Thermal or Sonic Staking Presses

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IS32 InfraStake Module comes with improved reflective surface geometries.

Aug 03, 2017

IS32 InfraStake Module is used for staking plastic parts in automotive interiors and door panels, electronics and automotive lighting applications. Equipped with linear potentiometer for measuring the punch position to ensure precise measurement of boss height, module comes with InfraStake integration software.

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LVDT Linear Positioning Sensors replace proximity sensors.

Jan 29, 2014

In automated control systems of hot air, heat staking machinery used for manufacturing thermoplastic assemblies, DC-powered HSER 750 Series provides feedback to absolute position of stake depth. Output signals are fed into PLC that alerts operators when limits fall out of parameters to ensure correct alignment. In-line mounting and absolute measuring ranges up to 20 in. render physical... Read More

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Understand the Value Added Services Provided by Injection Molders

Jul 16, 2012

Below is a list of frequently performed post molding operations to help when discussing your next plastic injection molding project. Assembly/Clean Room Assembly is assembling various plastic components and other components to make a sub-assembly or a complete component utilizing techniques like Ultra sonic welding, UV bonding, Air Cured bonding and Heat Staking. Assembly functions can also be... Read More

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LPKF at NPE 2009 in Chicago

May 22, 2009

The Plastic Welding Division of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG (LPKF) presents two new developments to the U.S. market at NPE in Chicago: The laser welding system LQ-Vario and a device for laser staking. Erlangen, Germany, May 11th 2009- At NPE in Chicago, LPKF will be demonstrating the new LQ-Vario, a flexible and compact laser welding system specially equipped for the economical processing of... Read More

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Welder performs reflow soldering, heat bonding and staking.

Feb 24, 2009

Integrating pulsed temperature controller with PID feedback, HBR50 suits thermo-compression applications like hot bar reflow soldering flex circuits, ribbon cable and wires; heat seal bonding connectors; or attaching ACF connectors to printed circuit boards. It can also heat stake metal contacts to plastic, and can be configured with any combination of X, Y, Z, or theta stages to meet specific... Read More

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DaveCo Industries Drives It Home with New Stake Driving Tool Line

Nov 13, 2007

GARLAND, Texas, Oct. 23 / / -- DaveCo Industries recently entered into an agreement to acquire the The Striker(TM) product line from Simmons Tool LLC. The deal gives DaveCo all rights to manufacture and market the innovative stake driving tools both domestically and abroad. Dealers are currently being established in the U.S. and Canada, while international channels are also under development. The... Read More

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Actuators and Presses suit heatstaking applications.

Apr 21, 2003

Spectrum Slim-Line Series precision linear slim-line actuators, suited for use in bench-top manual operations, semi-automated, and fully automated systems, can be operated from as far as 10 ft from power supply. Actuators include hydraulic speed controls, post-cooling manifolds, built-in pneumatic controls, and micro-adjustable positive stops. Additional offerings include features for staking by... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Thermal Assembly System has embedded microprocessor.

Jan 23, 2003

Intelligent 2020 VISION pneumatically operated bench-top system includes 3-post/in-cycle cool modes, 2 parts counters (1 resetable and 1 lifetime), program memory for up to 5 setup parameters, and maintenance screen. Plug-and-play heat staking system allows for instant change of machine operation between Basic Machine Operation and Optional Slide Table and 2-position Rotary Table. Adjustable head... Read More

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Heatstaking Press features integrated dual power supplies.

Nov 08, 2001

400 Series heatstaking press features two-position pneumatic slide table, quick change tooling assembly and digital electronic programmable pressure regulator. Six-zone temperature controlling power supply and Thermasoft temperature controlling software provide remote control of up to 480 individual temperature zones. Multi-Job storage component allows instant recall of up to 99 individually... Read More