Surface Treatment Equipment

Pre-Treatment Conveyor Flamer

EAST DORSET, VT – Engineered Printing Solutions offers a pre-treatment conveyor flamer that can be added to a standard single pass inkjet platform or purchased as a standalone system. Many substrates, including plastics require pre-treatment to provide a better bonding surface for ink adhesion. This unit has the following features: • Automatic product detection – this unit charts the...

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Heat Treatment Equipment

Gas Flamer pre- and post-treats pad printed plastics.

Gas flaming device features Piezo electric starter that eliminates need for pilot light, while UV flame sensor lets users know if flame is off and shuts valve to eliminate danger of gas flow without ignition. Operator can vary speed of flamer head, adjust gas/oxygen mixture, and raise/lower support table for optimal surface treatment. Unit is suited for use in pad printers, coatings, ink, and...

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