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Data and Database Management Software

Tecan Freedom EVOware® Normalization Wizard, DNA Sample Quantitation

Tecan has developed the Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard, specifically for normalization applications in genomic, forensic, protein science and drug discovery laboratories. This new feature, which offers solutions for high quality nucleic acid preparation, including PCR set-up, reaction clean-up, sample quantitation and normalization, is the latest example of Freedom EVOware's great range of...

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Miscellaneous Displays

Thermo Enhances the Finnpipette Novus Range

World's first electronic pipette with backlit display MILFORD, MA (September 29, 2006) - Thermo Electron Corporation, the world leader in analytical instruments, today announced an enhancement to the Finnpipette® Novus range, with the introduction of a backlit display. The Finnpipette Novus is the first electronic pipette in the world to have this new feature, which uses similar backlight...

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Gas / Chemical Analyzers

Thermo Assists Full Compliance with Strict Environmental Regulations with New Total Nitrogen Detector Module

Elemental Analysis Delft, The Netherlands (September 29, 2006) - Thermo Electron Corporation, world leader in analytical instrumentation announces that its unique HiPerTOC Total Organic Carbon bench top analyzer is the only instrument of its kind to offer full compliance with the strict EN 12260 and DIN 38409 part 27 environmental regulations. These regulations provide approved methodology and...

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Laboratory Refrigerators/Freezers provide safe cold storage.

Suited for life science, clinical, and industrial applications, +4Â-ºC refrigerators and -20ºC freezers come in storage capacities from 700-1,500 L. All units use polyurethane foam insulation and forced-air evaporators to maintain efficient temperature regulation and promote environmental stability. Along with anti-condensing heaters, storage solutions feature digital displays,...

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Miscellaneous Stations

Docking Station connects adapters to rheometer platform.

HAAKE OS mobile docking station enables integration of existing measuring adapters into HAAKE PolyLab OS torque rheometer platform, allowing protection of established measuring procedures. Docking station features temperature control for up to 4 heating zones including air cooling. Incorporating CAnopen Bus for connectivity, rheometer automatically identifies peripheral devices in MS windows...

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Inspection Equipment

FEI Expands Helios Nanolab(TM) Family for Semi Market

NanoLab 400/400S to be Introduced at SEMICON Japan Giving Users a Complete Range of Advanced Solutions for Semiconductor Labs NOVEMBER 30, 2006/Hillsboro, Ore.-FEI Company (Nasdaq: FEIC) will expand its top-of-the-line Helios NanoLab(TM) family of DualBeams(TM) when it introduces the Helios NanoLab 400 and 400S systems next week at SEMICON Japan. Combining advanced focused ion beam (FIB) and...

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Industrial Balls

Polysciences, Inc. Offers New Functionalized Silica Microspheres

Warrington, PA, August 2006 - Polysciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of laboratory supplies and specialty monomers/polymers for life sciences, medical research and industry, announces the availability of new functionalized silica microspheres containing carboxylic acid, amine or streptavidin groups. Functionalized silica microspheres are available with nominal diameters of 0.5 micron, 1...

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Test Kits

Polysciences Announces New Line of Microbiology

Warrington, PA, August 8, 2006 - Polysciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of laboratory supplies and reagents for life sciences, medical research and industry, is pleased to announce the launch of a series of products specific for Microbiological and Bacterial Detection applications. Included in this product line expansion are the following: o 8 new rapid bacterial detection strip kits. These...

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Wyatt Technology Europe's Eclipse Achieves Accurate and Reliable Characterisation of Micelles
Characterization Instruments

Wyatt Technology Europe's Eclipse Achieves Accurate and Reliable Characterisation of Micelles

DERNBACH, GERMANY (28 November, 2006) - Wyatt Technology Europe, the world leader in absolute macromolecular characterisation instruments and software, announces that its innovative Eclipse asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (AF4) system achieves successful characterisation of micelles suspensions. Narrow size distribution is vital to guarantee that micelles are stable and can release the...

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Miscellaneous Analyzers

Separation System is used for protein and bipolymer analysis.

Based on asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, Eclipse system requires only one pump to generate all 3 required flow rates. Samples can be separated according to hydrodynamic radius in selected channel by interacting with cross-flow permeating through bottom wall. Developed for pharmaceutical industry, unit can characterize antibody preparations with respect to aggregation and identify...

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Fresh Air Intake Designed to Meet ASHRAE 62.2 standards

Fresh Air Intake Designed to Meet ASHRAE 62.2 standards

Alan Manufacturing has a long history of developing innovative solutions for HVAC applications. With over 1,000 product designs under our belt, we have gained a reputation as the go-to source for HVAC dampers, hardware, duct supports, zone control systems, and much more. Adding to this extensive list of achievements we now announce the release of our new line of Fresh Air Intake products. Designed to meet ASHRAE 62.2 standards, they are the most robust and high-performance product of their kind. See our video to learn more.

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