Green & Clean

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Green & Clean

Membrane Systems extract clean hydrogen from reformed fuels.

Feb 01, 2006

Based on palladium alloy membranes, commercial hydrogen separators are able to tolerate and remove sulfur from reformed fuel streams. Separators are designed to be coupled with fuel reformers, including methanol, ethanol, natural gas, propane, ammonia, gasoline, and diesel fuels. Membranes also provide capability to separate hydrogen from alternative fuels such as land-fill gases, synthesis... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean

Fuel Cell Products offer off-grid alternative to batteries.

Jan 20, 2006

NABII power unit, N-Stor(TM) fuel canister, and FillPoint(TM) refill station offer digital interface for state-of-fill and other fuel management data. Suited for equipment used in off-grid power situations, products are hot-swap capable to ensure that power never goes down. Applications include field-ready laptops, emergency response radios, professional broadcast cameras, mobile responders, and... Read More

Green & Clean, Lubricants

Metalworking Lubricant suits aluminum sawing applications.

Jan 13, 2006

Recommended for all metals and all types of machining, environmentally safe Accu-Lube LB4600 is non-staining, has low odor, and burns off during post heat-treat processes. Base oil is made from 9 renewable vegetable sources, which act as carrier for lubricity package. Non-toxic, biodegradable products has mild, grape odor and is purple in color. Only 1-2 oz of lubricant is needed per nozzle for... Read More

Green & Clean

Recycling Lawnmower features 3-in-1 design.

Jan 03, 2006

Powered by 190cc Briggs and Stratton gas engine, 21 in. Super Recycler cuts grass clippings into tiny pieces that are returned to lawn, eliminating time spent on collection and disposal. It can be operated as straight recycler, with rear bag, or in side discharge mode. Available with recoil start or key-electric starting, unit features cast-aluminum deck, Personal Pace automatic drive system, and... Read More

Green & Clean, Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Mercury Monitoring System suits coal-fired power plants.

Jan 03, 2006

To satisfy PS-12A mercury CEMS performance standard required by Clean Air Mercury Rule, continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) employs Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) technology for measuring mercury. Product enables low detection limits and total vapor phase measurement while minimizing sample loss during transport. This eliminates need for external calibration gasses and optimizes... Read More

Green & Clean, Optics & Photonics

Solar Energy Cell produces 200 W of power.

Jan 03, 2006

Designed for commercial solar applications, 200 W solar module uses polycrystalline cells and is UL 1703-certified as well as California Energy Commission (CEC)-listed. Design facilitates installation process by reducing amount of racking and labor associated with solar array installation. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean

Generator Sets meet EPA Tier 2 emissions requirements.

Jan 02, 2006

Featuring 30, 50, and 60 L engines rated over 751 hp, diesel generator models include 750 kW DQFAA, 800 kW DQFAB, 900 kW DQFAC, 1,000 kW DQFAD, 1,250 kW DQGAA, 1,500 kW DQGAB, 1,750 kW DQKAA, and 2,000 kW DQKAB. Modular common-rail fuel injection system, integrated with electronic control module, enables engines to continually maintain optimum balance between load demands, fuel efficiency, and... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean

Fuel Cell Products provide backup power.

Dec 23, 2005

Working with hydrogen-fueled ElectraGen(TM) backup power systems, Extended Run Module converts liquid fuel into pure hydrogen to provide power in event of grid failure. System replaces multiple hydrogen cylinders, eliminating need for hydrogen storage when onsite storage is not feasible. Designed for autonomous operation, 250 W portable iGen(TM) proton exchange membrane with on-board fuel... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Green & Clean, Materials & Material Processing, Paints & Coatings

Treatment System eliminates rust from metal parts.

Dec 22, 2005

Clean, Preserve and Protect (CPP) Program restores metal parts and equipment to operational specification, preventing disposal and subsequent replacement costs. Designed for use where sandblasting is not applicable, 3-step treatment system utilizes chemistries to remove corrosion from metal parts, clean parts, and preserve restored parts. Program is available in various systems, including... Read More

Green & Clean, Packaging Products & Equipment

Packaging protects metal parts during overseas shipment.

Nov 04, 2005

Utilizing Green Technology with VpCI(TM), Cortec® Export Packaging protects multi-metal components during shipment/storage from corrosive attack, for up to 2 years. Environmentally friendly packaging, available in recyclable and degradable materials, meets import/export standards and provides tamper-proof solution with translucent characteristics that facilitate visual inspection. Various... Read More

Green & Clean, Mechanical Power Transmission

Wind Turbines come in 2.5 and 3 megawatt versions.

Oct 12, 2005

Featuring permanent magnet synchronous generator and modular converter with full power conversion, Wind Turbines are based on force flow optimized bedplate, which joins all nacelle components on common structure. Machines rated at 2.5 megawatt feature 100 m rotor diameters, while 3 megawatt units offer 90 and 94 m rotor diameters. Pitch regulation system with power/torque control and use of drive... Read More

Green & Clean, Mechanical Power Transmission

Wind Turbine is designed for low-wind areas.

Oct 11, 2005

Rated at 1.5 megawatt, 1.5xle model features LM 40 rotor blade with 82.5 m rotor diameter that is suited for class III or weaker wind applications. Extreme cold-weather package provides for nominal operation at temperatures as low as -30°C and in survival mode without operation at temperatures as low as -40°C. Available tower heights are 58.7, 80, and 100 m, and tallest version is also... Read More

Green & Clean, Materials & Material Processing

Tire Marking Ink offers solvent-free formulation.

Sep 29, 2005

Formulated without hazardous air pollutant solvents, M-400 HF bright, white ink maintains high contrast after curing. Environmentally friendly ink, suitable for use by tire manufacturers to mark treads with production and batch control information, has non-offsetting property that minimizes mold maintenance. Read More

Green & Clean

Washwater Recycle System offers closed loop solution.

Apr 27, 2005

Suited for rental facilities without access to sanitary sewer, WLP series Wash-Water Recycle System features 304 stainless steel 3-chamber tank with oil coalescing grids, sloped bottom for handling solids, and ¾ hp sump pump. Entire system is mounted on no-rust poly skids and provides max flow of up to 40 gpm. Other features include ORP/pH controller, NEMA 4 rated control panel, and corona... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Green & Clean, HVAC

Dust Suppressant eliminates particulate matter emissions.

Mar 24, 2005

Available in powder form, Dust Stop successfully eliminates fugitive dust from unpaved roads, while being fully safe to use in and around areas of environmental concern. It is approved by US Bureau of Land Management. Read More

Green & Clean, Transportation Industry Products

Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle offers automotive styling.

Feb 03, 2005

Summit(TM) Utility Vehicle incorporates automotive style roof; safety glass windshield; head, tail, and stop lights; and suspension. It also features tubular steel front bumper, rear steel bumper; adjustable, fabric-covered individual seats with folding armrests; and steel rear deck. Designed for on- and off-road use, vehicle is available as Neighborhood Electric Vehicle model that is... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean

Fuel Cell Generator suits stationary applications.

Jan 21, 2005

Driven by proprietary AFC technology, E8 Portable Power Generator features electrical efficiency over 50% and incorporates two 1,200 W fuel cell stacks. Unit, powered by POWERSTACK MC250 fuel cell modules, has nominal rating of 2.4 kW and provides 48 Vdc power @ 50 A current. Product is suited for stationary applications such as UPS, backup applications for commercial and military users, and... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean

Heat and Power Module incorporates 300 kW generator.

Dec 30, 2004

Combined heat and power module produces electricity and hot water from one natural gas fuel source. Self-contained unit includes exhaust gas and coolant heat exchangers, QSK19G PowerCommand® controller, and remote monitoring system. It measures 15.1 x 6.5 x 7.9 ft and is offered in 50 and 60 Hz models. Former produces 315 kW electrical energy and 1.58 MBtu/hr thermal energy, and latter... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean

Power Generator is suited for use in forklifts.

Dec 14, 2004

Model E7 AFC Generator is built with two 900 W POWERSTACK MC250 alkaline fuel cell stacks, which give unit 1.8 kW nominal power rating with ability for max power output to reach 2.15 kW. Ability to overload generator by 20% provides power for peak loads during acceleration and hill climbing, and fuel cells keep voltage supply at constant level. Silent-running, emission-free generator replaces... Read More