertical, and drivers can be powered by electricity, pneumatic air, or solar panels. While pneumatic and electric models are designed for... Read More

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BorgWarner's Engine Timing Technologies Drive the Ford 5.0-Liter V8 Engine

Apr 28, 2015

BorgWarner's Variable Cam Timing and New Low-Friction Silent Chain Technology Improve Engine Efficiency AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - BorgWarner's advanced engine timing technologies, including cam torque actuated (CTA) phasers and new inverted tooth silent timing chains, drive Ford's 5.0-liter V8 engine. The engine powers the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and is available as an option on the all-new... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

International Truck Introduces Enhancements to International ProStar ES

Apr 07, 2015

New Powertrain Improvements, Lightweight Specs Added to Industry's Best Fuel Efficiency Package LOUISVILLE, Ky.,  -- At the Mid-America Trucking Show this week, International(®) Truck announced new enhancements to its industry-leading fuel efficiency package --the International(®) ProStar(®) ES. First introduced in December 2014, the ProStar ES, short for efficiency specification,... Read More

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Energy Savings with New Induction Units

Feb 23, 2015

More efficient air conditioning without loss in comfort Tobias Lorson's goal is lower energy input without a reduction in comfort level. The team leader in Facility Management at Robert Bosch GmbH sees a promising path to more energy efficiency in the refurbishment of the old induction system. Operational tests with the manufacturer LTG of Stuttgart, Germany in two test rooms have shown the... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Power Take-Off remotely engages over-center mechanism.

Feb 05, 2015

When complex machinery configurations or location hinder easy access to activation, RO 111/211 Remote Over Center PTO can be engaged and disengaged remotely via control valve and/or electronic control. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is achieved through ports, making access to fittings straight-forward. PTO utilizes one 11 in. friction plate in 111 model and 2 plates in 211. Design allows for... Read More

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Replacement Wall Induction Units

Oct 10, 2014

Ideal for new Installations or Retrofit Projects. Forget all you know about induction technology! With induction units of the latest generation, issues of the past such as high energy consumption, control problems and high noise levels have been solved completely. LTG's induction units HFG are an ideal solution for energy saving retrofits: • Low maintenance and long product life time (no... Read More

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Southland Equipment is Offering Extended Limited Warranty Plans for TCM by UniCarriers® Brand Products

Jul 29, 2014

UniCoverage offers a broad range of options for your fleet. Select from our Silver, Gold or Platinum plans depending upon the specific needs of each piece of equipment at work in your operation. Regardless of which plan you choose, UniCoverage benefits include the use of genuine OEM replacement parts and inclusion of all labor expenses for covered repairs. Our Service Excellence Program has... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Vertical Takeoff/Landing System is available for fixed wing UAVs.

Apr 29, 2014

Available for T-20 and T-16 UAVs, JUMP™ can be transported and operated by 2 technicians. System can be set up and ready for flight in <15 min once on site. Booms are fitted with vertical lift motors, and rotors mounted to each wing to provide vertical lift for takeoff/landing. Vertical lift motors are shut off for winged flight, and propellers are feathered longitudinally for minimal drag.... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Fuel Saving Products by NIAMA-REISSER, LLC

Apr 15, 2014

Add NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Pistons to your build and increase performance and fuel savings DETROIT - NIAMA-REISSER, LLC is a vehicle and propulsion service provider with STATE-OF-THE-ART Engineering and Manufacturing Offices. Having showcased the 200 MPG - NR-1- at the 81st International Geneva Auto Convention in Switzerland in 2011, the company is proud to present its public release of the... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

NIAMA-REISSER Presents On-Road Demonstration of World's First Metal-Ringless Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons

Apr 07, 2014

Innovative technology saves trips to the pump, increases MPG, reduces emissions and improves longevity COLUMBUS, Ohio - NIAMA-REISSER, LLC, a vehicle and propulsion service provider, with offices in Franklin, Coshocton County as well as abroad Germany -Stuttgart and over 35 Patents and Patents Pending, is DEMONSTRATING and RELEASING its NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons... Read More

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Inductive Coupling Devices suit moving platform applications.

Nov 19, 2013

Part of WIS product family, Flat-Pack Style Transmitter Coupling Devices enable power and signal coupling to be transferred across air gap of up to 20 mm. Wireless units allow sensors to be connected to moveable platforms without worry about twisting and rotating cables. Operating without use of batteries, devices use two transmission elements that allow transfer when they come within required... Read More