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Automated Filter Tester lessens downtime, increases productivity.

Oct 17, 2016

With ULPA testing up to 99.9999% efficiency and consistent test results, 8130A is suited for QC testing of particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and diverse filter media. Features include customizable, automated testing sequences; salt and oil measurement capability that ensures compliance with multiple standards; and user-serviceable photometers. Operation supports... Read More

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User-Serviceable Photometers optimize filter testers.

Apr 15, 2016

Designed to retrofit to Model 8127 and 8130 filter testers, Model 8177 User-Serviceable Photometers feature solid-state laser diodes and fast response and purge times. Upstream and downstream photometers can be cleaned by trained technician on site in less than 1 hour, minimizing downtime. Capable of measuring filtration efficiencies up to 99.999%, automated filter testers are 42 CFR 84, EN 143,... Read More

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New Protocols Improve Consistency in Materials Testing for Portable Electronics

May 10, 2012

Elkton, Maryland - W. L. Gore & Associates has developed new testing protocols that improve reliability of acoustic vents used for water and particulate protection in portable electronic devices. These new protocols more effectively match the environmental conditions to which the venting materials are exposed, which results in consistent testing results. The current testing outlined in the... Read More

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Tester offers non-destructive filter cartridge testing.

Jun 19, 2007

Providing through-pore analysis of filter cartridges with various geometries, Automated Filter Cartridge Tester measures bubble point, pore size distribution, mean pore size, and filter integrity, as well as gas, liquid, and Frazier permeability. Sample chamber design permits testing of cartridges ranging from several inches to several feet. Applications include automotive, pharmaceutical,... Read More

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On-Line Measuring Cabinet is suited for filter cartridges.

May 28, 2004

Designed for on-line continuous measurement of filter cartridge efficiency, particle counting cabinet is based on testing method that allows efficiency and retention capacity of filter to be assessed continuously. Dual flowmeters record actual flows through each sensor, while computer records and processes all data and displays number of particles before and after filter. Computer also displays... Read More