Food Processing & Preparation

Food Processing & Preparation, Safety & Security Equipment

Fire Suppression Hood is suited for use in restaurants.

Feb 18, 2004

Self-contained Amerex® Zone Defense(TM) restaurant fire suppression system incorporates discharge nozzles equally spaced over entire length of Greenheck kitchen hood. Pneumatic Linear Detection device, located behind filters, runs entire length of hood and activates automatically at pre-determined temperature. Features include overlapping spray of wet chemical agent and 34 in. deep x length of... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Separator reduces product loss in milk production.

Nov 24, 2003

Separator with HyVol Protein-Plus System prevents milk from being lost in production process. It enables separator to be discharged at 2 hr intervals, maximizing product retention. Protein loss is minimized, as is water consumption, utility usage, and wear on machine. Optional on proprietary separators, it can also be retrofitted to existing machines. Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Homogenizer is adaptable to processing requirement.

Nov 19, 2003

DeBEE® 2000 Pilot Plant Homogenizer delivers infinitely adjustable, constant pressures up to 45,000 psi at flow rates to 1 l/min. Size reductions to nanometers can be achieved in one pass and, with dual feed, dry powders, viscous, and hot materials can be processed. Modular Homogenizing Cell is readily configured in the field for applications such as emulsions, dispersions, suspensions,... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Optics & Photonics

Beam Homogenizer heightens UV laser efficiency.

Aug 12, 2003

Fly's Eye Beam Homogenizer converts non-uniform beam of UV Excimer laser into homogeneous beam with 95% uniformity. Utilizing more than 80% of laser power, single element array adapts to most excimer lasers and offers working distances of 1-2 m with beam sizes of 8 mm to 1.5 cm. Product enables maximum amount of available laser power to be used, resulting in uniform, large area beam that can be... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Packaging Products & Equipment

PVC Pear Trays protect fruit during transport.

Jul 22, 2003

Panta-Pak® trays feature individual thermoformed cups, which cradle each pear and prevent it from spinning or jostling during transport. Fruit is buoyed in tray, off bottom of box, for minimal box contact. Offered in 5 cavity counts, product measures 14 3/4 x 22 11/16 in. Able to accommodate overlapping fruit sizes, tray dimensions enable layering either in twos or threes, depending on outer... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Food Processing & Preparation

Faucets are for high-end residential kitchens.

Jun 13, 2003

Residential line of faucets for sink, entertainment, and cooking preparation areas include spout styles with high arcs, sleek, double-jointed spouts, and wristblade and lever handle options. Faucets come in polished brass, polished chrome, and brushed nickel finishes. ForeverShine(TM), applied over chrome finish, provides limited lifetime warranty. Accessories include sink strainers, disposal... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Drain and Trap Cleaner is non-toxic.

Feb 18, 2003

MICROCAT®-DNT Drain and Trap Cleaner, suited for institutional drain and trap cleaning, consists of adapted microorganisms that liquefy fat, oil, and grease to prevent blockages. It also contains enzymes and biodegradable surfactants to keep drains and traps free flowing. MICROCAT-DNT-TH has additional microorganisms that reduce sulfur-containing gases, while MICROCAT-DNT-HT contains... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Tumbling Machines use light to decontaminate food.

Feb 06, 2003

UVC Tumbling Machines incorporate rotating drum or screw conveyor that gently lifts and tumbles product to ensure exposure of all surfaces to germicidal UVC energy. Shatter-resistant, plastic-sheathed UVC Emitters(TM) prevent chance of glass contamination from tube breakage. Lights kill or inactivate mold, yeast, viruses, and bacteria. They produce no ozone or residues, and will not chemically... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Food Processing & Preparation, Material Handling & Storage

Swing Check Valve handles food-grade material.

Jan 30, 2003

Model 3030 SQ 3 in. valve, for flow reversal prevention in dry-bulk transfer carriers, protects food-grade and sensitive contents at temperatures up to 350°F. Valves provide low-resistance and full-flow performance with cast-aluminum construction that includes elastomer, permanently bonded to metal flapper. Sealed, compartmentalized cartridge contains all functioning components and allows... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Impeller prevents entrapment of process media.

Dec 19, 2002

Smoothline upper impeller, for turbine agitators, has FDA-approved Teflon® gaskets between every joint. Polished surface finishes are available to roughness values as fine as 4-7 µin. RA. Compatible with single-piece shafts, applications include food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries where cleanliness/sterilization between batches is required. Company's HE-3, P-4, S-4, and Maxflo W... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Bulk Bag Filler is USDA accepted.

Dec 13, 2002

Twin-centerpost(TM) unit provides product contact surfaces that are constructed and finished in compliance with 3-A standards. Available with primary bag filling components and material delivery system, filler is constructed of 304 stainless steel. It is equipped with manual fill-head height adjustment, pneumatically retractable bag hooks, inflatable cuff, and feed-chute outlet port. Unit is... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Food Processing & Preparation

Filter Bags provide absolute filtration.

Dec 11, 2002

Made from 100% pure polypropylene materials, LOFCLEAR(TM) bags are compliant with food requirements and contain no leachables or lubricants. Effective in removal of gelatinous materials, bags also absorb oil. Series 100 bags incorporate multi-layer design with efficiencies greater than 99% and dirt capacities up to ½ lb. Series 500 bags utilize all welded, multi-pleated construction, with 4... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Food Texture Analyzer accepts wide range of probes.

Oct 25, 2002

CHATILLON TAPlus accommodates large samples and provides routine and sophisticated texture analysis. With capacity to 220 lbf, unit accepts interchangeable XLC Series load cells. Measurements are accurate to ±0.5% of reading and speeds are accurate to <0.2%. Standard system includes base machine, drip tray, food-testing base, and ½ in. probe. NEXYGEN MT data analysis control software... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Homogenizer produces nanoparticles from multiple streams.

Oct 04, 2002

DeBEE® Ultra High-Pressure Homogenizer, with fully modular, Next Generation(TM) Homogenizing Cell, has dual-jet system. Using fluid-against-fluid technique, dual-jet system has 2 high pressure fluid inlets and option to introduce third material into high-intensity stream. Using intensifiers which provide continuous smooth flow up to 45,000 psi, uniform nanoparticles with narrow D90 can be... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Peeler utilizes dry peel operating principles.

Aug 05, 2002

U-Bed High Speed Peeler offers roll speeds up to 1000 rpm. Peel is flushed out of rotation brushes by centrifugal force, reducing need to use water. Two-way cover lifts with pneumatics and opens from either side for cleaning access. U-Bed processes all root crops including carrots, dry scrubbing potatoes after steam peeling, and potato chips for fresh product peeling. Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Food Processing & Preparation, Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Dairy Separators have hydrohermetic seal.

Jul 31, 2002

HyVOL separators and clarifiers offer sealing technology that is 100% wear free and requires no water for operation. Hydrohermetic seal uses milk itself as seal and never needs maintenance. Units feature high-capacity designs, USDA accepted solids discharge, and low energy requirements. Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Material Handling & Storage

Thermoplastic Tanks are impact and corrosion resistant.

Mar 28, 2002

Rotomolded tanks are available in sizes from 3 to 16,000 gal, in flat-bottom, cone-bottom, and capsule-shaped versions. Seamless tanks minimize possibility of particulate entrapment or bacterial growth due to cracks or crevices. Standard tank material is FDA-approved, linear, high-density polyethylene. Material is UV-stabilized, premium-grade, virgin resin. Terrapure-F® tanks are fluorinated... Read More