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Dust Suppressant eliminates particulate matter emissions.

Mar 24, 2005

Available in powder form, Dust Stop successfully eliminates fugitive dust from unpaved roads, while being fully safe to use in and around areas of environmental concern. It is approved by US Bureau of Land Management. Read More

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Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle offers automotive styling.

Feb 03, 2005

Summit(TM) Utility Vehicle incorporates automotive style roof; safety glass windshield; head, tail, and stop lights; and suspension. It also features tubular steel front bumper, rear steel bumper; adjustable, fabric-covered individual seats with folding armrests; and steel rear deck. Designed for on- and off-road use, vehicle is available as Neighborhood Electric Vehicle model that is... Read More

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Fuel Cell Generator suits stationary applications.

Jan 21, 2005

Driven by proprietary AFC technology, E8 Portable Power Generator features electrical efficiency over 50% and incorporates two 1,200 W fuel cell stacks. Unit, powered by POWERSTACK MC250 fuel cell modules, has nominal rating of 2.4 kW and provides 48 Vdc power @ 50 A current. Product is suited for stationary applications such as UPS, backup applications for commercial and military users, and... Read More

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Heat and Power Module incorporates 300 kW generator.

Dec 30, 2004

Combined heat and power module produces electricity and hot water from one natural gas fuel source. Self-contained unit includes exhaust gas and coolant heat exchangers, QSK19G PowerCommand® controller, and remote monitoring system. It measures 15.1 x 6.5 x 7.9 ft and is offered in 50 and 60 Hz models. Former produces 315 kW electrical energy and 1.58 MBtu/hr thermal energy, and latter... Read More

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Power Generator is suited for use in forklifts.

Dec 14, 2004

Model E7 AFC Generator is built with two 900 W POWERSTACK MC250 alkaline fuel cell stacks, which give unit 1.8 kW nominal power rating with ability for max power output to reach 2.15 kW. Ability to overload generator by 20% provides power for peak loads during acceleration and hill climbing, and fuel cells keep voltage supply at constant level. Silent-running, emission-free generator replaces... Read More