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Maxi-Lift’s Buckets come in different sizes.

May 15, 2017

Maxi-Lift’s Buckets are available in Tiger-CC and HD-STAX models. Suitable in river and rail terminals, export houses, crushing operations and feed facilities, Tiger-CC series are produced in 21 sizes ranging from 10 x 7 to 28 x 10 in polyethylene, nylon and urethane materials. Featuring tapered design for allowing deep stacking of buckets, HD-STAX buckets are designed in sizes ranging from... Read More

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Remote Monitoring System maximizes elevator availability.

Oct 30, 2015

Offering predictive and pre-emptive service solution, MAX extends remote monitoring capabilities to increase availability of existing and new elevators. Data collected in real-time from connected ThyssenKrupp elevators is sent to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, where algorithm calculates remaining lifetime of key systems. MAX makes it possible for elevator to tell technicians its... Read More

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Stackable, Durable Elevator Bucket reduces storage requirements.

Feb 26, 2015

Built for durability and performance with extended-life wear lip, HD-STAX is designed for improved life and performance. Design also reduces downtime and storage space. With tapered construction that allows stacking to reduce storage space requirements, bucket is available in all 6 standard 6 in. projection sizes. Broad corners, together with width and thickness of front lip, provide predictable... Read More

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New State-of-the-Art Emergency Rescue Elevator

Jul 23, 2013

AUSTIN, TX –Tower Elevator Systems, Inc. (TESI) contracted with New Jersey based Liberty Elevator Corporation and Joseph A. Natoli Construction Corporation to design and manufacture a custom, state-of-the-art Emergency Rescue Elevator to replace the existing obsolete system in the Statue of Liberty.  The new rescue elevator was part of the National Park Service project for Statue of Liberty... Read More

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Elevator Bucket handles severe agro-industrial uses.

Feb 28, 2013

Available in 6 sizes ranging from 14 x 8 to 24 x 8 in., JUMBO CC-S® High-Efficiency™ Elevator Bucket is suitable for port and river terminals, ethanol and fertilizer plants, or frac sand and aggregate operations. Ultra-heavy duty unit incorporates Iceberg® Edge front wear lip and tapered bottom, which is designed for closest possible vertical spacing, ensuring efficient bucket fill and... Read More

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Elevator Bucket comes in high-capacity sizes.

Feb 26, 2013

Engineered with thick walls and corners, Tiger-CC maximum duty elevator buckets come in 13 sizes from 12 x 8 to 28 x 10. Largest size carries up to 30,000 bushels/hr (bph) in single row, and buckets also allow for double row 60,000 bph elevator. Other arrangements allow for capacities of from 10,000–75,000 bph. Read More

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KONE ReVolution Elevator Modernization Wins Best Product Award from Architectural Record Magazine

Dec 11, 2012

LISLE, Ill. - KONE Inc. is proud to announce that its KONE ReVolution(TM) elevator modernization solution has been named one of the best new products of the year by Architectural Record magazine. The winning offering will be featured in the December 2012 issue of the magazine as one of the most innovative offerings available to architects, specifiers, and designers in 2013. "KONE is honored that... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Maxi-Lift Grows Tiger-Tuff® Line

Nov 15, 2011

Dallas, TX - Maxi-Lift, Inc., the leading manufacturer of elevator buckets in North America, strengthens the Tiger-Tuff maximum duty elevator bucket line by adding 13 new sizes and enhancing existing models. The superior quality bucket line now offers 30 sizes. New Tiger-Tuff 5 and 6-inch projection buckets add versatility to the feed market, while existing 7 and 8-inch projection buckets are... Read More

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Elevator Bucket operates at up to 940 fpm.

Nov 22, 2010

Measuring 20 x 10 in., Xtreme Duty CC-XD Elevator Bucket is reinforced with 5/8 in. thick front lip and has 1,056.6 cu-in. capacity. Distinctive breaks on bottom of bucket provide optimal product trajectory. Available in polyethylene, nylon, and urethane, bucket is suited for applications such as grains, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, salts, and sand. Read More

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Mid-Size Bucket Elevator features 495 in.³ capacity.

Sep 06, 2010

With open construction to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, Elecon(TM) Bucket Conveyor and Elevator System features chain and wedge shaped cantilevered bucket design that comes together and overlaps at load or fill station. Rack and pinion system ensures full discharge with 360° bucket rotation on selection and quick return to upright position. System can convey material vertically,... Read More

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'Go Anywhere Conveyor' from Gough Econ

Jun 04, 2010

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina USA - A bucket elevator that moves material in three different directions for optimum flexibility in planning a material handling system within a production facility is available from Gough Econ, Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina USA. Gough Econ is a manufacturer of bulk material handling solutions with an extensive range of bucket elevators for sanitary to tough... Read More

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Vertical Elevator elevates, heats, cools, and meters product.

Apr 05, 2010

Capable of handling high volumes, OLDS Vertical Elevator with static screw and rotating casing, prevents product contamination and reduces maintenance. It offers precision variable flow rate and elevates bulk material at 90° in under 10 sq ft of floor space. Energy efficient unit operates with low Amp draw, does not segregate materials during elevation, and eliminates need for separate... Read More

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Gough Econ Part of Highly Commended Award Received by Australis Engineering in Australia That Modernized the Mint

Mar 11, 2010

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina USA. - Australis Engineering P/L of Sydney, Australia has won a Highly Commended Award for Engineering Excellence for its Material Handling and Warehousing project at the Royal Australian Mint at the recent 2009 Engineers Australia Excellent Awards ceremony in Canberra. With more than 85,000 members, Engineers Australia is the largest and most diverse professional body... Read More

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Elevators/Lowerators gently transport packets, small cartons.

Dec 14, 2009

Elevators and lowerayors lift and lower products in packets or small cartons when transported on VarioFlow Modular Conveyor Systems. They combine non-marring flocked chain with soft, overhead rollers to achieve gentle upward/downward product transport through vertical curves, including those with steep angles. Rollers are mounted to guiderail profile, which is custom-contoured to application... Read More

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Style AA Buckets are manufactured from virgin resins.

Oct 16, 2009

Style AA industrial elevator buckets available in molded nylon are suited for use in foundry sand, coal, fertilizer, gravel, and other abrasive applications. They are also available in urethane versions that are resistant to cutting by abrasive materials like glass cutlet, pelletized feed, and oyster shells. Polyethylene buckets, suitable for general purpose applications, are also offered.... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Style CC-XD Elevator Buckets come in four 7 in. sizes.

Sep 04, 2009

Available in polyethylene, nylon, and urethane, CC-XD (Xtreme Duty) buckets have prime virgin resins throughout entire bucket, not just critical wear points, to enhance durability/strength. Manufacturing molds used for 12 x 7, 13 x 7, 14 x 7, and 16 x 7 in. sizes ensure identical, consistent bucket profiles with no variance in critical specifications such as dimensions, proportions, and wall... Read More

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Nylon Elevator Buckets are FDA compliant.

Jun 15, 2009

Injection molded from high grade prime virgin resins for abrasion resistance and impact strength, food-grade nylon elevator buckets are compliant with FDA Regulations Title 21 CFR177.1500, CFR175.105, CFR178.2010, and CFR 177.300. High ear CC design and rounded front lip provide clean discharge with less damage to product. Read More

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Chain Conveyors and Bucket Elevators use en-masse principle.

Jun 10, 2009

Suited for handling wheat, rice, coal, gravel, ore, and cement, MoveMaster Chain Conveyors and Bucket Elevators utilize En-Masse principle where bulk materials are induced to move like liquid through dust-tight steel casing, which can be designed horizontally, on inclined plane, vertically, and around bends. Offering capacities from 10-2,000 tons, conveyors have high tensile alloy steel chains,... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Gough Econ Receives an Order for Three Bucket Elevators as Part of the Royal Australian Mint's Modernization Effort

Nov 11, 2008

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Gough Econ, Inc. has received an order from Australis Engineering P/L of Sydney, Australia for three bucket elevators as part of a $60 million contract to modernize the material handling and automation system of The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra. The modernization and revamp is thought to be one of the most extensive ever undertaken by a functioning mint. The Royal... Read More