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Automatic Surge Dampener removes pressure fluctuation in pumps.

Aug 10, 2011

Providing supplementary pumping action to remove pressure variations on discharge side of AODD pump, SD Series Equalizer® is suited for paint and coating operations where there are changes in pumping pressure and flow rate. Unit minimizes pipe strain and water hammer and protects in-line equipment. Available in multiple sizes from ½-3 in., SD Equalizer comes in ductile iron, 316 SS, aluminum,... Read More

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Mid-West Instrument has CRN 12564.5C for all Canadian Provinces

Nov 03, 2009

Where ever a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) is required for equipment produced in Canada or shipped into Canada, Mid-West Instrument has products to meet this requirement. A wide variety of models and materials are covered by a CRN for all of Canada. Contact our inside Sales Coordinators to assist you in selecting the most cost effective model and material for your specific CRN requirements.... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Inlet Stabilizer enhances inlet flow to pumps.

Mar 19, 2004

Designed for inlet side of all pumps, J Model inlet stabilizer ensures adequate flow into the pump and extends service life of all inlet system components. Control unit enables positive pressure charge or vacuum to be set in stabilizer. This compensates for any pump inlet system, whether pump is operating under suction lift or positive inlet conditions. Read More