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EX+ Air Disc Brake features twin-piston design.

Sep 27, 2017

EX+ Air Disc Brake is compatible with collision mitigation systems. Unit’s design enables even force across the brake pads and uniform pad wear. Product is suitable for tractors and trailers and uses double-sealing technology. Brake provides smooth stopping.

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Meritor® EX+L Air Disc Brakes Available on Navistar's International Trucks Brands in February 2017

Mar 01, 2017

Air Disc Brakes Improve Performance and Reduce Lifecycle Costs

TROY, Mich., Feb. 27, 2017 - Meritor® (NYSE:MTOR) announced today that EX+L air disc brakes will be available on International® LT Series tractors beginning in February.

"Demand for air disc brakes is growing among North America fleets that are increasingly concerned about safety and reliability, and our... Read More

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ROBA Guidestop Brakes offer backlash-free braking.

Dec 23, 2016

Available in five construction sizes, ROBA® Guidestop Brakes are able to hold 1 to 34 kN force. Operating at 20 to 30 bar air pressure, brakes are used in combination with pressure booster for increasing 4 to 6 bar system pressure. Housed in de-energized condition, backlash-free clamping of brakes increase process accuracy and performance. Suitable for rail applications, units produce less... Read More

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Meritor Demonstrates Global Axle and Brake Capabilities at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014

Sep 30, 2014

HANNOVER, Germany – Meritor, Inc. (NYSE: MTOR) will showcase the versatility of its axles, brakes and drivelines for the global trucking industry at the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 show Sept. 25-Oct. 2 in Hannover, Germany, booth 26 D12. Meritor will exhibit its global capabilities for light-, medium- and heavy- duty applications with regional specifications. "Industry professionals... Read More

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Meritor® to Showcase Its ELSA Family of Air Disc Brakes at IAA

Sep 30, 2014

HANNOVER, Germany — Meritor® (NYSE: MTOR) will feature its ELSA air disc brake (ADB) series at the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 show Sept. 25-Oct. 2 in Hannover, Germany. "We use best-in-class manufacturing processes to build brakes that are weight-optimized and deliver performance with longer component life," said Tony Nicol, general manager, Brakes, Europe for Meritor. "Our recent... Read More

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Double C-Face Coupler Brakes use oil shear technology.

Feb 28, 2013

Mounting between reducer and standard C-Face motor, Double C-Face Coupler Brakes are suitable for palletizers, packaging machinery, airline baggage handling systems, and cranes. Air actuated Posistop and electrically actuated MagnaShear brakes never need adjustment and require only annual fluid change. Using layer of automatic transmission fluid between brake disc and drive plate, oil shear... Read More

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Pneumatic Caliper Disc Brakes resist vibration.

Mar 07, 2012

Spring-applied and pneumatically released, Models ANB-1100-CP and ANB-2300-CP provide 11,000 N and 23,000 N of clamping force, respectively. Actual torque applied to given application is function of diameter of disc, and disc for either brake would be supplied by customer. Any time pneumatic pressure is lost, brakes can come on and hold in emergency, making them suitable for wind turbines and... Read More

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ROBA®-Linearstop: A Safety Brake for Dynamic Linear-Motion Braking Actions

Sep 27, 2011

Most of the brake elements available on the market today work purely as clamping units. They are only designed to secure the axes at a standstill, and are not suitable for dynamic braking procedures. The ROBA®-linearstop, however, is a fully adequate safety brake according to the Trade Association testing requirements. It enables reliable braking of axes in motion. The dynamic safety brakes in... Read More

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Enclosed, Air-Engaged Clutch Brakes withstand washdown.

Apr 20, 2010

Suited for bakery and food processing industries, Flange Mounted Clutch Brakes Enclosed (FMCBE) models include IP54 version for waterproof machines and BISSC-certified version with optional Air Champ locking key. Nickel-plated housing and flanges resist corrosion and bacteria build-up, while stainless steel output shaft includes captive key and stainless steel fasteners. BISSC model handles up to... Read More

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AquaMaKKs Sets New Standard in Heavy-Duty Tensioning

Feb 12, 2009

January 28, 2009 AquaMaKKs water-cooled clutches and brakes from Wichita Clutch are air, hydraulic or spring-set actuated and feature non-metallic composite water jackets and superior heat-dissipating copper wear plates that are optimized for heavy-duty continuous slip tension applications. The AquaMaKKs family of clutches and brakes is ideally suited for tension control applications in mining,... Read More

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Damper Actuator/Air Brake operates with minimal noise.

Jan 08, 2008

Suited for HVAC market, ultra-quiet spring return damper actuator incorporates Whisper Motion(TM) air brake and Synchron® AC synchronous motor. Air brake adds virtually no resistance during power open cycle but adds drag as acceleration increases during spring return cycle. This drag reduces rotational kinetic energy, which helps prolong gearing life and minimizes operational noise. Read More

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First Train in U.S. with New Braking System Operates Over Norfolk Southern

Oct 29, 2007

NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 11 / / - Norfolk Southern made railroad history today when it operated the nation's first revenue service train equipped exclusively with electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brakes. The train, consisting of three new locomotives and 115 new hybrid coal gondolas, will be used in regular service between coal mines in southwestern Pennsylvania and the Keystone Generating... Read More

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Pneumatic Brake indicates status.

Jun 05, 2007

Designed to prevent surprise problems, Smart Brake includes pad wear indicators that call attention to brake pads only when they need to be changed, eliminating common practice of changing all brake pads at regular intervals, regardless of wear. Heat detection features identify signs of overheating, and can automatically activate fans to dissipate heat, without operator intervention. Guard design... Read More

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Norfolk Southern and BNSF Railway to Test New Train Brake Technology

May 11, 2007

NORFOLK, Va. and FORT WORTH, Texas, March 29 -- Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) and BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) will begin testing a new braking system that may reduce the amount of time it takes to stop a train. The project, authorized by the Federal Railroad Administration, calls for NS and BNSF to equip and test certain locomotives and freight cars with electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP)... Read More

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FRA approves waiver for braking technology.

Apr 13, 2007

Resulting from waiver approved by Federal Railroad Administration, two railroads will equip and operate trains with Electronically Controlled Pneumatic brake technology, which maximizes train control, minimizes derailments, and shortens stopping distances. Under waiver, trains equipped with ECP brakes will be able to safely travel up to 3,500 miles without stopping to undergo routine brake... Read More

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Ball Screw Brake offers zero backlash for precision holding.

Apr 07, 2006

Functioning as redundant braking or load holding mechanism, ball screw/stage brake is high-torque, spring-engaged, air-released brake acting on non-driven end of ball screw. It serves as safety brake in event of mechanical defect in driveline, particularly in Z-axis applications. Featuring bi-directional braking, it operates in both vertical and horizontal applications. Brake allows thermal... Read More

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Brake System Kits meet FMVSS 571.121 regulations.

Oct 01, 2002

Models TA-7000 and TA-8000 Anti-Lock Brake Actuating System Kits fit variety of commercial-duty 1, 2, and 3 axle trailers (weighing up to 45,000 lbs). Electronic control unit relay valve monitors movement of each sensored wheel, thereby modulating air pressure on trailer brakes for sure, controlled stops. Kits are suitable for short run installation and situations where component customization,... Read More