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Color Counts in Cutting Stainless Steel with a Fiber Laser

Aug 01, 2017

2 cut samples a 10 Ga washer and .250” washer cut from 304 Stainless Steel by fiber laser using INTO-N2 Ultra-High Pressure, High Purity Nitrogen Generator.

These washers are cut from 304 SS (thicker washer is .250” – thinner washer is .140”) on a 4000W fiber laser and the assist gas was Nitrogen generated from shop air to 99.99% from INTO-N2’s new high purity, high pressure... Read More

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PSA Nitrogen Generator can store up to 13,500 cf of N2 gas.

Aug 01, 2017

PSA-6000/PB-4500 PSA Nitrogen Generator is equipped with 4,350-psi boost pump that is used for compressing air into high pressure cassettes. Enabling users to continuously produce 99.99% pure N2 gas at 4,350-psi pressure, unit is suitable for laser cutting applications. Generator comes in 48 x 48 in. and 60 in. tall rack.

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Saelig's Comb Generators come in 3 and 3.5 oz.

Jul 19, 2017

Available in TBCG1 and TBCG2 models, TekBox TBCGx Comb Generators are used for testing radiated noise measurements. TBCG1 generator comes in 3.2 x 2.4 x 1.1 in. size and powered by 9V alkaline cell. With built-in dipole antenna, TBCG1 is used to emit vertically or horizontally-polarized signals and consumes current of 175mA. TBCG2 generator comes with N female input connector and N male... Read More

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Duke Energy Unveils Plans for its First Solar Power Plants in Kentucky

Jul 15, 2017

  • Company will build three solar facilities in Northern Kentucky's Kenton and Grant counties
  • Approximately 31,500 solar panels will generate about 6.8 megawatts of electricity
  • Construction will begin later this summer; majority of work expected to be completed by the end of 2017

CINCINNATI, July 14, 2017 - Duke Energy customers in Northern Kentucky will... Read More

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Kaplan Industrial Turbine Generator requires 10 ft clearance.

Jun 16, 2017

Equipped with direct-drive, synchronous, permanent magnetized generator, Kaplan Industrial Turbine Generator prevents need of external powerhouse for converting power to electricity. Developed for easy installation with no downtime, unit’s permanent magnet eliminates need of transmission gearing, central shaft and couplings. Product does not require additional cooling equipment.

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PXIe Microwave Signal Generator comes with external IQ inputs.

Jun 08, 2017

Offering frequency coverage up to 44 GHz and modulation bandwidth up to 1 GHz, M9383A PXIe Microwave Signal Generator is used to generate complex waveforms. Supporting modulation bandwidths up to 2 GHz, unit is embedded with SystemVue software for creating 5G candidate waveforms, such as 8 x 100 MHz OFDM component carriers. Delivering 1 percent EVM for 800 MHz wide pre-5G waveforms, product is... Read More

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QuietPower™ Series Inverter Generator comes with mufflers.

May 12, 2017

Equipped with 306cc integrated engine/alternator, Q6500 QuietPower™ Series Inverter Generator offer up to 14 hrs run time at 255 load. Featuring lightweight design and telescopic handles, product’s impact resistant shell encloses all-steel frame. Designed with four GFCI 120V-20A, one 120V-240V locking and two USB outlets, inverter generator offers a 6500 starting watts. Unit comes with... Read More

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QSK60 Series Natural Gas Generators deliver up to 43.8 percent efficiency.

Apr 22, 2017

QSK60 Series generators are used for integrating into new or existing cogeneration and trigeneration plants. QSK60 Series C1540 N5CC Natural Gas Generator is suitable for independent power producer and combined heat and power applications.

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5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator provides six-point calibration in two hours.

Apr 01, 2017

Used for calibrating probes and loggers in the field or in laboratory, 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator is suitable for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, semiconductors, chemicals, and food production industries. Offering ± 1.0% RH system accuracy for dependable humidity probe calibration, unit provides rapid humidity and temperature stabilization time 10ºC/minute and 1.5ºC/minute for... Read More

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X-energy Moves their Xe-100 Advanced Reactor into Conceptual Design

Mar 20, 2017

Southern Nuclear Employee Clint Medlock Joins X-energy as Program Management Consultant for the Xe-100

GREENBELT, Md., March 16, 2017 - X Energy, LLC (X-energy) announced that it has commenced the conceptual design phase for its Xe-100 high temperature gas-cooled (HTGR) pebble bed modular reactor. The company also welcomes Clint Medlock, a Southern Nuclear employee, as Program... Read More

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MFG-2000 RF Function Generators come with 100kHz power amplifier channel.

Mar 06, 2017

Designed with front panel, 4.3 in. TFT color display, MFG-2000 RF Function Generators deliver sine, square and triangular wave outputs. Offering 100MHz waveform repetition rate, 16kpts memory depth and 200MHz sample rate for 14-bit waveforms, units are suitable for IQ modulation signals, automotive sensor, AM/FM broadcast signals, PWM motor, fan control signals, pulse noise and audio signal... Read More

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Duraline’s New Line of Generator Cables and Accessories Provide Durable and Easy to Use Solutions

Feb 14, 2017

Duraline has produced high quality safe and reliable power distribution products for over 70 years and is continuously researching and developing new products in the business and private sector.

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew made land fall and significantly impacted thousands of businesses and homes in the southeast United States. Because of this catastrophic event, Duraline... Read More

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TTcogen Unveils the First TEDOM Micro T35 CHP Unit Installed in the USA

Feb 02, 2017

WALTHAM, Mass., Jan. 31, 2017 - On Friday, January 27th, 2017 TTcogen LLC, a 50/50 joint venture corporation formed by packaged combined heat and power (CHP) experts Tecogen Inc. and TEDOM a.s., unveiled the first fully installed and operational TEDOM Micro T35 CHP unit in the United States. Attendees including utility representatives, potential customers and expert engineers were treated to a... Read More

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Schneider Electric and Duke Energy Renewables Agree to Deliver Two Advanced Microgrids for Montgomery County, Maryland

Feb 02, 2017

-- Increases resiliency and sustainability at Public Safety HQ and Correctional Facility

-- Incorporates solar and high-efficiency combined heat and power into off-grid operation

-- Delivered via unique Microgrid-as-a-Service model eliminating up-front costs

ANDOVER, Mass., Feb. 1, 2017 - Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, and... Read More

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Allmand Expands Into Portable Air Compressor and Mobile Generator Markets

Jan 28, 2017

HOLDREGE, Neb., Jan. 26, 2017 - Allmand Bros Inc., a long-time manufacturer of high-performance portable equipment, expands its product offerings with the Maxi-Air™ Portable Air Compressor and a full line of Maxi-Power™ Mobile Generators. The Maxi-Air launches with two models, the MA185 and MA400, both providing consistent, high-pressure air volumes at low RPMs for enhanced fuel... Read More

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Siemens Wins First Offshore Wind Project in Belgium

Dec 23, 2016

• Rentel offshore wind power plant with a capacity of 309 megawatts

• 42 SWT-7.0-154 wind turbines

• Clean power for 300,000 Belgian households

• 17-year service and maintenance contract

Siemens, as a significant player in offshore wind power, has successfully entered the offshore wind market in Belgium with a first order for the 309MW Rentel wind project.... Read More

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Briggs and Stratton’s Standby Generator features galvannealed steel enclosure.

Dec 19, 2016

Designed in 80 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW and 200 kW ratings, Briggs and Stratton’s Standby Generators are built on seven gauge steel base. Included with block heaters for ensuring quick start, units run on 1800 rpm EPA certified PSI engines. Featuring automotive grade powder coating, generators are NFPA-110 compliant and offer protection against abrasions and chips.

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Siemens to Supply Key Components for Five Power Plant Units in Republic of the Sudan

Dec 03, 2016

Siemens has signed an agreement in Berlin yesterday with Sudan’s state-run energy provider Sudanese Thermal Power Generating Company (STPGC) to supply five SGT5-2000E gas turbines. These machines will deliver a combined electrical generating capacity of some 850 megawatts for the Sudanese national grid. All five power plant units are scheduled to already commence commercial operation at the... Read More

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Bechtel Congratulates International Team on Chornobyl Milestone

Dec 01, 2016

Massive confinement arch moved over damaged nuclear reactor, protecting the environment

RESTON, Va., Nov. 29, 2016 -- Bechtel, the global engineering, construction, and project management firm, today congratulated an international team for completing a historic milestone at the site of the Chornobyl nuclear plant: the successful sliding of a massive containment arch that now covers the... Read More

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NREL expands PV modules each year.

Nov 30, 2016

Installing new PV modules just north of NREL parking garage in first row as demonstration project, NREL is helping PV industry for performance validation. With an intention to study with high accuracy, initial degradation of modules and to make all data available publicly, NREL researchers examined results of nearly 200 studies and found degradation rate ranges from 0.5%-1% a year depending on... Read More