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OptiFiber Is the Key to Optimizing Cloth Media Filtration Technology

Aqua-Aerobic Systems' extensive cloth research and development efforts over 16 years have resulted in the OptiFiber® family of cloth media. OptiFiber® cloth media offers unique performance characteristics, a variety of materials of construction, solids storage depth and less operator attention and maintenance requirements. OptiFiber® cloth media is ideal for tertiary filtration,...

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Power Supplies

Raising Standards: Enermax Showcasing Next Line of Products at Consumer Electronic Show 2008

The Next Generation of Power Supplies from Enermax: Modu82+ and Pro82+ CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Jan. 2 / - Enermax proudly releases Modu82+ and Pro82+ as the latest successors of its Liberty DXX" series, setting new standards for the PC PSU industry. The new PSU's are designed and built with "Future Ready" in mind. Not only are they one of the first on the market that complies with Intel ATX12V...

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Electronic Boards

Communication Appliance Platform suits entry-level customers.

Model NAD-2075-414 1U Desktop CA platform supports 10/100 fast Ethernet with desktop small form factor design and includes 4 LANs that provide secure data transfer. Powered by VIA Ultra low voltage Eden 500 MHz (TDP 1W) processor with VIA chipset (CN700 NB+VT8237R+ SB), it facilitates managability of communication appliance. Featuring four 10/100 Ethernet ports with DDR2 256 MB on board, compact...

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Miscellaneous Protectors

Hardware Rackmount Platform suits security applications.

Building on Intel® chipset 852GM with Celeron® M BGA CPU, Model NAR-2085 supports 6 GbE (Max) CA rackmount platform, and offers network bandwidth configurations that range up to 6 PCI32 GbE. It performs network intrusion using prevention/detection hardware, spyware control, content filter, P2P control, and instant message recording. Communication appliance platform includes two 200...

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Studio-Quality Audio DAC delivers dynamic range of 134 dB.

With -118 dB THD and 44.1-192 kHz sampling rate, Sabre Reference is designed for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD players, Universal DVD/DVD-Audio/SACD players, and Home Theater receivers. Hyperstream(TM) modulator, with Dynamic Matching using 48-bit accumulator and 28-bit data path, allows true reproduction of audio. Architecture supports mono, stereo, 4- and 8-channel output in current or voltage modes. DAC also...

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Drafting Services

Reference Design supports Blu-ray and HD DVD standards.

Offered as reference design platform for OEMs and ODMs, BCM97440 provides turnkey solution for developing HD optical disc players. It is built around BCM7440 SoC solution, which fully supports requirements of Blu-ray Disc® as well as HD DVD standards, and incorporates complete software stacks that meet Blu-ray(TM), HD DVD, and universal player requirements. Aside from multiple processing...

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Electronic Mixers

Digital Sound Mixer offers configuration and management tools.

Converge SR 1212 digital audio processor and matrix mixer features intelligent adaptive automatic microphone mixing. Also featuring audio digital signal processing, Ethernet control and configuration, and configuration software, it is able to link to other Converge Pro products via low-latency audio network. It is designed for use in places such as auditoriums, conference/meeting rooms,...

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Electronic Amplifiers

HDMI Distribution Amplifier targets electronic retailing.

With Pro HD 3x8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier, users can deliver full 1,080P HD video and audio streams to 8 HD displays simultaneously. Unit is fully scalable and distributes HDMI to more than 8 HD displays by cascading multiple units. Integrated 3x1 HDMI switching allow up to 3 separate HD sources to be selected. Configurable to fit in 1 RU rack or as tabletop installation, unit includes RS-232...

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Flash-Based FPGAs offer minimized dynamic and static power.

Suited for designers of power-conscious systems, 350 MHz ProASIC3L Series supports 1.2 V core voltage and Flash*Freeze technology, which enables designers to switch device from dynamic operation to static without switching off clocks or power supplies. Comprised of 4 models ranging from 250,000 to 3 million gates, ProASIC3L Series comes in both commercial and industrial temperature grades with...

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Connector Housing suits 2-wire/decoder irrigation systems.
Electrical Enclosures

Connector Housing suits 2-wire/decoder irrigation systems.

Designed to house push-in, twist-on, or split-bolt connectors, DryConn DBG(TM) is filled with non-toxic SmartGel(TM), which is waterproof and corrosion proof. Semi-transparent, re-enterable housing allows for splice examination during and after installation without opening encapsulated connector. Featuring one-piece design, housing eliminates need for messy grease tubes, heat shrinks, primer,...

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