Drawing Machinery

Wire Draw Mechanism enables length measurement to 50 m.

Combined with absolute or incremental encoders, MRA-F provides linear path solutions for various applications and is built with stable spring return, flexible steel rope, and steel dirt removers. It incorporates SSI interface; Profibus, CANopen, or DeviceNet fieldbus technology for absolute wire draw encoders; and HTL or TTL interface for incremental wire draw encoders. Product operates via drum...

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Simple Connection – MGB with EtherNet/IP

The new MGB with EtherNet/IP is a leap forward in access door safety. Designed for easy installation, flawless performance, and long service life, it is engineered with robust features and cutting-edge technology that places it firmly at the leading edge of the door safety device industry. To learn all about the benefits of the Euchner MGB, see our video.

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