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Brute Disk Caliper Brakes deliver maximum speed of 3200 RPM.

Oct 27, 2017

Brute Disk Caliper Brakes are offered in models such as air actuated, spring actuated/air released, and spring actuated/hydraulically released. Offering torque ranging from 8,000 to 23,000 in-lbs with 12 to 24 in. disc diameters, unit’s actuators can be mounted on either side of it. Brakes are compatible to shaft sizes up to 3.875 in. and its shoes are mounted with detent pins. Brakes... Read More

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EX+ Air Disc Brake features twin-piston design.

Sep 27, 2017

EX+ Air Disc Brake is compatible with collision mitigation systems. Unit’s design enables even force across the brake pads and uniform pad wear. Product is suitable for tractors and trailers and uses double-sealing technology. Brake provides smooth stopping.

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Meritor® Announces Mach Brand for Global Aftermarket

Sep 27, 2017

TROY, Mich., Sept. 26, 2017 - Meritor, Inc. (NYSE: MTOR) today announced a new value brand called Mach that offers global customers all-makes products designed and engineered to industry standards at affordable prices.

"With a rise in the number of competitors selling products at various price points and quality levels, Meritor's Mach brand will offer a wide range of replacement... Read More

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Xpert 40 Press Brake is used in automatic and manual bending.

Aug 26, 2017

Enabling user to process large orders using automated bending cell, the Xpert 40 Press Brake with robotic mobile bending cell automatically aligns itself with press brake. Unit can be installed by simply placing automation unit in front of the press brake.

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MORStop™ Tilt-Brake Prevents Runaway Drum Rotations

Aug 01, 2017

The unique MORStop™ Tilt-Brake automatically stops and holds the drum at every tilt angle! It is the dependable, compact anti-backdrive device that functions smoothly and quietly in both directions. Without the MORStop Tilt-Brake, a heavy unbalanced drum may tilt/rotate forcefully out of control – requiring operators to manually lock the pull-chain or hand crank to prevent unwanted drum... Read More

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Tool Changing Press Brakes come with stroke of 11.8 in.

Jul 21, 2017

Available in ToolCell 220/30 Plus and ToolCell 220/40 Plus models, Tool Changing Press Brakes deliver up to 240 tons of bending force. Capable of handling bend lengths of 120 in. and 157 in., unit features integrated tool changer and tool storage system. Embedded with TOUCH-B control, products come in height of 22.4 in. Equipped with laser scanners, press brakes uses profile LVD tooling such... Read More

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Xpert 80 Press Brake offers bending speeds up to 25 mm/ sec.

Jun 28, 2017

Offering bending length of five ft and press capacity of 88 US tons, Xpert 80 Press Brake comes with footprint of 10 sq ft. Equipped with ByMotion drive control, unit features upper beam and back gauges. Enabling users to bend three times as many parts with compact machine, product can process parts up to bending length of 5 ft and maximum thickness of ¾ of in. Xpert 80 provides flexible job... Read More

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Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes provide static torque of 250 lb-in.

Jun 28, 2017

Suitable for machines such as conveyors, filling and cartoning and mixers in material handling, food processing, and packaging applications, Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes are available with 12V, 24V, 90VDC or 120VAC windings. Offered in bore sizes ranging from 1/8 in. to 1.5 in., units reduce current consumption.

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BXR-LE Brakes offer maximum speed of 6000 RPM.

May 02, 2017

Suitable for robotic arm joints, CNC machine centers, direct drive servo motors and locking sensor alignment applications, BXR-LE Brakes deliver static friction torque ranging from 0.06 Nm - 3.20 Nm. Operated in -20°C - 60°C temperature range, units feature lightweight and slim design. Equipped with voltage controller, brake’s power consumption is reduced to 7 VDC after split second for... Read More

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Low-cost Spring Applied Brakes for Servo and Stepper Motors

Mar 29, 2017

Inertia Dynamics type FSB brakes are designed to decelerate or hold inertial loads when the voltage is turned off. These brakes can be mounted to a bulkhead or motor.

The FSB brakes are rated up to 100 Lb-in static torque, and fit motors up to 5.3" OD.

Features of FSB Spring Applied Brakes:

• 12V, 24V, 90VDC or 120VAC windings

• Static torque to 100 lb-in

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Brake Technology 4.0

Mar 15, 2017

Safety brakes by mayr® power transmission - fit for the future

Monitoring modules of the latest generation, a technologically leading friction system and consistently-observed safety principles - safety brakes by mayr® power transmission are equipped for the challenges of the Industry 4.0. The perfectly-coordinated complete system guarantees the utmost level of operational and... Read More

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More Brake Line Options Have Arrived

Mar 13, 2017

Now find an even broader selection of brake lines and fittings at Del City! Now, not only can you find Hydraulic Steel Brake Line Tubing, you can also find PVF Brake Lines, International Brake Lines, and Brake Fittings.

PVF Brake Lines offer more flexibility and better corrosion resistance than the standard steel brake line, and are becoming increasingly common in today’s... Read More

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Meritor® EX+L Air Disc Brakes Available on Navistar's International Trucks Brands in February 2017

Mar 01, 2017

Air Disc Brakes Improve Performance and Reduce Lifecycle Costs

TROY, Mich., Feb. 27, 2017 - Meritor® (NYSE:MTOR) announced today that EX+L air disc brakes will be available on International® LT Series tractors beginning in February.

"Demand for air disc brakes is growing among North America fleets that are increasingly concerned about safety and reliability, and our... Read More

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Bendix® Premium Line Delivers Innovative, Comprehensive, and Platform-Specific Automotive Brake Coverage

Feb 16, 2017

Product line leads industry in quality of construction, ease of installation

Long Grove, Ill. – MAT Holdings, Inc. announces the launch of the Bendix® Brakes brand Premium product line, which offers comprehensive coverage for late model vehicles. The Bendix Premium line includes automotive brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake shoe kits, and leads the industry in quality and... Read More

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ROBA Guidestop Brakes offer backlash-free braking.

Dec 23, 2016

Available in five construction sizes, ROBA® Guidestop Brakes are able to hold 1 to 34 kN force. Operating at 20 to 30 bar air pressure, brakes are used in combination with pressure booster for increasing 4 to 6 bar system pressure. Housed in de-energized condition, backlash-free clamping of brakes increase process accuracy and performance. Suitable for rail applications, units produce less... Read More

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ROBA®-guidestop brakes closed in de-energised condition.

Dec 05, 2016

Openable with compressed air at 20 to 30 bar, ROBA®-guidestop profiled rail brakes are available in five construction sizes - each size in both standard design and in compact, short design. Covering range of holding forces from 1 to 34 kN, unit offers compact pressure booster to mechanically increase system pressure from 4 to 6 bar. Operating according to fail-safe principle, device can be... Read More

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ETube and Wire Add the TruBend C60 6 Axis CNC 67 Ton Press Brake

Nov 11, 2016

The TruBend Series 3000 brings together the best TRUMPF quality with simple operation and an attractive price-performance ratio

• Cost-efficiency, even when operated at low capacity

• High part accuracy

• High productivity

• Simple operation, well thought-through control

About Etube and Wire Read More

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Zero Backlash Brake targets indexing and positioning systems.

Oct 19, 2016

With 85 ms engagement response time, Model I-300 provides high dynamic torque of 5,300 lb-in. for backlash-free holding and emergency stopping on indexers and positioning systems. Spring engaged, air released power-off brake connects to shaft with tapered, keyless locking devices. Patented braking element locks and holds shaft in position without any displacement upon engagement or reversing of... Read More

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Meritor® Opti-Lite Brake Drums feature lightweight drum options.

Oct 18, 2016

Suitable for line haul and weight-sensitive applications such as tankers, trailers and freight vehicles, Opti-Lite brake drums reduces vehicle weight by more than 200 pounds. Having the same base nomenclature as STEELite X30 with prefix 50 for product clarification, brake drums are offered in various wheel-end configurations for steer, drive and trailer axle applications. Read More

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Spring Engaged Brakes offer several customizable options.

Oct 11, 2016

Spring engaged and electromagnetically released for use dry or in oil, Spring Engaged Brake (SEB) series comes with friction materials featuring higher torque density for both static and dynamic engagement. Multiple disc configurations are available when higher torque is required. Options also include custom coatings, enclosures, and materials for varied conditions. Custom voltages as well... Read More