Surna Inc. Wins $1.0 Million Contract for Build-out of Rolling Farms

Jul 27, 2016

Rolling Farms advisor using Surna equipment consistently places in top 2% of Washington State's producer/processors BOULDER, Colorado - Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA), a technology company that engineers state-of-the art equipment for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) with special expertise in cannabis cultivation, signed a contract valued at $1.0 million with the general contractor for... Read More

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Alaska Structures Provides 365 Medium Shelters to USAF

Oct 20, 2015

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, – Alaska Structures® recently completed a contract for 365 new and improved U.S. Air Force Medium Shelter Systems. The contract, valued at more than $15 million, was finished on time and on budget, continuing Alaska Structures' standing as the USAF shelter supplier of choice. Since 1999, Alaska Structures has provided more than 35,000 American-made military shelters and... Read More

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Ion Generator improves IAQ in air conditioned spaces.

Oct 05, 2015

Using 4 separated polarized ion emitters and Bernoulli Effect for ion dispersion and mixing, RGF QUAD-DM™ produces bi-polar ions in air-conditioned space of residential and commercial buildings. Unit reduces particulates, allergens, smoke, bacteria, and mold spores and thereby helps eliminate odors and generally cleanse the air. Mounted via flexible magnetic feet to inside of air handler,... Read More


Mini Split Air Treatment System enhances indoor air quality.

Aug 26, 2015

Designed for Mini Split and PTAC HVAC units without any required modification thereto,, QUAD-MS™ produces charged ions in occupied space of homes and commercial buildings. System can connect to any suitable 120, 208, or 240 Vac source and has divergent mounted quad ion emitters. Reducing dust particles, bacteria, smoke, allergens, viruses, mold spores, and related odors, production of negative... Read More

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RGF Introduces State-of-the-Art HVAC Test Chamber

Apr 07, 2015

RIVIERA BEACH, FL — RGF Environmental Group unveils the newest addition to its already expansive in- house lab testing capabilities: a brand new ASHRAE-compliant HVAC testing chamber. This state-of-the-art air testing apparatus will allow RGF to test its newest products while still in development, as well as all existing HVAC IAQ products to both the current and future ASHRAE HVAC testing... Read More


Cannon T4 Inc Collaborates with Stulz to Develop Wall-Air Evolution Unit (CAN140060)

Feb 03, 2015

Cannon T4 Inc and Stulz are a force to be reckoned with Cannon T4 Inc, the international leader in innovative containment systems, has once again partnered with pioneering cooling solutions provider, Stulz, to develop a ground-breaking new data center climate control technology for use in national security and extreme operations. The two companies already cooperate worldwide on both water cooled... Read More

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Indoor Air Quality Units include quick-release feature.

Oct 15, 2014

Available for applications covering 1,000–6,500 cfm, REME Halo HVAC Unit includes adjustable shroud on cell, dual output ion generators, and zinc catalyst that kills 99% of virus on surfaces. Guardian Air QR+, available in 5, 9, and 14 in. cells for applications up to 18,000 cfm, utilizes RGF's PHI Technology (Photohydroionization) to eliminate sick building syndrome and other air quality... Read More

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Indoor Air Quality Monitor offers real-time data logging.

Dec 23, 2013

Featuring compact, handheld design, AQ Pro measures CO2, temperature, % RH, barometric air pressure, and differential pressure as standard, but can be upgraded to also measure VOC, formaldehyde, O2, NO2, SO2, and H2S. Unit includes active internal sampling pump, magnetic rubber boot, and Bluetooth. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, monitor is suited for use in hospitals, schools, labs,... Read More

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Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor offers up to 11 parameters.

Aug 15, 2013

Supporting parameter customization to meet application requirements, AQ Expert provides monitoring and real-time data logging for IAQ testing in hospitals, buildings, schools, labs, clean rooms, and airports. Bluetooth- and USB-enabled unit, powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery, features internal memory and measures CO2, CO, %RH, temperature, VOC, ORead More

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Using Data Loggers to Find Cooler Zones in a Greenhouse

Apr 10, 2013

Simple Monitoring Setup Aids in Climate Control CHESTERLAND OH– CAS Data Loggers recently provided the data logging solution for a small greenhouse currently cultivating several species of herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes. From potting to product, each variety has to be kept at ideal growing conditions before sale. From his own experience, the owner preferred to maintain the crop around... Read More


Ion-Based Air Purifiers efficiently fight indoor air pollution.

Jan 02, 2013

By utilizing Plasmacluster Ion Technology, Plasmacluster Ion air purifiers create fresh indoor environment by generating negative and positive ions that eliminate harmful substances – pollen dust, allergens, viruses, molds, gases – and foul smell from air as well as surfaces. Products address areas with elevated threat of air and surface contamination, including doctors' chambers,... Read More

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WaterProfessionals Now Provides High-Tech Equipment for Superior Operation of Industrial Boilers

Oct 05, 2012

Combining water treatment equipment with conventional chemical cleaning methods saves money while also reducing energy consumption. (Blountville, Tennessee, USA) - The WaterProfessionals® - a company that is one of the world's leading experts on water treatment and filtration systems - now offers a more economical and energy-conscious way to operate and treat industrial boilers. This new process... Read More

HVAC, Test & Measuring Instruments

Multifunction IAQ Monitor accommodates multiple applications.

Jul 15, 2011

Supplied in ABS shock-proof housing with 2-line, ICE BLUE LCD, AQ200 features CO2 and CO sensors with respective ranges of 0-5,000 ppm and 0-1,000 ppm and resolution of 1 ppm. Monitor can also detect ambient temperature from -4 to 176°F, Delta T, atmospheric air pressure, and humidity. Protected to IP54 standards, hand-held unit comes with memory and software and offers Min/Max/Hold functions as... Read More

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Isolation Room Controller has low-profile, flush-mount design.

Feb 22, 2011

Supplied in .625 in. deep controller chassis, stainless steel FMS-1650-T consists of full color touchscreen unit that can be installed on any wall using included mounting bracket. Flush-mounted unit simultaneously displays pressure, temperature, humidity, and air changes on one screen. When coupled with external pressure sensor, product can provide pressure readings or flow down to 0.0001 in.... Read More

HVAC, Mounting & Attaching Products

Wall Brackets support most minisplit condensers.

Dec 02, 2010

Offering equipment mounting alternative to ground-level support pads, Models WBB-300 and WBB-500 hold up to 300 lb and 500 lb, respectively. Weather-resistant units are constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated, perforated steel or stainless steel for coastal or corrosive environments. All brackets are fully adjustable with mounting widths of 3-30 in. and depths of 10½-16 in. Removable spirit... Read More

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Cooling Water Treatment Technology enables responsible water management.

Oct 07, 2010

Designed to work with TrueSense automation, process control, and knowledge management platform, GenGard 8000 offers capability to use lower quality water in cooling process while avoiding corrosion and fouling problems. Incorporated deposit and corrosion additives can eliminate need for sulfuric acid for pH control. Product is halogen-stable, allowing use in conjunction with biocide programs, and... Read More

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ABB Wins $73 Million Power Order in Switzerland

Dec 09, 2009

New control system will facilitate more efficient management of nuclear power plant Zurich, Switzerland, - ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has won orders worth $73 million from Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt (KKL) to refurbish and upgrade the non safety related operational control and automation system at their 1,220 megawatt Leibstadt nuclear power plant in Switzerland. For this... Read More

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Modular Planting Systems lend to buildings' sustainability.

Nov 13, 2009

Offered as sustainable building solution, Greenwalls are engineered for maximum biofilteration of indoor air and thermal regulation. Additional benefits include noise absorption, lowered heat gain, improved IAQ, and reduced occupant stress. While also adding to indoor ambiance, product assists in securing LEED credit when used in combination with other sustainable building elements. Other... Read More