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Vacuum System works with water and disinfectant solutions.

Nov 08, 2001

Model SS Spray Cleaner Vacuum System, with 10-gal capacity, incorporates graduated filtration to retain up to 99.999% of all ultra-fine particles (down to 0.12 microns), both toxic and nuisance. It exhausts pure air back into cleanroom environments after filtering. Filters used include foam impact filter, microfilter, main filter, two High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, and an... Read More

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Clean Process Oven is used for production environments.

Nov 06, 2001

Stackable LCC1-51 is programmable with microprocessor-based Protocol Plus controller and configured for 220/240 volts and 50/60 Hz. Non-corrosive, 5.1 cu ft stainless steel interior oven chamber handles 200 and 300 mm wafer processing applications. Continuously welded insulation side seams protect work chamber and product from contamination. Recirculated airflow is HEPA filtered, which is... Read More