Food-Grade Lubricant works in temperatures down to -78°F.

Feb 12, 2013

Formulated for extended service in temperatures as low as -78°F, LU™214 Food Grade Low Temperature Lubricant features blend of pure synthetic oils treated with extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam, and anti-wear additives. This multi-service, NSF® H1-rated lubricant, engineered to maximize equipment protection, is also non-staining and Kosher approved. Read More

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CIMCOOL®'s "Elite Series" of Products Is Top of the Line

Jan 25, 2013

Cincinnati, Ohio - CIMCOOL Fluid Technology, the leader in fluid technology worldwide, offers some of the most technologically-advanced fluids for use in industrial operations. The 600 series, or the "Elite Series," of fluids is CIMCOOL's top of the line products. CIMTECH® 609-E and CIMTECH® 609G are "hybrid synthetic" utilizing patented and commercial lubricants in combination for superior... Read More


Chain Lubricant offers high temperature performance.

Jan 17, 2013

Designed for use at high temperatures for extended periods of time, MAC-1122 synthetic-based lubricant with graphite will not evaporate rapidly, decompose, or oxidize like conventional lubricants. Product offers thermal stability and low volatility with no carbon or varnish buildup. Typical applications include heat treatment ovens, bearings and sliding surfaces that contain liquid lubricant,... Read More


Quaker Chemical Obtains Food Grade (H1) Certification High Performance Synthetic Lubricant Technology for Can Manufacturing

Jan 15, 2013

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. - Quaker Chemical Corporation (NYSE: KWR), a leading global provider of process fluids, has received H1 certification for QUAKEROL® PCL-FG - a high performance, food grade synthetic lubricant formulated for use on pin chains in the can manufacturing process. The synthetic lubricant keeps chains deposit free by minimizing carbon build-up and provides excellent lubricity, which... Read More


Tips on Using P-80 Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant

Jan 11, 2013

P-80 is very simple to use. All that is required is that enough of the liquid be applied to the part to create a thin film over its surface. This can be done manually or automatically with a bath, brush, spray, sponge or squirt technique. The best approach is determined by the size of the piece and the nature of the task. Be sure to shake or stir P-80 well before using to assure maximum... Read More

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Metalworking Fluid targets aerospace industry.

Jan 07, 2013

Designed for machining of aluminum alloys, QUAKERCOOL® 7000 ALF BAF machining and grinding coolant is water soluble as well as boron-free and amine-free. Low alkalinity properties aid in prevention of staining, while wetting abilities result in optimized cutting performance and microbiological growth control without biocide addition. Product also provides cleanliness on tools and machines with... Read More


Synthetic Racing Gear Lubricant meets high-performance needs.

Jan 02, 2013

Engineered for racing applications, Synthetic 75w-­140 Racing Gear Lube works in gasoline and diesel vehicles and also suits such severe-duty applications as towing and off-road driving. Formula, with optimized anti-wear characteristics and cold-flow properties, is designed to lubricate components with extreme-­pressure additives. Available in 5 gal pails, product contains Shock Load... Read More

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Metalworking Fluids target tube and pipe industry.

Dec 21, 2012

Providing solvent/oil based rust protection used neat, CIMMILL RP 365 leaves protective film residue for over 1 year of corrosion protection. CIMMILL RP 24-7 water-based rust inhibitor, providing up to 1 year indoor corrosion protection, is VOC-free and meets SCAQMD Rule 1144 standards. Developed to rid sumps of biofilms and built-up debris, CIMMILL SC alkaline sump cleaner provides clean... Read More

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Fluid Dispensing System targets hard-to-reach spots.

Dec 20, 2012

Operating off standard shop air at up to 90 psi, Sharpshooter Lubrication System can place drop of lubricant at up to 1 m away with pinpoint accuracy. Pressurized tank generates internal pressures up to 750 psi. When pulse is generated, fixed drop size is dispensed. Up to 8 dispensing nozzles, available in 4 sizes ranging from 5–100 mm³, can be attached to one tank. Extension hose up to 2 m... Read More

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Shrader Chemical Expanding Sales Staff, Entering Market with Own Line of Products

Dec 14, 2012

Buffalo, N.Y. - Shrader Chemical is growing, in more ways than one, and the expansion is affecting all areas of its business. For more than five decades Shrader has been a leader in product formulations for private brand chemicals and lubricants, and now the North American company is expanding its sales staff and preparing to roll out a new line of products, and this time it's their own in-house... Read More

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Unist Announces Bio-Preferred Status for Coolube® Lubricants

Dec 07, 2012

USDA BioPreferred Program Certifies Coolube 2210® and 2210EP® Grand Rapids, MI - Unist, Inc. ( Unist, Inc. is pleased to announce independent laboratory certification of its Coolube® 2210 and Coolube® 2210EP lubricant's bio-based content. Coolube® 2210 was certified with a bio-based content of 93% and Coolube® 2210EP was certified with a bio-based content of 92%. These ratings... Read More

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Dana Showcases Four New Aftermarket Products, Demonstrates Axle Rebuilds, iPad Application at SEMA

Nov 12, 2012

MAUMEE, Ohio, - Furthering its commitment to bringing leading technology to the aftermarket, Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) will introduce four new aftermarket products during the 2012 Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) Show, Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, in Las Vegas. The company will use this premier event to unveil its Spicer(®) Ultra-Premium Synthetic Grease, Spicer(®)... Read More


Adhesive Chain Lubricant helps inhibit corrosion, reduce stress.

Oct 30, 2012

Supporting continuous operation up to 350°F, CRC TAC 2™ will bond to chain/wear surfaces to keep them in peak operating condition by reducing friction and wear that cause metal fatigue. Tackifier enables lubricant to cling to metal surfaces without increasing viscosity, which lets product penetrate and coat vital chain pin and bushing areas. While Molybdenum content provides cling-ability to... Read More

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Automated Lubricating System delivers continuous supply.

Oct 26, 2012

Designed to mix desired content of lubricant concentrate and water for distribution, Pro-Mix Lubricating Systems makes sure each machine connected to in-plant piping network receives continuous supply of pressurized lubricant mixture. Systems feature stainless steel reservoirs for stabilizing liquids prior to mixing and can be manufactured to supply up to 3 different lubricant mixtures to each... Read More

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Cutting/Lubricating Oil has low-VOC, nonchlorinated formula.

Oct 24, 2012

With VOC levels of less than 75 g/L as per Southern California AQMD Rule 1144, TRIM® OM 313 clean running straight oil does not contain any active sulfur, is free of chlorine, and does not stain parts. Suitable uses include form-tapping, thread-rolling, and Swiss screw machines. Offering oxidation inhibition for extended life, oil is proven on steel and bearing steel parts and safe for use on... Read More


Water-Resistant Synthetic Lube provides dielectric protection.

Oct 24, 2012

Using premium base stock and advanced additive packages, Synthetic Lube provides moisture displacement technology to penetrate rust, dirt, and corrosion. Additive package includes tenacious adhesive component that ensures lube will stay where it is sprayed, while rapid evaporation carrier agent leaves tacky film that prevents runoff and flinging from moving surfaces. Harmless to plastic and... Read More


New Hybrid Fluid Technology for Precision Automotive Components

Oct 23, 2012

Cincinnati, Ohio - CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology, the leader in metalworking innovation, announced the release of a new lubricant technology for machining and grinding of hard metals. These new CIMTECH® synthetic fluids feature synergistic lubricant blends that provide huge increases in productivity without the use of chlorine or other high levels of extreme pressure additives. CIMCOOL delivers... Read More

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Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil offers all-weather performance.

Oct 18, 2012

With synthetic base oil and exclusive additive package, Monolec Ultra® Syn Heavy Duty Engine Oil lubricates diesel engines, even in low-temperature conditions, without shear stability and viscosity problems. Monolec® wear-reducing additive creates single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, maximizing oil film strength without affecting clearances. SAE 5W-40 formulation offers wear... Read More