Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Contingency Caging is disposable, recyclable, reusable.

Jan 28, 2010

D-Series(TM) environmentally sound, injection-molded caging is 100% safe for animals, with pre-irradiated components and all metal parts made from non-toxic stainless steel. Throughout testing and use, there have been no instances of animals chewing through or escaping. Caging can be used with existing automatic watering system and utilizes proprietary method of air delivery. Designed to work in... Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Single-Use Rodent Caging System is fully disposable.

Oct 04, 2006

Innovive System® eliminates washing, sterilization, and storage of change-out caging, streamlining vivarium operations while doubling housing density. Innocage®, made of virgin PET No. 1, weighs less than 9 oz., cage design helps maintain security and eliminate chewing. Innorack® dual HEPA-filtered cage rack holds 168 Innocage units, and Aquavive® single-use irradiated recyclable water bottle... Read More