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Guyson’s New Siemens CNC Grit Blaster

Oct 02, 2017

September 25, 2017

Guysons new multi-axis CNC grit blaster was designed for a prep prior to coat application in the aerospace industry. The heart of this system is based around the blast manipulation with 4 axis controls directed by a Siemens CNC system and roof-mounted 2-axis cartesian gantry with table positional capability of 0-360°. The transfer cart brings the parts to the blast... Read More

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Procudo® Laser Peening System generates a controlled shockwave.

Sep 07, 2017

Procudo® Laser Peening System comes with laser delivery, diagnostics, and robotic-part-handling modules. This system is equipped with pulsed, high-energy laser for yielding compressive residual stresses to greater depth. Product enhances the service life of metal components up to 20 times.

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LSP Technologies Sells Laser Peening System for Metal Fatigue Enhancement to Aeronautical Research Center

Sep 07, 2017

Laser Peening provides service life extensions through enhanced fatigue strength and damage tolerance, along with resistance to corrosion, cracking, and fretting.

Dublin, Ohio, February 1, 2017 – LSP Technologies announces the sale of its state-of-the-art Procudo® Laser Peening System to the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) in Hamburg, Germany. The equipment will be... Read More

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Multiblast 3D Blast Systems are designed for heavy cleaning and finishing.

Aug 15, 2017

Multiblast 3D Blast systems are designed for heavy cleaning and finishing use in post processing of 3D printed parts. Features include LED light panels and dust collectors. With a secure seal and rigid structure, these units can be used for functional or cosmetic purposes. Applications include smoothing striation marks, paint/coating surface preparation, and other additive manufacturing... Read More

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Model 9 Manual Blast System for Surface Preparation

Feb 03, 2017

The Guyson Corporation has just completed a custom Model 9 Manual blast system for surface preparation application for electro-deposited composites coatings. This typical application is used in the aviation, automotive and power generation industries and can be applied to aluminum, steel and nickel-based alloys. Typical components can be rolled, forged, extruded or cast.

This Model 9... Read More

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Surface Preparation with Guysons Robotic Blast System

Nov 08, 2016

Guyson has just completed another one of its popular RB-9, robotic blasting systems. The customer had a very demanding surface preparation specification that could only be achieved by precise robotic gun manipulation and part fixturing and the use of high performance model 75/12 media cyclone.

This machine is equipped with a FANUC M10iA six axis robot that is protected with a Guyson... Read More

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Rotary-Index Twin Spindle Machine enhances cellular manufacturing.

Jun 21, 2016

Expanded version of RXS-400 utilizes Fanuc M710 Robot, which carries 8 Model 900 guns in heavy-duty cabinet with powered sliding door. In addition to Alpha S4 servos, Apex precision 50:1 ratio gear boxes, precision stop CAM Technologies indexer, and roof-mounted Precision Rotary Union, components include 300/28 cyclone reclaim system coupled to 36 in. deck classifier with... Read More

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Non-Destructive Dry Ice Cleaning is environmentally sustainable.

Jun 06, 2016

Made from reclaimed CO2, dry ice blasting solution cleans in-place without disassembly or cool down to remove dirt, soot, grease, and oil built up in facilities, industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, and assembly line equipment. Industrial cleaning solution, which also removes adhesives, oil, and grease build-up, is non-abrasive, non-conductive, and non-corrosive. It does not produce... Read More

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OMAX to Tout Engineering Benefits of Abrasive Waterjet Technology at IMTS

May 12, 2016

KENT, Wash. – OMAX Corporation will highlight how the company’s abrasive waterjet technology is engineered to provide successful cutting solutions to the manufacturing industry at IMTS 2016. OMAX will have live cutting demonstrations in booth N-6228 to showcase how quickly their JetMachining Centers produce high precision parts from virtually any material. Visitors can watch 3D and... Read More

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Guysons SP-10 Custom Grit Blaster for Batch Processing Gas Turbine Blades

May 05, 2016

When a major fortune 500 Aerospace company , who had built their reputation on being "dependable", selected Guyson to design and build a custom grit blaster for batch processing gas turbine blades; our engineering team realized that this was something truly unique . Our customer was involved throughout the design of the system and was impressed with how we were able to completely blast the blades... Read More

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Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station reduces integration efforts.

Apr 29, 2016

With digital Ethernet communications, TOUGH GUN™ TT3E Reamer fosters integration into digital controls infrastructure. Design eliminates need for analog switch, which also reduces cabling requirements and reduces potential failure points. Also included, remote monitoring capabilities let companies oversee and troubleshoot I/O of each reamer function and its allowable parameters in real-time and... Read More

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Suction Blast Cabinets

Apr 25, 2016

Startus Technologies has an innovative Pro-Finish suction cabinets which cost less and are simpler than pressure cabinets. These suction cabinets blast continuously without the need to stop for media refills, and they simplify the use of multiple nozzles. The results are usually comparable to those achieved with a pressure system although production rates are not so high. When initial cost and... Read More

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Schmidt Portable Abrasive Blasters

Apr 25, 2016

Stratus Technologies supplies and innovative Schmidt abrasive blasting systems that features efficient piping designed to provide the industry’s lowest pressure drop. For each drop in pressure of just 1 psi at the blast nozzle, a blasting system loses 1 1/2% in productivity, so minimizing pressure drop is important. Schmidt systems are low maintenance for reduced downtime. They’re designed... Read More

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Tumblast Systems

Apr 22, 2016

Stratus Technologies supplies Gibson Tumble Blasters process multiple parts, ranging in size from small to medium, with a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by other types of equipment in a comparable price range. Gibson produces Tumble Blasters in six standard models with load capacities ranging up to 3,000 pounds or 24 cubic feet. Our smaller units, available with either wheel or air-blast... Read More

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Air Blast Equipment

Apr 22, 2016

Stratus Technologies carries an innovative and extensive line of Air blast equipment that can satisfy both specific and general customer needs. There are various options; Portable units, Blast rooms, Blast cabinets, and Automated Blast cabinets. They will help find the best and most cost effective solution for your production needs. Automated Barrel Blasters is designed to handle larger parts,... Read More

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Vertical-Sheet Pass-Through Abrasive Blasting | ABS Custom Sandblast Equipment

Apr 06, 2016

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing Application: Custom Blast Equipment to Automatically Feed & Blast Vertical Composite Sheets Abrasive Blast Systems recently designed & fabricated a custom blast solution which allows the customer to automatically blast many different sizes of composite sheets in a vertical orientation. This vertical orientation assists the customer in reducing media drag-out &... Read More

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Blast Regulator increases abrasive efficacy via even distribution.

Apr 04, 2016

Adaptable to fit Wheelabrator and non-Wheelabrator abrasive separators, Abrasive Curtain Regulator (ACR) negates problems arising from uneven abrasive distribution and residual sand in abrasive cycles of foundry blast equipment. Solution ensures full abrasive curtain is maintained at all times, which promotes abrasive cleaning efficacy as well as blast wheel performance consistency. Also,... Read More

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Anti-Static Air Gun carries CE, UL, RoHS certifications.

Feb 23, 2016

Ion Air Gun removes static electricity, contaminants, and dust from parts. Along with metal-armored, high-voltage cable, features include replaceable emitter point, integrated ground connection, and electromagnetic shielding. Shockless product neutralizes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 15 ft; high-velocity air jet uses compressed air to entrain 80% of total output airflow from... Read More

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Blast Cabinets come in suction or pressure models.

Jan 29, 2016

Featuring original ABS All-In-One construction, Anchor Series is manufactured from 10 and 12 gauge steel for optimized durability. Self-contained units minimize footprint while simplifying installation. Marathon Series, incorporating modular design, can be modified or customized by user. Variety of optional upgrades/add-ons is available. All industrial sandblast cabinets come in 3224, 4228,... Read More

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Adding In-House Blast Capabilities | ABS Blast Rooms

Jan 27, 2016

Industry: Industrial Equipment Re-Manufacturer Application: Rebuild/Re-manufacture Industrial Municipal Equipment Components Abrasive Blast Systems, Inc. recently designed and installed a custom sandblast room which incorporated a below-floor, sweep-in, pneumatic-recovery trough. The sandblast room is 16'W x 30'L x 17'H and features an overhead crane system with two 5-ton bridge... Read More