Air Conditioning Systems


FlexFit Pro Series AC comes with individual airflow control.

May 25, 2017

Available from 24,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU, FlexFit Pro Series AC comes with round-corner air outlet and low standby power at 4 W. Equipped with DC fan motor and quadruple-action pathogen filter, product is designed with rear and bottom air return and fresh air knock out. Featuring hidden LED temperature display and sleek design, unit provides air throw distance of up to 60 ft. AC comes with long... Read More


Dana Recognized for Power Electronics Cooling Technology at 8th Annual Green Vehicle Convention

Apr 11, 2017

MAUMEE, Ohio, April 6, 2017 - Dana Incorporated (NYSE: DAN) was recognized with the 2017 Outstanding Power Electronics Solution Provider award at the 8th Annual Green Vehicle Convention, which began today in Beijing, China. The award was presented to Dana for its insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) cooling solutions.

The Green Vehicle Convention is the world's largest... Read More


Cooling Units Ideal for Kiosk & OEM

Mar 10, 2017

Kiosk components require specific temperature ranges for reliable, optimal performance. Although any TECA air conditioner can be installed in a kiosk, TECA now offers a complete line of thermoelectric air conditioners designed specifically for kiosk and OEM applications. The product line spans from 155-1,270 BTU/hr and is suitable for indoor or outdoor kiosks. Each cooler has a unique... Read More


CRP Automotive Delivers Comprehensive Coverage with Rein Automotive Cooling System Replacement Parts

Feb 15, 2017

- Includes hoses, water pumps, belts, tanks, caps, thermostats, and sensors kits - Cranbury, NJ…CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, delivers comprehensive applications with its new, comprehensive Rein Automotive Cooling System Program. The new program provides shops and technicians a full assortment of cooling system replacement parts featuring... Read More


TA20 Series Air Conditioners are equipped with anti short cycle protection.

Dec 16, 2016

Available in TA20-0 and TA20-1 models, TA20 Series Air Conditioners are rated to NEMA 4, 4X, and 12 standards. Designed for 7 or 8-inch deep enclosures, TA20-0 frame size 1,000 BTU/H offered in 120VAC and 48VDC voltages. Features smooth, flat side 10-inch deep enclosures, TA20-1 2,000 BTU/H are available in 120VAC and 230VAC voltage ratings and are charged with CFC free refrigerant.

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AMETEK Rotron Exhibits Semi-Cool Precision Fans and Custom Cooling Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

Dec 13, 2016

High-reliability, compact fans designed for military/aerospace missions assure dependability and consistent temperatures for semiconductor applications

AMETEK Rotron ( exhibits its SemiCool custom cooling subsystems for high-reliability cooling of semiconductor production processes at Semicon Japan. Including the Rotron MAXIAX vaneaxial... Read More


Hybricool Coolers housed in tough enclosures of GRP.

Nov 13, 2016

Offering rating of IP65, Hybricool Coolers work in harshest of environmental conditions. Used in protecting remote and mission-critical control and instrumentation equipment, Hybricool operates using compressor, condenser, throttle and evaporator providing high degree of failsafe redundancy. Both active and passive cooling system are involved in making cooler water round the clock. GRP... Read More


New ENERGY STAR® Certified 16 SEER Systems Broaden Luxaire® LX Series Package Equipment Line

Nov 09, 2016

MILWAUKEE (Nov. 2, 2016) - Johnson Controls adds new high-efficiency 16 SEER PHE6 and PCE6 models to its line of Luxaire® LX Series residential packaged equipment. All models in the 16 SEER line are now ENERGY STAR® certified. Available in 2- to 5-ton capacities, these units feature a contractor-friendly design, easy installation and service, reliable technology and Johnson Controls’... Read More


Split System Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners come in 3-phase models.

Oct 17, 2016

Champion® LX Series includes THE heat pumps and TCD air conditioners that support 3-phase, 230/640 V light commercial applications. Available in 2.5–5 ton models, these heat pumps and air conditioners use R-410A refrigerant and employ condenser coils constructed with copper tubing and aluminum fins for optimal heat transfer. Other features include post-painted steel coil guards with... Read More


Thermoelectric Air Conditioner features universal input.

Oct 11, 2016

With 100–240 Vac universal input, Model AHP-2259 is rated at 1,330 BTU/hr. Through mounted, air-cooled unit features closed loop design, condensate control and evaporation system, integral temperature controller, and power saving air-to-air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode). Supplied in stainless steel housing suitable for NEMA-12 (IP 52) and NEMA-4/4X (IP 56) environments, unit has no compressor,... Read More


Coleman® equips contractors with new 3-phase LX Series split system heat pumps and air conditioners

Oct 10, 2016

MILWAUKEE – New Coleman 3-phase LX Series split system THE heat pumps and TCD air conditioners from Johnson Controls equip contractors with units that support 3-phase, 230/450 light commercial applications. The heat pumps and air conditioners are available in 2.5- to 5-ton models. They use R-410A refrigerant and employ robust condenser coils constructed from durable copper tubing and enhanced... Read More


New Luxaire® LX Series 14 SEER Split System Heat Pumps And Air Conditioners uses R-410A refrigerant.

Oct 07, 2016

Available in 2.5 to 5-ton models, LX Series 14 SEER split systems are used in 3-phase, 230/460-volt light commercial applications. With CSA and UL safety certifications, heat pumps and air conditioners feature copper tubing for condenser coils and aluminum fins for maximum heat transfer. Extruded louvers in steel coil guards protect coils from damage and gives smooth edges. Exterior cabinet is... Read More


Champion lx Series 13 Seer Split System Air Conditioners Optimized for Northern U.S.

Oct 06, 2016

MILWAUKEE – Champion LX Series 13 SEER TF3 air conditioners from Johnson Controls are optimized for the northern regions of the United States in compliance with the U.S. Department of Energy’s regional efficiency standards. The units feature specially designed coils that employ copper tubing and aluminum fins to ensure effective airflow and refrigerant circulation for optimal heat transfer.... Read More


Addex's New Dual-Flow Air Ring extends ICETM technology by using a single cooling element.

Oct 05, 2016

Presented in a dual-flow configuration, Addex’s Air Ring delivers 10%-15% greater output and improved bubble stability by utilizing two locking points instead of one. Integrating Addex’s ICE cooling technology directly into the design, transforms Air Ring from a low-velocity to a high-velocity air stream system in the lower lip area. Operator friendly, system allows a wide range of processes,... Read More


Coleman® LX Series 13 SEER Split System Air Conditioners Ensure Effective Airflow and Refrigerant Circulation for Optimal Heat Transfer

Sep 29, 2016

MILWAUKEE – Coleman® LX Series 13 SEER TF3 split system air conditioners from Johnson Controls feature robust tube-in-fin evaporator coils that ensure effective airflow and refrigerant circulation for optimal heat transfer. Designed to handle demanding duty in northern climates, TF3 models are optimized for Canada and northern regions of the United States in compliance with the U.S.... Read More


Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners come in 3-phase models.

Sep 26, 2016

Part of York® LX Series, 14 SEER THE Split System Heat Pumps and TCD Air Conditioners support 3-phase, 230/460 V light-commercial applications. Available in 2.5–5 ton models, systems use R-410A refrigerant and employ condenser coils constructed from copper tubing and aluminum fins. Post-painted steel coil guards with extruded louvers eliminate sharp edges while protecting coils from... Read More


Packaged Heat Pumps, A/C Units minimize installation effort.

Sep 20, 2016

Champion® 10 ton XX packaged heat pumps and 3–5 ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units, offered as part of Direct Replacement rooftop solution, feature exact-fit replacement design that matches footprints of other manufacturers' units. Furthermore, installation time and complexity are reduced by eliminating need for curb adapter. Simplicity® Smart Equipment™, included, facilitates... Read More


Rooftop Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners facilitate unit replacement.

Sep 15, 2016

Coleman Peak rooftop replacement solutions offer 10-ton XX packaged heat pumps as well as 3- to 5-ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units. Exact-fit replacement design, which matches units to footprints of other manufacturers’ units, also reduces installation time/complexity by eliminating need for curb adapter Standard on all Peak gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump packaged... Read More


Rheem And Fujitsu General Limited Announce Strategic Collaboration

Sep 15, 2016

Companies will collaborate to expand their U.S.-focused HVAC ATLANTA - Fujitsu General Limited and Rheem today announced a strategic collaboration that will expand the heating and cooling product portfolios for both companies. Ducted central air conditioning systems account for approximately 90 percent of the U.S. residential HVAC market (source: AHRI). However, in recent years, the demand for... Read More


Heat Pumps and AC Systems offer exact-fit replacement design.

Sep 12, 2016

Available as 10-ton XX packaged heat pumps and 3–5 ton ZQ 14 SEER air conditioning units, Luxaire® Eclipse™ Rooftop Replacement Units match footprints of other manufacturers’ units and minimize installation time by eliminating need for curb adapter. Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ control system facilitates system setup, optimization, and monitoring. With optional Mobile Access Portal... Read More