CX1000 Portable Air Purifier

Jun 29, 2017

Continental Fan offers the most advanced air purifier available today. The CX1000 portable air purifier deals with all facets of air purification: particle removal, chemical neutralization, and living organism abatement.

The CX1000 provides up to 1,000 square feet of complete air purification. Using patented technology, the CX1000 incorporates Photo-Catalytic Oxidation that uses UVC... Read More


Automotive Air Purification System works in <15 minutes.

Oct 06, 2016

Delivering healthy air to vehicle, Philips GoPure200 Automotive Clean Air System removes pollutants, dust, allergens, and toxic gases and neutralizes unpleasant odors. This medical-grade unit also removes toxic gases typically released from new car parts. Using 3-stage air filtration process, HEPA/HESA filtering technology removes 99.9% of 0.3 µm particles and 99% of such chemicals such as... Read More

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High-Power UVC LEDs disinfect water, air, and surfaces.

May 12, 2016

Targeting higher power applications for UVC disinfection of water, air, and surfaces, Klaran delivers germicidal output powers from 15–30 mW that are suited for healthcare, lab water, and consumer product applications. Footprint occupied by this non-hazardous, mercury-free solution affords design flexibility, while ruggedness of design supports mobile use. Read More

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RGF's REME Halo Awarded Gold in 2015 Dealer Design Awards

Aug 04, 2015

RIVIERA BEACH, FL – RGF Environmental Group, Inc., an environmental products design and manufacturing firm, announced that it has once again been awarded the Gold Dealer Design Award for Innovative IAQ technolgy. The REME Halo™ induct air purifier developed by RGF, was designed and improved with input from its customer base. “With this product, I guarantee customers will notice a... Read More


Air Purifier reduces spread of Super Bugs in hospitals.

Apr 20, 2015

Offering tabletop or bedside purification, Airocide® DS uses photocatalytic biocide reactor to eliminate viral, fungal, and bacterial pathogens from air. Unit converts dangerous bacteria, viruses, and destructive VOC's into harmless water vapor without producing ozone. By destroying all organic matter less than .3 microns in size, filter-less purifier produces air that is 99.999%... Read More

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Fresh-Aire UV Factory Expansion Supports Growth and Cutting-Edge Air Purification Tech Development

Nov 17, 2014

Fresh-Aire UV expansion now houses one of industry's few ASHRAE 52.2 and 145.2-compliant test chambers for air purification products. Fresh-Aire UV®, manufacturers of Blue Tube UV® and other HVAC indoor air quality products, has expanded its Jupiter, Fla., headquarters by 50-percent to accommodate a growing workforce, a newly-purchased air purification product test chamber and a... Read More


Sharp India Launches Air Purifiers Using the Miraculous Plasmacluster Ion Technology for the Next Level of Growth for Consumer Industry

Jun 18, 2014

New Delhi - Sharp Business System (India), the leading consumer Japanese brand with over 100 years of lineage in white good industry, is proud to introduce the new series of air purifiers which takes a step further in Sharp's endeavour to introduce 'one of a kind products'. Sharp Air Purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology create forest fresh air by generating the same level of... Read More


Bravo to Produce Next Generation Air-to-Water AquaPhere Machines for the World-Wide Billion Dollar Water Industry

Feb 03, 2014

NEW YORK, -- Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB:OGNG) announces that the Company has made arrangements to produce a new and improved version of its AirMax 3000 air-to-water machine to be branded AquaPhere which will be able to operate on either 220V or 110V. The current AirMax 3000 can generate up to 8 gallons of water per day based on relative humidity, which is the combined heat and moisture... Read More

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Oil Mist Separators promote safe, healthy working environment.

Dec 03, 2013

GREEN LINE series separates 100% of fluid particulate down to 1 µm, 91% at 0.9 µm, and 82% at 0.75 µm. With HEPA filter as final cleaning stage, series ultimately delivers 99.997% clean air. Single rotor and disc size is used for all separators and works with emulsions or straight oils. For different air volumes needed to accommodate cabins as they increase in size, additional rotors... Read More

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UV Disinfection Robot utilizes web portal system.

Jun 13, 2013

Supplied with TRU-D SmartUVC™ portable UV disinfection robot, iTRU-D includes combination of microchips operated remotely via iPad Mini, allowing hospitals to track infection control efforts. Hospital staff can operate, monitor, and manage TRU-D while simultaneously uploading disinfection data automatically to live web portal. Administrators will have instant access to real-time UV-C... Read More


Ion-Based Air Purifiers efficiently fight indoor air pollution.

Jan 02, 2013

By utilizing Plasmacluster Ion Technology, Plasmacluster Ion air purifiers create fresh indoor environment by generating negative and positive ions that eliminate harmful substances – pollen dust, allergens, viruses, molds, gases – and foul smell from air as well as surfaces. Products address areas with elevated threat of air and surface contamination, including... Read More


UV Flu Technologies Commences Sales of the Viratech Air Purifier in 19 Cardis Furniture Stores in New England

May 25, 2012

CENTERVILLE, Mass.- UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: UVFT)(the "Company") is pleased to announce that Cardis Furniture (www.cardis.com) has chosen the Company's Viratech UV-400 as the air purifier to be combined with a premium Serta Mattress as the Ultimate Sleep System for promoting a sound sleep. Cardis was chosen as the first furniture chain in the country to launch this Serta sleep system,... Read More

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Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryer features compact, modular design.

May 16, 2011

Designed for delivering clean, dry compressed air to processes and equipment in various industries, Ultrapac 2000 features pre-filter that removes solids and condensate up to residual oil content 0.03 ppm. Adsorption dryer next in line absorbs moisture in the compressed air up to a pressure dewpoint of -40°F. After-filter removes any residual small particles. Heatless desiccant cartridge is... Read More

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Air Filtration System captures and kills airborne germs.

May 05, 2011

Offering alternative to UV or UV-C air purifiers, Total Air Sanitizer adds electric current to HEPA air filter that kills bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi while capturing and removing dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens from air during any season. System captures more than 99.9% of airborne particles, and, in some rooms, may provide noticeable improvement in air quality in as little... Read More


Portable Air Purifier covers up to 1,000 sq ft.

Aug 23, 2010

Incorporating Photo-Catalytic Oxidation, which uses UVC light to activate highly reactive catalyst, Model CX1000 converts toxic compounds into benign constituents such as water and carbon dioxide. Unit provides particle removal, chemical neutralization, and living organism abatement. Equipped with service lights that indicate when filters and UV lamps require replacement, purifier can help reduce... Read More


RGF and Carrier Enterprises Enter into Private Label Agreement for IAQ Technology

Apr 19, 2010

West Palm Beach, FL - Ron Fink, President of RGF Environmental Group, Inc. www.rgf.com announced that RGF has agreed to private label its PHI technology under Carrier Enterprises Top Tech Product Line as "Air Knight". Carrier Enterprise will distribute Air Knight through their 98 branches in the US and eventually to their 30 locations in Puerto Rico. RGF will provide nationwide technical training... Read More

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Air Separator offers low differential pressure drop.

Mar 23, 2010

Maintenance-free DF-C Cyclone Separator features flow-path that reduces differential pressure drop to minimize energy consumption. Air flow is generated by centrifugal forces then water, in form of droplet or condensation in aftercooler, is removed along with solid and liquid aerosols from 5-10 µm. Immersion-lacquered coating of aluminum die-cast housing interior optimizes air flow and... Read More

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RGF's REME(TM) HVAC Cell and Guardian Air PHI(TM) Cell Make Progress in Mexico

Nov 18, 2009

RGF Indoor Air Quality Distributors in Mexico are currently conducting rounds of REME(TM) & Guardian Air PHI Cell(TM) product testing for bacteria and virus reduction in hospitals and universities. RGF Indoor Air Quality distributors in Mexico have been busy conducting tests over the past few months at area hospitals and universities in an effort to demonstrate the effectiveness of the REME(TM)... Read More