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Auto-Contrast LCD needs no adjustment.

Mar 08, 2002

LM4040 4 x 20 alphanumeric LCD module uses flat-response-fluid (FRF) to eliminate need for temperature compensation circuitry or user adjustment of contrast voltage over operating temperature range of -20 to 70 deg C. Applications include those where ambient temperature around display is likely to change during operation. Array type backlight requires 160mA at 5Vdc and provides uniform... Read More

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LED Array comes in any color combination.

Mar 06, 2002

Intelligent 10-segment LED linear-scaled display is suitable for power, voltage, or VU meters in applications such as process control panels, audio equipment and sound equipment. It has 10 horizontal 0.050 x 0.160 in. windows, and programmable on-board driver that allows intensity of individual bars to be adjusted electronically. Driver can change display from bar graph to moving-dot type. LED is... Read More

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LED Displays may be placed together for additional length.

Mar 05, 2002

LED Displays with built-in IC Drivers, designed in 0.54 and 0.56 in. packages, offer CMOS technology and continuous brightness control. Displays can operate within power supply range of 3.5 to 10 V, are TTL compatib1e, and provide 34 or 35 outputs with 20mA sink capability. Model BD-E522RI-DR1 offers dual digit LED display with alphanumeric or numerical digits, and Model BT-M522RD-DR1 offers... Read More

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Rack-mount CRT Displays are EMI and RFI shielded.

Feb 14, 2002

GRY series displays offer on-screen controls for geometry and color values, selectable in five languages. GRY 1017 (17 in.) is 8U (14 in.) high, and has dot pitch of 0.27mm. GRY 1015 (15 in.) is 7U (12.25 in.) high, and offers dot pitch of 0.28mm. Both displays offer resolutions of 1280 x 1024 pixels @ 60 Hz, and withstand ambient temperatures up to 131 deg F. Each operates on 90 to 246 VAC at 50... Read More

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LED Signal suits span wire or stationary arm applications.

Feb 12, 2002

RX11 LED full ball signals are offered in 8 and 12 in. configurations, and feature expanded field-of-view. Design minimizes sun phantom effects, resulting in 70% reduced glare based on EN12368 standards. Power supplies can be individually adapted to accept characteristics of different controllers. They offer UV stabilized shells, moisture and dust resistant enclosures, and can retrofit into... Read More

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Fiber Optic Panels backlight keyboards with one LED.

Feb 07, 2002

UniGlo® Panels are thin plastic optical fiber backlighting devices that can backlight full-travel computer keyboards and flat panel membrane switch keyboard overlays with single LED (2.1 VDC @ 30mA) light source. They provide thin (.010 in. min) uniform panel of light that is heat- and EMI-free. Panels have operating temperature range of -40 to 80 degrees C, are not affected by temperature... Read More

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LCD Monitor offers 80° viewing angle.

Jan 22, 2002

HOU-15 wall mountable monitor may be provided with pedestal or touchscreen mounts. It is available in resistive or capacitive touchscreens, as well as in non-touch versions. Typical brightness rating is 250 nits. Monitor provides maximum XGA resolution of 1024 x 768, distortion-free TFT active matrix screen, and 16.7 M colors. HOU-15 offers integrated stereo speakers, OSD (On Screen Display)... Read More

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LCD Color Monitor brightly displays in dirty environments.

Jan 08, 2002

Rack-mounted MRAE 18 TFT NEMA 4/12 monitor, with scaled aluminum-alloy front panel and heavy-duty, stainless-steel chassis, provides 235 nits of brightness. Active-matrix SXGA display offers 64,000 colors. Built-in multiscan capability automatically adjusts to support different video resolutions, up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Analog-input display eliminates need for LCD video adapter, has flat... Read More

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LED Light Pipe has thru-hole and surface mount versions.

Jan 02, 2002

Comprised of wide angle lens and flexible light pipe, FLP-O Series features oval shaped lens cap assembly with visible area of 0.125 in. (W) and 0.250 in. (L). Light pipe assembly provides capability for extending LED lighting to display and indicator panels up to 328.0 ft. Available Super-bright colors include Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Amber; Ultra-bright colors include White, Blue, Turquoise... Read More

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Digital Weight Indicator holds up to 200 measurements.

Jan 02, 2002

Model 220 supports digital fill control, checkweighing with 5 preset weight comparators, and piece count functions without programming. It powers up to 14 load cells, and has 12 digit display, NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure for use in harsh environments and wash down applications, transflective liquid crystal display with backlighting, and alphanumeric keypad and display. Read More

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Color LCDs come with white LCD or CCFL backlighting.

Jan 02, 2002

F-51373 series 1/4-VGA passive matrix STN LCD modules with 3.8 in. diagonal viewing area clearly display color graphics in various lighting conditions for hand-held applications. Three panel variations are available: transflective highly reflective, transflective highly transmissive, and transmissive. Their incorporated color filter materials are transmissive, and have high color purity as well... Read More

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DRO Systems feature high-precision scales.

Dec 19, 2001

Digital Readout Systems consist of readout, 2 scales, 2 armored cables, mounting arm and brackets, and cast-aluminum enclosure. Bolt hole cycle and conversions are standard. Scales have sealed lips for coolant resistance and hardened extrusions that are unbreakable. Installation is made easy by 5 roller bearings on readerhead, which glides along tracks of scale. Read More

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LCD Monitors can be integrated into existing products.

Nov 17, 2001

Open-frame 15 in. LCD monitors are provided with resistive and capacitive touchscreens, as well as non-touch versions. They feature maximum XGA resolution of 1024 x 768 and distortion-free TFT active matrix screen. Power management system is VESA DPMS compliant. Displays offer typical brightness rating of 250 nits for viewing in ambient light, coupled with high contrast ratio for color clarity.... Read More

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Flat Panel Display has bright, colorful TFT LCD.

Nov 14, 2001

Suitable for instrumentation, 10.4 in. diagonal thin film transistor transmissive LCD module has 550 nits (cd/M2) brightness, screen resolution of 800 x RGB x 600, 262,144 colors, and contrast ratio of 180:1. Module is backlit by two-tube CCFL, and typical power consumption is 9 W, including display and lighting system. It has hard coating surface treatment, anti-glare treatment of front... Read More

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Fiber Optic Panels provide backlighting.

Nov 08, 2001

Fiber Optic Panels are constructed of 1 to 8 layers assembled together with double-sided adhesive, with each layer increasing brightness (to 50 ft-L and more). Polyester reflector is laminated to back, clear vinyl top layer is added for durability, and semi-transparent diffusion layer is placed between top weave layer and clear vinyl layer. Panels are ideal for LCDs with active display area up to... Read More