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Graphite Blank Estimating & Purchasing Software

Feb 11, 2010

Ohio Carbon Blank Inc. announces the GRAPHIMATOR(TM), the first 24/7 estimating and ordering software for graphite blanks that offers "EASY ORDERING." This new software was created to make both the estimating and purchasing of graphite blanks simple without waiting. Features include:

  • Menu driven display of materials, finish, dimensions (X,Y,Z), tolerances and quantities.
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    High-Speed Machining Center provides graphite milling.

    Jun 28, 2006

    Built on polymer concrete base, HSM 300 GraphiteMaster features heavy-duty spindle with ceramic-hybrid bearing offering rotating speeds up to 30,000 rpm. System is equipped with 18-position tool changer and can be upgraded to 27 positions. Zero-play linear guides and drive spindles ensure precise positioning with axis acceleration rates up to 1.7 G. Additional features include Heidenhain iTNC530... Read More