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Rugged IP67-Rated Connectors perform under harsh conditions.

Jul 16, 2012

Developed to withstand corrosion from natural elements and manmade chemicals, ARC Series is fully submersible and impenetrable to fluids in mated and unmated conditions, even when subjected to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Units are available in TNC and Type N cable interfaces with Standard and Reverse Polarity options. To fit outdoor installation requirements, cable jacks and... Read More

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RF Coaxial Connectors suit WLAN applications.

Feb 27, 2007

Connectors from N, TNC, and SMA Series are typically used as interfaces for connecting various components such as antennas, access points, and circuit cards to wireless LANs. To prevent incorrect or improper components from being connected, units offer reverse polarity protection. Standard sized cable plug contains female center contact, while mating receptacle contains non-standard male center... Read More

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Adapter Kit includes most frequently used 50 W adapters.

Jan 03, 2007

Housed in pistol-grip case, Multi-RF Direct Adapter Kit contains 6 BNC, 2 TNC, 16 SMA, and 2 Type N adapters. All are precision-machined brass with tarnish-resistant nickel plating. Male center pins are gold-plated brass and female centers are gold-plated, heat-treated beryllium copper. All insulation material is high-density PTFE. Adapters allow direct adaptation without intermediate couplers,... Read More