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Perma Pure Launches New Nafion Dryer for Aerosol Research and Measurement

Dec 29, 2014

MUMBAI – Perma Pure, the global leader in sample gas conditioning, has launched a new Nafion dryer in the Indian market. The MD-700 large diameter dryer was specifically developed for humidity control in particle measurement and aerosol analysis applications, but can be used in a wide range of drying or humidifying applications. In order to minimise particle losses, a laminar sample flow should... Read More

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Gas Humidification / Dehumidification Module

Oct 07, 2014

HUMODULE – TYPE B C A21-HM-B120: Humodule Type B, Gas Humidification module up to 100% RH, with humidity sensor, capable of measuring and displaying humidity in the range: 5-100% RH, Single Stage controller with one set point Alarm set point. Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity (+/- 3% RH) from ambient level to 100% RH, Stainless Steel housing, required compressed air or inert gas... Read More


Bravo to Produce Next Generation Air-to-Water AquaPhere Machines for the World-Wide Billion Dollar Water Industry

Feb 03, 2014

NEW YORK, -- Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB:OGNG) announces that the Company has made arrangements to produce a new and improved version of its AirMax 3000 air-to-water machine to be branded AquaPhere which will be able to operate on either 220V or 110V. The current AirMax 3000 can generate up to 8 gallons of water per day based on relative humidity, which is the combined heat and moisture... Read More


Humidification Module adds humidity to trace gas mixtures.

Aug 06, 2013

FlexStream™ can typically add adjustable humidity levels from 20%–90% RH to trace gas mixtures produced by FlexStream™ system, but not all levels can be achieved at all flows. Trace Source™ permeation tubes are used to create trace concentration gas mixtures, and humidity is added by splitting dilution flow into 2 parts. Internal computer sets both dilution flow needed to... Read More


Residential Evaporative Humidifiers consume less than 100 W.

Nov 09, 2012

Featuring microprocessor control, ComfortBreeze™ Humidifiers are available with optional ComfortSmart™ Technology, which self-adjusts to compensate for variations in temperature, airflow, and water pressure to minimize water consumption. Water-saving models include electronic humidistat and outdoor temperature reset to protect home from condensation problems when outdoor air temperatures... Read More

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Food Safety Systems provide complete produce protection.

Oct 08, 2012

Allowing chemicals to be distributed uniformly throughout specified area while penetrating every surface, Food Safety and Disinfection Solutions provide complete produce decontamination with low to no residue chemicals. Systems include data retention for food safety regulatory audit requirements. Featuring non-wetting disinfection process, products include NEM Series no escape mobile... Read More


Humidification System combats dry air in printing industry.

Sep 28, 2012

By maintaining precise even humidity throughout printing and paper storage facility, Model ES100 eliminates paper curl, paper cracking, static build-up, web-breaks, and mis-register. Water droplets feature 4.2 micron diameter with precisely engineered spacing between air and water. High oxygen content ensures that every droplet evaporates directly into air and does not dampen any exposed surface.... Read More


Evaporative Humidifiers help optimize residential IAQ.

Mar 23, 2012

Combining microprocessor control with evaporative technology, ComfortBREEZE(TM) Humidifiers are available with optional ComfortSmart(TM) controls that self-adjust to compensate for variations in temperature, airflow, and water pressure, minimizing water consumption. Units consume less than 100 W of electricity and come in fan-powered models that are compatible with any type of furnace. Exterior... Read More


Centrifugal Atomizing Humidifier is microprocessor controlled.

Mar 23, 2012

Operating with 120 or 240 V input power, ComfortBREEZE(TM) CB707 wastes no water during normal operation and consumes less than 75 W. Integrated microprocessor controls continuously monitor humidistat status, float switches, and operating hours to indicate when service is required and facilitate troubleshooting. Designed to optimize indoor air quality, humidifier can operate stand-alone or... Read More

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Commercial/IndustrialHumidifier eliminates biological pollutants.

Feb 17, 2012

Smart Fog® ES100 uses non-chemical disinfection to eliminate risk of distributing bacteria, molds, and viruses in building and duct-mount applications. Reversing cohesion and maximizing adhesion, Smart Fog technology injects oxygen into every droplet dispensed. Dust and air borne spores are attracted to 4.2 micron droplets, ideal for 100% dust suppression, and oxidized. System does not require... Read More


Oh, The Humidity Of It All

Mar 30, 2011

Marietta, GA - Lincoln Associates represents CAREL USA, an international manufacturer of humidifiers, offering a variety of solutions to restore proper humidity levels to institutions such as hospitals and schools, as well as manufacturing facilities that require humidification for process. Products include Gas-Fired, High Pressure Water Atomizing, Electric Self-Generating Steam, and Direct Steam... Read More

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Humidifiers feature safe, non-electric design.

Apr 15, 2009

Powered by Hydro pneumatic capillary system, Non-Electric Humidifiers expel moisture at rate of 10-20 cm/sec. Because they do not have fans or motors, units create no noise or dust vapor and no risk of fire hazards. There is also no buildup or distribution of mold, germs, and other toxins. Seven wall-mounted models are available in different designs to match decor. Read More


Steam Humidifier targets homes, small offices, and clinics.

Apr 24, 2008

Offering 3 output capacities in one unit, XTR Electrode Steam Humidifier generates steam in disposable, plastic cylinder and disperses it into ducts through dispersion tube, or into open and finished spaces using steam blower. When humidity level drops, unit automatically makes steam, and at end of humidification season, humidifier drains automatically after it has been idle for 72 hr. Capacities... Read More

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Steam Dispersion Panel helps prevent condensation.

Feb 28, 2008

Designed with series of dispersion tubes spaced to provide short non-wetting distance, ExpressPack accepts atmospheric source steam and discharges it into duct or air handling unit. Shorter non-wetting distance helps prevent condensation on downstream obstructions, optimizing performance of atmospheric source humidifier. Dispersing dry and uniform amount of steam, ExpressPack is suited for HVAC,... Read More


Humidifier Systems feature insulated tubes.

May 11, 2007

Ultra-sorb® and Rapid-sorb® steam dispersion systems come with insulated tubes made of PVDF insulating material that has 0/0 fire/smoke index and meets duct/AHU requirements. Rated for constant high-temperature (300°F) operation, material does not absorb water or support microbial growth due to closed-cell construction, and it does not degrade when exposed to UVC germicidal light.... Read More

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Lennox Introduces First Comprehensive Line of Ozone-Free Residential Indoor Air Quality Products

May 07, 2007

DALLAS, April 4 - Lennox Industries has announced the introduction of the industry's first comprehensive line of residential indoor air quality (IAQ) products that do not produce ground-level ozone. A recognized leader in the climate control industry for 112 years, Lennox Industries is a division of Lennox International Inc. (NYSE:LII). Indoor air quality products such as electronic air cleaners... Read More

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SANYO Introduces Five New Products with a 'Virus Washer' System: Suppresses 99% Airborne Viruses without Any Chemicals

Mar 15, 2007

Aim for Product Development Globally to Provide Solutions to Keep Air Safe and Clean TOKYO -- Aug. 28, 2006--SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., (SANYO) a leading provider of environment and energy related products and services, based on its vision 'Think GAIA', announced today the sale of five new products, air purifier system, etc., with the 'virus washer' system which removes airborne viruses and... Read More

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Fuel Cell Humidifier utilizes Nafion®-free material.

Aug 15, 2006

Designed for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, solid-state EnerFuel EFH-100 series utilizes hollow fiber material designed to optimize overall durability. Product delivers optimal humidification irrespective of flow rates and is vibration-tolerant. Units with Air-to-Air and Water-to-Air modes of operation are available. Read More


Humidifiers include compensating humidistats.

Jul 12, 2005

Flow-Thru Series 2100 includes 2 bypass models with output capacities of 14 and 18 gal/day as well as fan-powered model with output of 19 gal/day. Computstat(TM) Automatic Humidifier Control automatically adjusts output to compensate for changes in outdoor temperature. All models include barbed drain fitting to prevent hose slippage, frameless evaporator pad, stainless steel orifice, and wicking... Read More


Electric Humidifier offers capacity of 48 lb/hr.

Sep 30, 2004

Suited for light commercial and residential use, Series VT has removable shroud that allows access to tank, water level control assembly, and electrical connections. Controller-operated drain and flush removes precipitated minerals from tank, while thermal expansion and contraction of heating elements continuously sheds mineral buildup. Controller provides automatic water level control, safety... Read More