Food Processing & Preparation

Food Processing & Preparation

Ground Meat System offers high speed operation.

Jun 06, 2006

Model RS915 Ground Meat System includes RS71 in-line grinder, RS503 vacuum stuffer, and RS915 portioner to produce up to 128 one lb portions/min. It can be adjusted for accurate portion control ranging from .2 oz to 66 lb with maximum filling capacity of 24,000 lb/hr. Depending on user requirements, several knife and plate combinations are available for different types of ground meat products and... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Homogenizer features modular homogenizing cell technology.

May 04, 2006

Suited for laboratory applications, high pressure Nano DeBEE electric-hydraulic benchtop homogenizer produces scaleable results for variety of applications and materials in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, cosmetic, and food industries. Model 30 operates from 2,000-30,000 psi, while Model 45 operates from 2,000-45,000 psi. Plugging into electric wall outlet, both portable units produce exact... Read More

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Food Processor combines pump and grinding operations.

May 02, 2006

Available in carbon or stainless steel, Chopper Hopper(TM) reduces whole produce such as papayas, pineapples, pumpkins, corn, or any other fruits or vegetables into puree or mash. System provides angled cutters for tearing/grabbing action and additional cutters in extension tube for further solids reduction. Optional feed into colloid mill is available for homogenizing. Up to 3 stages of solids... Read More

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Microwave Tray cooks small food portions with care.

Feb 09, 2006

Able to cook individual serving sizes and facilitate food preparation, 14 oz Microrite® tray is made of aluminum and polyester laminated to paperboard base. Product employs deep, molded design that cooks small portions in microwave evenly, leaving food moist and tender. Food contained within cooks evenly and thoroughly across tray surface without becoming dry or hard to chew. Read More

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Encoater sprays any pumpable slurry.

Feb 07, 2006

Featuring 304 stainless steel construction, Clog-Free Spray Station offers PLC-based, NEMA 4 fiberglass control console, centrifugal pump, washdown motor, and regenerative blower with by-pass adjustment. Station sprays particulates up to 1/8 in. with 80 psig at rate of 1.2 scfm/nozzle. Options include heated spray manifold, water flush spray stations, nozzle sizes of 1/16 to 7/32 in., and mist... Read More

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Electromagnetic Shakers provide precise metering.

Jan 11, 2006

Intended for tight fitting processing and packaging distribution lines, stainless steel Impulse(TM) Compact Shakers feature solid-state controls that allow conveying pan amplitudes from 0-100%. Sizes range from 8-15.7 in. wide and from 5-6.5 ft long. All units are dust and moisture resistant with controls housed in NEMA 4X rated enclosure. With oil-free electromagnetic drives, shakers help ensure... Read More

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Fluid Bed Processor offers several operational capabilities.

Nov 08, 2005

Circular, vibratory fluid bed dryers, coolers, and moisturizers are offered with Air-Lift device that facilitates disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of fluid bed processing chamber. Available on fluid bed processors in diameters from 18-84 in., self-contained system is comprised of circular fluid bed processor, heating/cooling/moisturizing unit, blower, and cyclone separator on one skid.... Read More

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Water Purifier features carbon and air filters.

Jul 19, 2005

With 40 gal tank and variable pressure delivery pump, SP-1000C delivers 1,000 gal/day of pH balanced drinking water. Self-cleaning backwash carbon filter holds 40 lb of carbon and removes chlorine, sediment, bad tastes, and odor. Air vent filter and safety overflow prevent airborne contamination, and single RO membrane can be replaced without removing housing. Unit requires 26 x 22 in. of space,... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Steam Pasteurizer processes delicate items.

Apr 22, 2005

Suited for degradable or delicate items, Pure Steam Pasteurizer processes pasta, potato products, seafood, fruits, and vegetables without damaging surfaces. Thermal process to outer surface provides food safety without affecting sensory qualities of food. Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Pasteurizer processes food and drinks.

Apr 22, 2005

Waterfall Pasteurizer is suitable for processing soups, sauces, prepackaged foods, raw vegetables, and seafood. When coupled with Waterfall Hydro-Chiller, system will pasteurize product then immediately chill it to acceptable temperature, retaining color, texture, and taste. Read More

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Disc-Style Coffee Grinders provide grind uniformity

Apr 20, 2005

Utilizing Platinum Series Burrs(TM), Series GPX Grinders produce batch sizes as small as 1 lb, and are designed to grind 350-600 lb/hour. Dial allows selection of any desired coffee grind, with end result being ability to achieve full range of grinds for variety of coffee production applications. Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Homogenizer is suited for food and dairy processing.

Apr 19, 2005

Used for feasibility testing and process development, NS2002H Twin Panda tabletop laboratory/pilot plant homogenizer has internal design that handles feeds at viscosities up to 20,000 cP and temperatures up to 90°C without feeding pump. Gravity-fed unit, equipped with analog pressure gauge from 0-600 bar, homogenizes samples at pressures up to 8,700 psi. Design also incorporates stainless... Read More

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Stainless Steel Cylinder is available in 8 bore sizes.

Oct 13, 2004

With round, smooth bodied design, Repairable Stainless Steel Cylinder (RS Series) suits washdown environments and other applications that require all stainless steel design. Product, available in 1½, 2, 2½, 3¼, 4, 5, 6, and 8 in. bore sizes, meets USDA and 3-A sanitary specifications and is suited for use in food industry. It can also be accepted for use in dairy plants approved for USDA... Read More

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Teflon®-Coated Ejectors help prevent clogging.

Sep 09, 2004

Used throughout edible oil industry for refining and processing vegetable oils and flavorings, CR Ejectors operate without moving parts and seldom require maintenance. Teflon applied to nozzle holders stops degradation caused by soybean oil collecting at ejector nozzles. Read More

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Processing System emulsifies, blends, and homogenizes.

Apr 06, 2004

Master Plant(TM) consists of complete processing system for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, including vessel, piping, valves, controls, and 2 mixers. Integral spiral agitator and high-shear mixing unit, capable of handling viscosities from 1-100,000+ cps, combine to provide complete mixing, homogenization or dispersion, product transfer, and system cleaning. Available with capacities... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Kitchen Utensils produce edible signs.

Feb 19, 2004

Kitchenware utensils, consisting of 2 hand-held tools called Roller and Stamper, stamp and roll out edible signs by hand in any language, including Braille. They produce food art and messages in pizza pies, calzones, melons, brownies, breads, ice creams, eggplants, potatoes, cheeses, and cucumbers, among others. Read More