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Vacuum Motor is designed for efficiency and low noise.

Jan 27, 2014

Able to be used where weight, size, and noise level are critical considerations, 5.4 in. dia vacuum motor suits such applications as commercial back pack vacuums, small central vacuum products, and other floor care appliances. Fan-diffuser system and motor lamination promotes efficiency, while commutator design allows cooler running and reduces vibration. Read More

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Motor Components and Assemblies for Direct Drive in Vacuum

May 03, 2013

Applimotion offers many of its brushless direct drive motor kits and assemblies for vacuum applications. Light vacuum applications employ Ni-plated magnets and potted coil assemblies. High vacuum applications employ laser welded, helium leak tested, stainless housings.  Applimotion's linear arc "LARC" motor kits excel at large diameters and low profile applications with through-hole... Read More

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Wet Pickup DC Vacuum Motors feature bearing protection.

Oct 25, 2012

Providing 36% energy efficiency, 6.6 in. Two-Stage Vacuum Motors are designed with Eternity Brush, which extends average life span to more than 1,500 hours on line voltage, and, in many instances to 3,000+ hours in low-voltage applications. To protect bearings from grease wash out, motor design places bearings in clean dry area and relocates cooling fan. Design also includes labyrinth run-in seal... Read More

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Brush Vacuum Motors offer extended life via curved brushes.

Sep 24, 2012

Available with both single- and 2-stage fan systems, Eternity Brush motors feature wet bearing protection system and fan diffuser designs that prevent failures from grease washout. These 120 and 230 V motors also employ curved brushes with life ratings from 1,460–3,075 hr that let users operate equipment until brushes are completely worn, signaling motor has reached end of its maximum life.... Read More

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Ingersoll Rand Introduces T480 Series Pneumatic Barring Motors

Jan 23, 2007

Annandale, NJ - March 7, 2006 - Ingersoll-Rand Company introduces the T480 Series pneumatic barring motors, making service work on 500 liter diesel engines and 1,000 liter gas engines easier and safer. Ingersoll Rand T480 Series pneumatic barring motors are lightweight (from 59 to 75 pounds) and portable, which allows the motors to be moved from engine to engine, or mounted permanently. Running... Read More

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Motors are suited for commercial grade vacuums.

Mar 18, 2005

Suited for commercial grade vacuums up to 10 Torr, Nema size 11, 1.8° vacuum motors in 211 Series employ no-lube stainless steel bearings or special-lube stainless steel bearings depending on rating of vacuum environment. Series measures 1.1 in.² and includes models with 1.24 in. (211-13), 1.75 in. (211-18), and 1.99 in. (211-20) lengths and respective holding torque capabilities to 9.2,... Read More

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Piezoelectric Motors are suited for vacuum environments.

Jun 23, 2004

Available from single-element motor that provides .45 kg of force to ark 8-element motor that provides 3.6 kg of force, HR series can drive linear and rotary stages. HR-V vacuum series is rated up to 10-7 torr, and HR-UV is rated up to 10-10 torr. Both configurations are suitable for bake out and operate without any magnetic field. This makes them suited to E-Beam writing and inspection and other... Read More

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Vacuum Motors suit forming and casting applications.

May 04, 2004

Commercial-grade, VC Series Motors survive pressures as low as 10-6 torr and are available as stepper, hollow-shaft, brushless servo, or rotor nut motors. They are temperature-rated at 130°C internal, and 105°C for case. Bearing lubricant vapor pressure is below 10-6 torr at 100°C. Applications include metal casting, assemblies welding, and forming operations where... Read More

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Vacuum Motors suit processes sensitive to magnetic fields.

Jun 18, 2002

HR-V and HR-UV Series piezoelectric motors range in size from single element (providing .45 kg of force) to eight element (providing 3.6 kg of force). Suited for use in vacuum environments, HR motors are capable of driving linear and rotary stages. HR-V vacuum series motors are rated to 10E-7 Torr, and HR-UV motors are rated to 10E-10 Torr. Both configurations are suitable for bake out and... Read More