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Programmable Electric Actuators Rapidly Replacing LVDT’s, Ball Screws in Pin Insertion and Height Gauging

Nov 01, 2017

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA - Programmable electric actuators have been increasingly favored as airless substitutes for LVDT’s and ball screws in connector pin insertion and connector pin height measurement. Unlike ball screws or LVDT’s, electric actuators have programmable positioning. They can press the pin in with the correct force, verify its position, and provide a tight fit every time.

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DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators feature redesigned aluminum case.

Oct 25, 2017

DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators offer idle current of 40mA and can track output position up to 4096 steps-per-revolution. Units use hollow back case which allows user to rout wires under the rear cable cover or via a port-hole in the idler bearing. Product enables operator to modify acceleration and velocity parameters and provides two current-based torque control modes. Actuators feature... Read More

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Motion Slide Actuators are suitable for X-Y and X-Y-Z positioning systems.

Oct 11, 2017

Motion Slide Actuators are available in Gen 2 compact and value line linear motor-ready models. Units come with horizontal, vertical, or inverted mounting options and integral sensor mount grooves. Compact slide actuators offer travel distance to 36 in. and travel speeds up to 20 in. per second and comes with a motor mount which is compatible with NEMA 17 and 23 motors. Value line linear slide... Read More

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Remote Switch Actuator RSA-103 3 meets NFPA 70E arc-flash safety standards.

Oct 02, 2017

Remote Switch Actuator RSA-103 come with a radio remote LED light, wireless camera system and monitor, and protective case. Featuring a lightweight and portable design, units are adjustable to fit other electrical equipment.  Used for low-voltage AC-power distribution systems, can be controlled up to 300 feet.  

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Largest Telescope in the World Driven by 2000+ PI Actuators

Sep 15, 2017

PI wins actuator contract from ESO for ELT telescope.

September 2017, Auburn, MA – High atop the Cerro Armazones in the harsh but extremely dry environment of the Chilean Atacama Desert, more than 2000 custom hybrid actuators will adjust 798 quarter ton segments in the primary mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). As a leader in precision motion control solutions, PI (Physik... Read More

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ZAO Force-Controlled Actuator is equipped with AccurET controller.

Sep 08, 2017

ZAO Force-Controlled Actuator is suitable for semiconductor pick and place, die bonding and probing machines. Unit comes with frictionless bearing arrangement and 30 mm travel. Actuator features sensorless force-control algorithm. Product offers force control accuracy of 0.2 N ±10% and dynamic capabilities up to 20 g.

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AutomationDirect adds NITRA Pneumatic Rotary Actuators & Grippers

Sep 08, 2017

AutomationDirect's line of NITRA® pneumatics now includes rotary actuators and pneumatic object grippers.

NITRA rotary actuators are available in four body sizes with or without shock absorbers. All are double acting and have an adjustable travel range from zero to 190 degrees. Anodized aluminum bodies include integral mounting slots for position switches and a durable ball bearing... Read More

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SCN6 Series Actuators offer backlash of 0.3 mm.

Aug 29, 2017

SCN6 Series Actuators are available in 50-300 mm stroke lengths and 500N maximum thrust. Units are constructed using extruded aluminum body and 303 stainless shaft and rod tip. Operated using 24VDC signals from PLCs or relays, actuators can be connected in networks of up to 16 axes. Units offer maximum speed of up to 200mm/sec with ±0.1 mm repeatability and meet IP40 and IP54 ratings.

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LA3-12V-5-A-SP-100 DC Linear Actuators feature built-in limit switches.

Aug 25, 2017

LA3-12V-5-A-SP-100 DC Linear Actuators are designed with steel drive pinion and IP65 ingress protection. Units come in 8.5 L x 1.65 W x 3.25 in. D dimensions. Having stroke length of 100 mm, output force of 45 lb and gear ratio of 5:1, actuators deliver a F.L stroke speed of 2 in. per second and static load of 517 lb. Operated in -15°F to +150°F temperature range, units feature zinc alloy... Read More

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154C Remote Switch Actuator comes with magnetic latching system.

Aug 23, 2017

CBS ArcSafe 154C Remote Switch Actuator is compatible with Siemens V2F and V7F series of single or twin-mounted 200 A switches. Unit allows users to close or trip a panelboard switch from a distance up to 300 ft. Product meets NFPA 70E arc-flash safety standards. Suitable for small-percent motor loads, motor starting circuits and feeder circuits applications, actuator comes with an optional 24... Read More

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IntelLIDrives XY-LIFT-ROTARY Stage features unlimited rotation.

Aug 15, 2017

XYZR LSMA-100X100+MLVT70-13+RTHM151 combines XY lead-screw driven LSMA XY stages with Lift MLVT stages and worm gear rotary RTHM table.  Product features a closed-loop control system and linear resolution of 0.25 microns.  Used for scanning microscopy, wafer and printed circuit board inspection, the unit features a rotation resolution of 1 arc-sec.

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Electromechanical Linear Actuators come with ball screw assemblies.

Aug 11, 2017

Electromechanical Linear Actuators come with synchronization option. Units feature stroke lengths up to 1000 and offers accuracy of 1% of stroke from 100-1000 mm. Product is suitable for solar panels, rudder assemblies, lift tables, automatic loading doors in factories and warehouses applications. Actuators are capable of handling of bidirectional loads up to 10 kN.

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Electromechanical Actuators are compatible with ORMEC servo motors.

Jul 24, 2017

Available in KMD-50 and KMD-60 models, Electromechanical Actuators are suitable for pressing, metal and thermo-forming applications. Featuring ball screw technology, units come with front flange or rear flange mounting. Offering internal anti-rotation operation, product’s mount rod comes in up, down or horizontal types. KMD-50 actuators weigh 49.9 kg and offer side load capacity of 4.45 KN.... Read More

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Linear Actuators come with servo motor.

Jul 11, 2017

Equipped with integrated ball screw, Linear Actuators come with linear guides and single-turn encoder. Housed in stainless steel package, units feature EMI shielded single-cable flex robotic technology. Suitable for packaging, medical and semiconductor applications, product is available in 17 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm or 40 mm ODs. Offering positioning accuracy up to 0.05 mm and repeatability up to... Read More

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New Linear actuators, XYZ Robotics and Rotary Tables from IntelLiDrives

Jun 22, 2017

"Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, systems engineering and control engineering"

If you have an immediate need for an assistance with product selection, sizing, support or sales, please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail at your earliest convenience.

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Remote Switch Actuator is housed in rugged protective case assembly.

May 25, 2017

Enabling technicians to close or trip Westinghouse load-break switch from distance of up to 300 ft, CBS ArcSafe RSA-186 Remote Switch Actuator is designed with 24 V DC LED light and wireless video camera system with LCD monitor. Used as disconnect switch in AC power systems up to 5500V, with or without fuses, unit offers mechanical and electrical safety protection. Product is compatible with... Read More

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Secure Easy Selection and More Uptime with New One-Type-Fits-All Valve Actuator

May 03, 2017

Things to consider when choosing an actuator:

1. How many types of actuators would I like in my plant?

Making sure that your time is spent as efficient as possible, we know that easy selection is crucial in hygienic industries.

To meet these demands, we present the new Alfa Laval Unique DV-ST UltraPure Actuator that fits the complete range of our standard diaphragm valves.... Read More

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LCA6 Moving Coil Actuators feature built-in sensor feedback system.

Apr 24, 2017

Suitable in biomedical dispensing and QC measurement, LCA6 Moving Coil Actuators offer encoder resolution of 5 µm. Delivering peak force of 3.5 N at 1.2 amps, units feature flat coils centered between cross rollers for reducing deflection load. Having 0.037 kg and 0.21 kg of moving mass and total mass respectively, actuators are designed in 60 x 135 x 6 mm dimensions. Actuators come with... Read More

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L-239 Linear Actuator is equipped with precision ground ball screws.

Apr 17, 2017

Featuring non-rotating tip and non-contact limit switches, L-239 Linear Actuator has 52 mm positioning range, 300 N of pushing force and 50mm/sec maximum velocity. Used in automation applications, unit’s non-rotating tip prevents wobble, torque and wear at the point of contact. 10-9 hPa versions are also available for vacuum applications.

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IMA Actuators feature hollow rotor design.

Apr 15, 2017

Available in four sizes, IMA Actuator Series are suitable for slicing control, pressing, valve control and volumetric filling applications. Featuring stroke lengths from 76.2 to 457.2 mm and peak thrusts from 890 to 30,594 N at 610 mm/s speed, units are designed with screwed stator windings for minimizing cogging of the motor. Integrating servomotor and roller screw, units are made of... Read More