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Portion Classifiers handle poultry products.

May 28, 2009

Designed for in-motion sizing and distribution of poultry items, 9 in. AccuSizer(TM) Portion Classifiers handle breast filets, wings, drums, thighs, whole legs, and other smaller food portions weighing less than 2 lb and shorter than 10 in. Units incorporate tubeless frame, IP69K-rated touchscreen interface with graphical displays, and quick-release hopper and chute designs. Operators can size up... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Material Handling & Storage

Freezer provides portion control of frozen ingredients.

May 19, 2009

Designed to produce formed-shapes of sauces, purees, soups, and other liquid food products, CRYOLINE® PE Freezer works by filling cavities in conveyor pre-cooled by liquid nitrogen. Extremely low temperature of conveyor belt rapidly freezes liquid into shape of cavity, stabilizing product before it is released. Suited for food processors, freezer eliminates need for extra bags in ready-to-eat... Read More

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Flume Wash is designed for fresh-cut produce.

Apr 20, 2009

Suited for small to medium-large processors producing variety of products such as shredded, chopped, and whole leaf lettuce, cabbage, and baby spinach, Flume Wash gently removes heavy debris, silt, grubs, and floating contaminates. It handles up to 3,000 kg of leafy product or 7,000 kg of fruits or vegetables/hr. Featuring self-cleaning parabolic filter, heavy-duty pump motor, Iso-Flo®... Read More

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Data Logger monitors cooking and cool-down of meat products.

Apr 08, 2009

Featuring rugged flexible piercing probe, RFOT wireless data logger records temperature and transmits it to computer for real-time monitoring of cooking and cool-down of meat products. Probe temperature range is -50 to +200°C and operating range is -30 to +100°C. Device is splashproof (IP67) and withstands wash down cycles. Software includes cooling flags function that automatically... Read More

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Packets and Dispenser help keep food fresher longer.

Feb 09, 2009

FreshPax® System combines FreshPaxoxygen scavenger packets in spooled form with high-speed dispensing equipment to offer food manufacturers sorbent solution that extends shelf life of food products. Composed of food-grade materials, oxygen scavenging packets reduce oxygen levels inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01% to protect packaged foods against spoilage, rancidity, and mold growth... Read More

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Bulk Pasteurization Systems utilize RF heating technology.

Jan 06, 2009

Available in conveyorized or batch configurations, Macrowave(TM) Pasteurization System uses high-frequency electric field to effectively control pathogens. Material to be treated is conveyed through high-frequency electrode array, where alternating electrical energy causes material to heat rapidly and uniformly throughout product thickness. Systems operate at 40 MHz and deliver instant-on,... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Machinery & Machining Tools, Material Handling & Storage, Materials & Material Processing

Size Reduction Machine is designed for food applications.

Dec 31, 2008

Chunk and Bit Gran-U-Lizer(TM) is designed with roll corrugations that reduce granola, cookies, biscuits, and other dry products - in one pass and with minimal production of fines (dust) - to ideal size for inclusion in ice cream, yogurt, and other mix products. Designed for high-change-over operations, roller-style solution can be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled in less than 10 min.... Read More

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Compostable Bakeware helps bakeries go green.

Dec 17, 2008

Made from renewable starch materials, Renew-a-Pak(TM) biodegradable trays and pans enable producers to bake, ship, and serve in environmentally responsible manner without changing existing recipes or daily operations. Products meet bakery performance requirements, including being dual ovenable, fully microwavable, and able to maintain structural rigidity in freezing temperatures as well as those... Read More

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Kit is suitable for filterable and non-filterable products.

Dec 05, 2008

Using non-destructive process, RapiScreen(TM) Beverage screening kit extends Celsis Innovate platform to screen Ultra Heat Treated and Extended Shelf Life beverage products for contamination. With no filtering necessary, it provides rapid microbial screening for dairy products as well as non-dairy products including clear to pulpy juices, fruit or broth-based items. Kit is effective on low pH... Read More

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XLERATOR® Hand Dryers Now Available with Customized Covers

Nov 24, 2008

East Longmeadow, Mass. - Excel Dryer, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of American-made hand dryers, now offers exclusive digital imaging technology that allows buyers to design their own high speed XLERATOR® hand dryers with company logos, team mascots, school colors, or any other high resolution image. Excel Dryer's imaging technology allows the dryers to be branded with a fully... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Machinery & Machining Tools, Material Handling & Storage, Test & Measuring Instruments

Receiving/Inspection Platform meets needs of wineries.

Nov 24, 2008

Constructed of stainless steel, Grape Receiving and Inspection Platform (GRIP) receives entire contents of fruit bin and meters out even flow of grape clusters for inspection without bridging or plugging. Able to handle up to 10 tons of product/hr with adjustable speed control, hopper and vibratory shaker solution presents uniform layer of product to facilitate spotting and removing undesirable... Read More

Food Processing & Preparation

Homogenizers can be made to suit any application.

Sep 24, 2008

Custom-made to user-supplied specifications, homogenizers come standard with stainless steel heads, stainless steel product contact parts, and stainless steel cladding. Other available features include poppet or ball style valves, single- or double-stage homogenizing valve, replaceable seats, and product pressure gauges. Available sizes range from small lab type units to those with 5,000 gph... Read More

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Shear Pumps can be cleaned and sanitized in place.

Sep 23, 2008

Targeting food and beverage industry, ShearFX Series features 4 different models ranging from 10-75 hp with capacities up to 250 gpm. Multiple tooling styles are available, allowing balance between shear energy and pumping efficiency. Design of pump and tooling offer ease of installation and maintenance while meeting stringent hygienic standards for being CIP-able and SIP-able. Various other... Read More