Drain Valves

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Drain Valves come in injection molded plastic construction.

Dec 13, 2017

Drain Valves are available in seven models and are suitable for tunnel, batch and coin-op washers. Units feature integrated AC motors and motor protectors. Products offer variety of configurations such as inlet and outlet port sizes, motor voltage and cycles and housing color.

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Check Valve offers floor drain back-up water flooding protection.

Nov 16, 2015

Offered in 2 and 3 in. dia sizes, SureSeal® Plus consists of waterless in-floor drain trap seal with additional check valve to protect against property-damaging water back-ups. EPDM water-blocking check valve flapper and housing withstand up to 5 ft of head pressure. Besides flood prevention, unit uses waterless trap seal technology to block toxic sewer gas and insects from infiltrating... Read More

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Oil Drain Valves from J.W. Winco Offer Safety, Cleanliness

Aug 15, 2013

NEW BERLIN, WI -- J.W. Winco, Inc., a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it now offers innovative oil drain valves, breathers, and accessories with metric or BSPP parallel threads.  These RoHS-compliant components provide for a no-mess oil system and safe container ventilation. GN 880 Oil Drain Valves are available in zinc-plated steel or brass, with a plastic... Read More

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Reaction Flask Valves always drain completely.

May 10, 2010

Designed for larger reaction flasks from bench scale to pilot plant scale, Zero Dead Space (ZDS(TM)) valve is available as standalone unit ready to be sealed to any vessel or already sealed to ACE reaction flask. Open position allows complete product drainage, and there is no hang-up where material can be trapped/suspended. When closed, valve stem seals flush to bottom of flask. All wetted parts... Read More

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Drain Valve removes condensation.

Jul 16, 2009

Featuring indicator lights to show purge cycles and alarm function to alert in case of malfunction, CRDV/S condensation removal drain valve expels condensate from air system upon presence of moisture, eliminating unnecessary compressor cycling, reducing wear and tear on components. It can be used with any compressor, air dryer, or drop leg. Temperature fluxuation circuit helps trigger large... Read More

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Spartan Scientific's Modular CRDV Removes Condensation from Pneumatic Systems

Jun 04, 2008

The Spartan Scientific Model CRDV (Condensation Removal Drain Valve) helps to efficiently remove condensation from any point along your air system. The modular CRDV with its separate yet 100% interchangeable components provides customization and serviceability and offers a wide variety of timing and flow capacities to solve most condensation removal problems. The CSA approved all solid state CRT... Read More

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Donaldson Condensate Drain Valve Eliminates Moisture without Pressure Loss

Mar 12, 2008

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - March 3, 2008 - Donaldson Company (NYSE:DCI), a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, manufactures one of the industry's best-performing condensate drain valves, the Ultramat (UFM-T) zero air-loss condensate drain valve. With a compact design allowing for installation in restricted space applications, the Ultramat's functionality differs from other... Read More

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Free-Float Operated Valves drain liquid and vent air.

Apr 03, 2007

While Drainer NLD Series removes liquids from pressurized air or gas systems, Venter NAV Series removes air and other gases from pressurized liquid systems. Both provide automatic, positive shutoff and proper seating under all operating conditions and instantly adjust to variations in flow and pressure. Offered in ½ x ½ in. and ¾ x ½ in. sizes with NPT connections, corrosion- and... Read More

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Pneumatic Drain Valve features media compatible materials.

Mar 20, 2007

Model CRDV/S combines electronic sensor with solid-state integrated logic analysis circuit to determine exact amount of time necessary to empty condensate from pneumatic system. Unit allows only necessary amount of compressed air needed to purge excess fluid, minimizing compressor cycling and wear and tear on components. Housed in environment-resistant package, valve includes indicator lights for... Read More

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Drain Valve Assemblies suit compressed air systems.

Mar 07, 2007

Available in air-operated and solenoid-operated versions, Condensate Drain Valve Assemblies remove water that develops in receiver tanks, dryers, separators, and pre-filters of compressed air systems from changes in air temperature during compression cycle. Air-operated units incorporate straight-through design for non-clog operation, while solenoid-operated models withstand high-temperature,... Read More

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Automatic Drain Valve features adjustable timer.

Nov 27, 2006

Mountable in any position, W.E. Anderson Series DV eliminates need to manually drain water and harmful sediments from compressed air system. Valve is brass for corrosion resistance, and full port design promotes maximum, unobstructed flow with no clogging. Heavy-duty motor enables operation under adverse conditions while adjustable timer helps meet specific application requirements. Test button... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Material Handling & Storage

Drain Valve removes condensate from air systems.

Jul 26, 2006

EDV-2006 Terminator(TM) Solenoid Drain Valve features adjustable open and cycle times, integrated Y strainer, and test function for maintaining performance. Valve drains compressed air equipment such as filters, dryers, drop legs, receiver tanks, separators, and aftercoolers. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, valve has NEMA 4 rating with Lexan enclosure. Read More

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Check Valve prevents basement flooding.

Feb 08, 2005

Available for 2, 3, and 4 in. floor drains, Flood-Guard® operates like check valve to seal off water back-up caused by overloaded sewers. Water flows normally through drain until sewer begins to back up; then Flood-Guard® float rises to seal off drain opening until water recedes. Unit requires only screwdriver for installation, and once in place, can prevent property damage. Flood-Guard® is... Read More

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Drain Valve suits cooking equipment applications.

Dec 22, 2003

Two-way, normally opened solenoid valve is compatible with hot water, steam, and de-scaling solutions. It withstands media temperatures to 220°F and ambient temperatures to 140°F, is available in standard AC voltages, and has flow rate of 4.5 Cv. With opening and closing response times of 1-2 sec and life expectancy of 300,000 continuous cycles, product is suited for us in food industry... Read More

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Automated Drain keeps compressor tanks dry.

Aug 01, 2003

Model RF-2011 Automatic Drain empties accumulated water in compressor tank, eliminating possibility of carryover of water into compressed air lines. It features electrically operated solenoid valve with adjustable drain time control. Positive shut-off, ¼ in. valve won't clog or leak, adapts to existing drain piping, and connects to 110 V power supply with cord and plug. Solid-state, adjustable... Read More