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Hot Tap Tool comes with safely sealed gland fitting.

Nov 14, 2017

Hot Tap Tools are available for 63 mm to 160 mm polyethylene branch lines up to DR11. Safety chains are not necessary as the tool is fused to a ball valve assembly that is fused to a saddle fitting on the other side. The tool’s cutter goes through the ball valve and branch saddle into the main line, which the cutter keeps contamination-free by containing coupon and pipe shavings. The gland... Read More

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Rol Prime Tools and Dies are made of Rolleri’s own patented plastic.

Oct 20, 2017

Rol Prime Tools and Dies are suitable to test drawings and bending process. These 3D-printed units offer 1,000 strokes per piece and the plastic material shows only few marks on the parts. Functional replicas are suitable for short production applications.

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Thread Milling Cutter can machine materials up to 55 RC.

Jun 23, 2017

Available in T2711 and T2712 models, Thread Milling Cutter is suitable for machining threads of 1 in. diameter and above. Offering easy-cutting geometry, wear-resistant and universal grade WSM37S, unit is used for thread depths up to 2.5 DN and pitch range of 8-18 TPI for UNC and UNF thread styles. Ideal for ISO P, M, K, S and H, product can machine multiple thread sections.

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BeamCheck™ Beam Profiling System comes with high resolution CCD camera.

Mar 15, 2017

Suitable in selective laser sintering and selective laser melting applications, BeamCheck™ Beam Profiling System measures critical beam parameters such as focal spot size, laser power and laser power density at build plane. BeamCheck™ is designed with NIST-traceable power sensor and beam splitter.

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Custom MMIC in Orbit: Space Qualified GaAs MMICs Per MIL-PRF-38534 Class K & MIL-PRF-38535 Class S

Mar 10, 2017

Chelmsford, MA – March 8, 2017 – Custom MMIC, a leading developer of performance driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), highlights the company’s space qualification capabilities for high performance GaAs MMICs. Customers seeking high MTTF, high FITs, and 100% electrical and visually inspected parts can trust in Custom MMIC to deliver the required quality and... Read More

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Perform Taps feature HSS-E bodies.

Feb 27, 2017

Available in TC115 and TC216 models, Perform Taps come with TiN or vaporized coating. Having thread depth of 3×D, TC115 blind-hole tap is designed with 45° helix angle for and C-form chamfer. With thread depth capability of 3.5×D, TC216 through-hole feature spiral point. Both units come in M8 × 1 to M18 × 1.5; and UNC #6, 8, 10 and ¼, 5/16, ⅜, ½, ⅝, ¾ dimensions.

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Imperial Systems Inc Partners with AKS Cutting Systems

Nov 09, 2016

The investment in a quality cutting table can now be protected by a dust and fume collector custom-designed to meet the needs of advanced cutting machines

JACKSON CENTER, Pa., Nov. 4, 2016 - For most businesses, a plasma or laser cutting table is a huge investment. It requires research and planning to choose the right one. With all the consideration that goes into choosing a cutting... Read More

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Gauge Profiler offers extended lip-adjusting stroke.

Aug 03, 2016

Retrofittable on existing dies, EDI™ Autoflex VI-E provides automatic gauge control of film and coatings. Unit is capable of correcting for changes in throughput, line speed, target thickness, and other process parameters, often without need for manual intervention. Lip adjusters include thermally actuated copper alloy translators that are linked to computer-controlled downstream gauge monitor.... Read More

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Union Butterfield Self-Locking Taps

Jul 22, 2016

Union Butterfield taps provide holding power that lasts Dormer Pramet puts a lock on fastener costs with its Union Butterfield brand of self-locking taps. Utilizing specialized production equipment, this self-locking thread form can be produced on straight flute, spiral flute spiral point, roll form and even on the Union Butterfield line of high performance taps. With improved holding power that... Read More

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Lantek Software Will Power Promotech Pipe Cutting Machines

Jul 14, 2016

Lantek has reached an agreement with Polish company Promotech to supply its world leading sheet metal software with Promotech’s pipe profile cutting machines which can cut pipes up to diameter of 1500 mm and length of 12 metres with oxy-fuel or plasma. Promotech has been manufacturing and supplying welding and cutting machinery since 1987 and has over 300 products including: portable welding... Read More

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Die with Innovative Gauge Adjuster Lets Sheet Extrusion Leader King Plastic Maintain its Strict Standards While Boosting Output

Jun 30, 2016

Nordson’s SmartGap™ Mechanism Makes Possible Job Changes and Thickness Tuning with Minimal Downtime or Operator Intervention and No Compromise in Quality   NORTH PORT, FL, U.S.A. - Breakthrough extrusion die technology from Nordson Corporation has enabled King Plastic Corporation to achieve a substantial increase in productivity while continuing to manufacture stress-free, high-flatness... Read More

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Fiber Laser 3D Tube Cutting System is fully automated.

Jun 16, 2016

With operational flexibility, LT8.10 can process round, square, rectangle, flat oval, and D-shaped tubes as well as open profiles. This 3 kW system cuts up to 9.5 in. dia tubing of diverse materials, including such reflective materials as brass, copper, and aluminum. Multiple load and unload configurations, including automatic bundle loader, automatic step loader, and/or manual single bar loader,... Read More

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Walter to Feature Advanced Cutting Tool Technologies at IMTS '16

Jun 08, 2016

Waukesha, WI — Walter, a leading cutting tool manufacturer, will showcase its latest technologies in Booth W-1700 at IMTS ’16, September 12-17, 2016, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Highlights of the exhibit will include the Walter M4000 program which uses an innovative insert system that has a single, basic shape compatibility with every M4000 body. The inserts can be used in all tools within... Read More

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Surface Profiling Sensor uses interferometric technology.

May 10, 2016

Used for surface contour measurement, TeleStar® Probe scans up to 500 data points/sec with 1.0 micron accuracy and 0.1 micron repeatability. This self-contained, off-axis, partial coherence interferometric range sensor, offering measured point resolution in sub-micron (< 0.1 micron) range, has 25 mm constant working distance and is compatible with specular and light-scattering diffuse... Read More

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Press Brake Tooling enables deformation-free sheet metal forming.

Mar 31, 2016

Utilizing rotating supports within tooling, CleanBend™ press brake tooling enables, with minimal to no marking, up to 40° precision bending of delicate/polished and standard materials. Applications include bending short flanges, bending flange to diagonal sharp or across existing holes, and more. Constructed of tool steel, product is available for press brakes configured... Read More

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Cold Root Rolling Tool increases connection fatigue resistance.

Mar 15, 2016

Designed for smaller rotary shouldered connections in oil and gas industry, 11069 Series Internal Thread (BOX) Bar-Style Tool increases fatigue resistance of connections without slowing process. Design of 11069-SA Series will roll all standard API Rotary Shouldered BOX connections in NC31–NC38, 3 ½–4 ½ regular, 2 7/8–3 ½ IF (Internal Flush), and 3 ½–4 ½ FH... Read More

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What's the Right Tooling for Custom Die Cutting?

Mar 08, 2016

Interstate die cuts custom gaskets and other specialized products using precision die cutting equipment and high-quality tooling. Part tolerances are a function of multiple factors, including the base material, the die cutting method, and the type of die itself. Tooling types for custom die cutting include steel rule, solid milled, matched metal, rotary, etched, and combination dies. Which type... Read More

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ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. Announces New Proprietary Thixomolding Process

Mar 08, 2016

DELAND, FL., – ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. ("ARC" and the “Company”) (NASDAQ: ARCW), a leading global provider of advanced manufacturing and 3D printing solutions, today announced it has developed a new, proprietary Thixomolding process. The new methodology strategically leverages ARC’s industry leading expertise in magnesium injection molding and proven metallurgical knowledge to create... Read More

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Pyroelectric Cameras use beam propagation software.

Feb 18, 2016

Available for Pyrocam™ laser beam profiling cameras, M2 Beam Propagation software incorporates M2 calculations that predict how laser will focus and beam propagation parameters that describe how laser diverges as function of beam waist width. Program allows manual collection of 2D laser beam profiles for CW and pulsed lasers from 13–350 nm and from 1–3,000 µm. Other calculations include:... Read More