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Fabrication Services

Turkish Aerospace Industries Selects VISTAGY's FiberSIM® Software to Accelerate UAV Development Program

FiberSIM composites engineering software enables TAI to keep pace with its rapid expansion in the military and commercial sectors WALTHAM, Mass., (USA), September 9, 2009 - VISTAGY, Inc., a leading provider of industry-specific engineering software and services, today announced that Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) has purchased FiberSIM® software to streamline the...

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Aluminum Alloys Now Available For Us to Use

I wanted you to know that we are now able to obtain many new aluminum alloy raw material thicknesses in the coil form we need to manufacture Roll Formed Aluminum parts from that were not available previously. The incredible amount of Aluminum Alloys available will include Temper Hardness's from Full Hard to Dead Soft. Depending on the shape required we can manufacture Roll Formed Components from...

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Molding Services

Mold Tooling

Weiss-Aug's approach to tooling has been intensely developed and perfected to a system where design and fabrication of stamping and molding tooling are highly integrated. From the beginning for insert molded programs, teams of both tool and mold makers work closely together, making sure that critical areas are considered for both manufacturing processes. This approach is so successful; our tool...

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Research, Design and Development Services

Molding Services

Weiss-Aug has a new and innovative Molding process. The Process Highlights are as follows; Wesiss-Aug has and outstanding engineering, tool design and new product development support. We also use innovative insert molding solutions with reduced development costs and faster time to market with the mix of advanced expertise with engineered thermoplastic resins and composites. Our sophisticated...

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Molding Services

Reel to Reel Molding Services

Weiss-Aug uses a innovative Reel to reel insert molding which is a molding process where a leadframe or carrier is fed automatically from one or more reels, through a multi-cavity mold, where plastic is over-molded onto the leadframe or carrier. It is then re-reeled onto the receiving reel(s), and shipped directly to the customer on a reel or fed into secondary forming and cutoff equipment for...

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Treatment Services

Heat Treating, Degreasing, Welding, Finishing, Forming, Cut Off, and Other Secondary Operations

Weiss-Aug's Heat Treating services include; controlled inert gas processes, thermal profiles up to 1200°F (650°C), documented profile charts available with product shipments if requested and many other annealing and hardened process capabilities available. Our finishing services include; high speed mass finishing process capabilities, low speed finishing processing and various media...

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Stamping Services

Metal Stamping

Weiss-Aug has developed new expertise in metal selection. We understand the different characteristics of each metal and can help you determine which metal best suits your stamping and or insert molding application. Weiss-Aug also inspects all incoming raw materials for characteristics such as tensile strength, camber, elongation, thickness and hardness. Metal types such as Stainless Steel which...

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Packaging Services

Assembly Services

Many programs require assembly of multiple stamped and or molded products. In addition to insert molding, we also offer other assembly services including: o Welding o Heat staking o Laser welding o Crimping Components can be assembled in a variety of different ways, and custom assembly operations are developed with the customer to provide the most efficient and cost effective operation. o Manual...

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S-Bond Joining Materials and Services for the Manufacture of Sputtering Targets

S-Bond® active solders enable the joining of dissimilar metals and ceramics to each other and to other metals. S-Bond's patented alloys have active elements such as titanium and cerium added to Sn-Ag, Sn-In-Ag, and Sn-Bi alloys to create a solder that can be reacted directly with the metallic and/or ceramic surfaces prior to bonding. S-Bond filler metal alloys produce reliable joints with...

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