Electronic Components & Devices

Solid State Relays

Driver suits MOSFET and SCR gate drive applications.

Solid state relay, dual photovoltaic MOSFET driver Model VO1263AB features open circuit voltage up to 14.6 V typ and short-circuit current up to 42 A typ. Housed in DIP-8 package with lead-free terminations, driver consists of 2 LEDs optically coupled to 2 photodiode arrays to provide isolation voltage of 5,300 V. Applications for device include high-side switches, power solid state relays,...

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Electrical Connectors

Appliance Outlets are rated up to 20 A at 250 Vac.

Offered with screw or snap-in mounting, Series 4797 high current appliance outlets are available in 7 variations to suit panel thicknesses from 0.8-3 mm. Connections can be made with 6.3 x 0.8 mm quick-fit terminals or solder tabs. Body is made from flame resistant thermoplastic UL94 V-0 while live parts are made of copper alloy to protect against corrosion. Outlets are built according to IEC...

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Clock Oscillators suit portable electronic applications.

Housed in hermetically sealed 3.2 x 2.5 mm ceramic package, SaRonix S1643 and S1644 quartz crystal clock oscillators feature operating frequencies from 1.8432-106.25 MHz. Powered with 3.3 V or 2.5 V LVCMOS interfaces, crystals use non-PLL clock circuit to achieve low output jitter and current consumption of 8 mA max at up to 50 MHz and 15 mA max at up to 106.25 MHz. Accuracy is ±25 ppm over...

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Electronic Sockets

IC Socket tests high-speed devices.

Mounted in test fixture that suppresses reflection noise and power supply fluctuations, IC Socket employs micro-machining technology, minimizing self-inductance down to less than 0.4 nH. With device interface, high-speed devices with operating frequencies of over 1 GHz can be tested at-speed. Operating from -30 to 125°C, socket supports BGA, FBGA, and CSP packages as well as ball pitch .75,...

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Flashlight features LED night vision protection.

Multi-mode Night Com(TM) Xenon/LED flashlight offers 3 lighting options: 2 Ultra-Bright red or safety green LEDs, Xenon bulb, or 1 low-power red or safety green LED light. Ultra-Bright LEDs offer up to 8 lumens of LED light, 4.8 V Xenon bulb provides 72 lumens of incandescent light, and indicator type LED preserves complete dark adaptation per MIL-1472D. Unit features two 3 V CR123A lithium...

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Signal Generators

Video Test Instrument offers analog speeds to 400 MHz.

Supporting dual-link DVI with HDCP on both links, Model 882D provides single HDMI output that supports full single-link transmission rates. Unit can be controlled from web browser, Telnet client, GPIB or serial interface, or custom control application. Software development kit enables users to create complex custom patterns using C++ APIs. For system upgrades, networked generators can boot from...

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Signal Processors

System-On-Chip targets mobile phone market.

Incorporating image signal processing capabilities, APPROACH 5 Mobile Multimedia Processor allows handset makers to provide camera phones that support image sensors up to 5 MP, offer real-time video capture, and provide 30 frames/sec full VGA resolution digital video MPEG4 capture and playback. Additional multimedia features include decoding of mobile DTV and other H.264 low bit rate video...

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Electronic Bridges

Wireless Solution provides LAN-to-LAN connectivity.

FlightExpress™ 100 Ethernet optical wireless solution is designed for enterprise customers with 2 or more buildings requiring connectivity at distances of 200 m or less. Weighing 9 lb, compact unit provides throughput at full-duplex rate of 100 Mbps, and includes Power over Ethernet (PoE), which eliminates need for additional electrical wiring to power system. FlightExpress 100 system includes...

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Electronic Chips

Microcontroller targets next generation of (U)SIM cards.

Based on ARM® SC100 CPU, 32-bit AT91SC512384RCT RISC crypto-controller features 512 Kbytes ROM program memory, 384 Kbytes EEPROM, and 24 Kbytes RAM. USB 2.0 and USB Interchip ports allow very high-speed transactions with USB host terminal. Chip also includes SPI port for NOR Flash and dedicated hardware for NAND Flash. Interface for front-end RF device, located in handset, is available...

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Signal Receivers

Bluetooth Chip also incorporates FM stereo radio receiver.

Supporting Bluetooth v2.0 and v2.1, Model BCM2048 chip enables designers to incorporate FM radio functionality into Bluetooth enabled devices. FM features include station information through intelligent Radio Data Service (RDS) and Radio Broadcast Data Service (RBDS) processing, station tuning, and station search functions. Product offers single-chip solution for multimedia cell phone and...

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