Infusion Equipment

Gas Infusion Device aerates wastewater.

Instead of making bubbles, Dif-Jet™ infuses oxygen from air or pure oxygen into water. Typical infusion rates are 90–95% dissolved oxygen using air and well above saturation levels using pure oxygen. Design allows treatment without fouling, as well asÂ- mixing ofÂ- multiple gases into water when desired or required. Available in PVC and stainless steel construction, Dif-Jet can be...

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Infusion Device securely transmits patient data.

Plum A+Â-® single-channel medication infusion device helps secure patient data against inadvertent release by securely transferring data between device and hospital information technology systems as part of the intravenous medication administration process. It offers encryption and authentication capabilities via 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g wireless modes.

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Infusion System suits MR imaging environments.

Providing expanded set of measurements, Continuum MR Compatible Infusion System enables clinicians to work with large selection of medications, sedatives, and anesthetic agents. Non-Weight Dose selection program assists in dose calculation for drugs not dependent on patient weight. With Continuum, healthcare professionals can dispense cardiac stress agents at flow rates up to 1,200 ml/hr, and...

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