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Stainless Steel Fork Heads come in inch sizes.

Dec 31, 2015

Mainly used with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, GN 71752 Plain Type Fork Heads are made of stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4301 (American Standard Series 304). RoHS-compliant units are available in both standard and left hand thread types. Steel version is also offered. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Did You Know that ELT, Inc. Offers a Stocking Program for Expendable Tools? (Wiper Dies and Mandrels)

Oct 12, 2012

Here's how our typical program works: We estimate what your yearly usage will be. Let's assume that you anticipate using 60 wiper dies in a year's time. This means you should use 60/10 (10 months which is a little buffer) or 6 wiper dies per month. We would set the min/max quantities at 6/12. The customer would either authorize this program using a letter of intent or they would issue a purchase... Read More

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The Importance of Tool and Die Makers in Injection Mold Building

Jul 20, 2012

The tool and die makers are expert workers or precisely put artisans of a manufacturing unit. These machinists learn the trade of injection mold building through a combination of hands on practical training with academic course work during an apprenticeship period. One can train to become a tool maker, a die maker, a tool fitter or a mold maker depending upon one's area of concentration in which... Read More

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Diemaking Rules offer wear resistance and bendability.

Jun 13, 2002

Dieflex Auto Rule is designed for automated rule bending equipment. It is edge-hardened and meets close height and thickness tolerances. Dieflex Ultra comes with friction reducing coating on cutting edge resulting in clean cutting with reduced slivers and dust. Dieflex Superbend provides minimum bending radius of 160°, while maintaining high body and edge hardness. Dieflex G12 and Superbend... Read More