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Spray Foam Insulation offers R-value of R7 per inch.

Suitable for commercial and residential construction, Icynene ProSeal™ allows for high initial pass of 3 in., achieving R21 as well as Class II Vapor Retarder in one pass. Closed-cell, medium density insulation features all-season formulation suitable for cold weather applications as low as 23-°F. Product is approved for use in Type I-V construction and has passed ICC-ES AC377 for use in...

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Icynene Showcases Open-Cell Spray Foam Innovation in NextGen Home at 2014 International Builders Show

Mississauga, ON – Spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene is set to continue its collaboration with NextGen Home this year, as it showcases its open-cell spray foam insulation product, Icynene Classic™, at the upcoming 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Icynene's collaboration with the 2014 NextGen Home follows the spray foam manufacturer's involvement with NextGen...

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Foam Formulations with Transcend-® PUR Blends Offer Excellent Overall Performance as an Alternative to HCFC-22

Philadelphia, PA, April 5, 2007 - As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has formally announced that the use of HCFC-22 will be phased out across North America in pour foam applications on March 1, 2008 (this does not include marine foam applications), a major issue for remaining HCFC-22 users is which alternative to choose. Tests conducted by Arkema technologists have shown that...

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Foam Padding for vehicle seats promotes riding comfort.

VibraTech(TM) Foam offers vibration-dampening properties for vehicle seating. Durable foam pads enable manufacture of thinner-profile seating and may be used in all front and rear vehicle seats to provide support for both drivers and passengers. Properties can be tailored for each vehicle program via adjustments to foam's formulation.

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