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Service facilitates payment card industry compliance.

Online Compliance Program(TM) enables banks and merchants to monitor compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Program offers acquiring banks customizable options such as ability to filter merchants based on defined criteria and facility to customize reports by exporting them to Microsoft Excel. Solution provides merchants and payment service providers access to tools to...

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Service provides remote check capture capabilities.

Remote check capture service enables corporate customers to scan and truncate checks they receive from payors and electronically transmit images to Mellon GCM, where they are processed through wholesale lockbox or directly through deposit operations. Utilizing Image and Transaction Management System (ITMS) as its check image capture and routing software, service helps decrease transportation...

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Portal provides real-time technology escrow management.

Iron Mountain Connect(TM) Escrow Management Center allows businesses to manage, protect, and leverage their core software assets, while ensuring the availability of those assets for business continuity purposes. Similar to online banking or shopping, users can access their account 24/7 to view account information such as deposit data and beneficiary enrollments, conduct escrow transactions,...

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Escrow Service offers online payment solution.

Via website, AliPay online escrow system is available to all businesses and individuals in China. Payment system is partnered with national banks such as China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. To conduct transaction, buyer sends payment to AliPay account, where it is held in escrow. Once buyer indicates product has...

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Service provides order processing via SWIFT network.

SWIFT Service Bureau order processing solution provides order entry and capture, execution control, status control and order response mapping in SWIFT ISO 15022 messages. It can connect directly with user firm's trading platform to enable full STP to the point of execution and validate order prior to execution. Client-facing displays can be fully branded to corporate requirements.

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