Swift Fuels' Unleaded Avgas Continues to Build Momentum - UL94 is Now Offered in Illinois at Rochelle Municipal Airport-Koritz Field

Rochelle (KRPJ) is the first airport in Illinois to further the nationwide transition to unleaded aviation gasoline ROCHELLE, Ill., April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rochelle Municipal Airport-Koritz Field announced that it has finalized details with Swift Fuels, LLC, a global leader in the development of high-performance unleaded aviation gasoline, and has begun selling Swift’s unleaded...

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High Octane Leaded Fuels suit off-road and racing uses.

Available in 111, 114, and 118 motor octane ratings, Champion Race Fuels are designed for all segments of amateur and professional motorsports. Fuels are 100% petroleum-derived and are designed to burn cool and clean. Supplied in 5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums, fuels prevent vapor lock, deliver optimized throttle response, and prevent pre-detonation or knock. Corrosion inhibitors and...

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Shell Launches New Fuel: No Other Gasoline Protects Better

NEW SHELL NITROGEN ENRICHED GASOLINES ADDRESS CHANGES IN CAR ENGINE TECHNOLOGIES AND CONSUMER NEEDS HOUSTON, -- Shell, the no. 1 selling brand of gasoline in the U.S., is launching its NEW Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines today to address the increasing need for engine protection. With advanced engine technologies coming to the market and with consumers holding on to their existing vehicles...

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DuPont Leader: Renewables at the Heart of Clean Technology Market Opportunity

DuPont to Generate $1 Billion in Revenues, $250 Million in Earnings from Bio-Based Offerings NEW YORK, -- DuPont (NYSE: DD) is uniquely positioned to deliver clean technology opportunities, including both advanced biomaterials and biofuels, DuPont Applied BioSciences President Craig F. Binetti told attendees at the Jeffries 11th Annual Clean Technology Conference. We are meeting the growing...

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Shell V-Power Partners with Top Tuner to Create Power-Packed Truck

Ireson Creation to Debut at Hot Import Nights Shell Oil Products US, marketer of the no. 1 selling gasoline brand in the U.S., has teamed up with top import tuner Paul Ireson to complete his latest project, a customized Mini Truck. Set to debut at the Los Angeles Hot Import Nights event on August 19, the truck will feature a power-to-weight ratio comparable to a Formula One car, weighing a mere...

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BP and DuPont Announce Partnership to Develop Advanced Biofuels

DuPont bio-based science and BP fuels technology expertise will bring next generation biofuels to market BP and DuPont today announce the creation of a partnership to develop, produce and market a next generation of biofuels to help meet increasing global demand for renewable transport fuels. BP and DuPont have been working together since 2003 to develop advanced biofuels with properties that can...

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