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MC018 High-Current Controller runs up to 4kHz at maximum load.

Jun 01, 2017

Designed to control high-current devices such as excessive noise and moderate pin/controller power, MC018 High-Current Controller is rated to maximum total current of 160 A and steady state current of 120 A. Featuring programmable soft fuse and power supply, unit is suitable for actuators, windshield wipers, fan drive, lamps, lights, engine starter and levelling control applications. Product... Read More

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LM5170-Q1 DC/DC Current Controller uses average current-mode control method.

Mar 23, 2017

Delivering more than 97% efficiency with 99% accuracy in monitoring, LM5170-Q1 DC/DC Current Controller is equipped with 5-A peak half-bridge gate drivers. Housed in 48-pin, 9mm x 9mm quad flat package, unit prevents negative current using diode emulation mode of rectifier MOSFETs.

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Current Balancer comes in sizes from 5-250 kVA.

Apr 12, 2013

Current Balancer is designed for 3-phase motor applications where power source is supplying unbalanced current, causing excessive heat, and potentially premature failure. Using high-speed electronic tap switching design, unit precisely adjusts voltage which in turn will balance current to within 3% or less. Housed in NEMA-3R enclosure for outdoor installations, balancer is suited for submersible... Read More

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ON Semiconductor's Innovative New Devices Address Diverse and Challenging Automotive Applications

Nov 28, 2012

Company continues to broaden its portfolio of robust, high performance, energy efficient solutions to address increasing electrical content in vechicles The accompanying image can be downloaded in both high and low resolution by clicking here Electronica - MUNICH, Germany. - ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), driving innovation in energy efficiency, has announced the launch of several new product... Read More

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TI Introduces Wide-Input Power Solutions with High-Voltage Protection

Apr 15, 2011

50-mA, 100-V LDO and 12-A, 60-V step-down controller provide fastest transient response, high efficiency to industrial systems DALLAS - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) expanded its industry-leading power management portfolio with two new step-down regulators with wide input voltages and high-voltage protection. The new 100-V LDO and 60-V DC/DC controller can withstand high-voltage... Read More

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Alternating Relay and Duplex Controllers manage pump runtimes.

Sep 23, 2010

Rugged ARM Series microprocessor-based controllers evenly distribute runtime by automatically alternating lead and lag loads between 2 pump sequences. Devices include inrush delay to prevent both loads from energizing simultaneously, and five UL913 intrinsically safe low-voltage/-current control switch inputs. Integral device logic allows outputs to function if one input fails to open or close,... Read More

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Linear Current Regulator and Controller suits automotive lighting.

Jun 15, 2010

Consisting of 8 linear programmable constant current sources, NCV7680 is designed for regulation and control of solid state rear combination lamps of vehicles. It supports LED driving current of up to 75 mA/channel as well as different brightness levels for stop and tail illumination. Operating in temperatures from -40 to +150°C, it has MSL 1 moisture resistance rating and is available in... Read More

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Precise Trace Gas Analysis, Without the Noise

Jun 04, 2010

PNNL technology refines laser sensors, licensed to Wavelength Electronics RICHLAND, Washington - Analyzing trace atmospheric gases can now be considerably more precise with the help of a device that delivers stable and reliable power to the lasers used in gas sensors. The low-noise current controller was developed at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The technology... Read More

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Integrated Controller features 75 A power switching.

Apr 27, 2010

Designed to control Tungsten lamps, EZ-ZONE® ST offers single-phase, solid-state relay output from 40-75 A and phase angle power switching with soft-start to prevent high in-rush currents, load failure, or blown fuses. It also has temperature control, current monitoring, overtemperature protection, and field communications for banks of lamps used to create PV cells. Internal communications bus... Read More

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LED Driver features dynamic headroom control.

Apr 27, 2010

Featuring 4 individual current regulator channels and input voltage up to 80 V, PowerWise® LM3464 drives up to 4 strings of LEDs with up to 20 LEDs per channel. High-voltage current controller works in conjunction with external N-channel MOSFETs and sense resistors to accurately drive current to each LED string. Dynamic headroom control feature monitors forward voltages of LED strings and... Read More

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Laser Diode Controller meets laboratory requirements.

Mar 18, 2010

Offering stability for use with TO-can laser diodes and butterfly packages, Model 6100 provides precision current and temperature control for laser diode applications. Its 500/1,500 mA current supply range, along with 32 W temperature controller, suits demanding laboratory tasks. Bench top instrument incorporates DSP-based PID control and ultra-stable current control to achieve less than... Read More

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Flyback Controller operates at junction temperature of 150°C.

Jun 26, 2009

Available in 6-pin ThinSOT(TM) package, H-grade version of LTC3803-3 current mode flyback DC/DC controller can be powered by input ranging from 9-75 V. Unit maintains 300 kHz operating frequency and offers adjustable slope compensation for optimized transient response with minimum output capacitance, and soft-start function that minimizes inrush current/output voltage overshoot. Operating in -40... Read More

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OEM Motor Drive provides positioning control.

Apr 17, 2009

Measuring 54 x 28 x 9 mm, Model EPOS2 36/2 controls brush DC motors as well as brushless EC motors, and is suited for single-axis and multiple-axis applications of miniature size. Plug-in module can be operated as speed controller or current controller in addition to position controller. Providing 36 V, 2 Amp operation, drive is designed to command and control within CANopen network, but can also... Read More

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Buck-Boost DC-DC Regulator Controller operates from 3-75 V.

May 19, 2008

Featuring programmable switching frequency up to 500 kHz, LM5118 emulated current-mode-controlled buck-boost DC-DC regulator controller offers smooth transition between buck and buck-boost modes. It features 2-switch configuration, peak efficiency of 95%, and operates from 12.6 V battery, but also functions if voltage falls momentarily down to 4 V. Drivers for high-side buck MOSFET and low-side... Read More

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Voice Coil Motor Driver comes with I²C serial interface.

Nov 06, 2007

Designed for camera auto focus and zoom applications, Model A3904 features 2.4-5.5 V operating voltage range, 127 mA maximum output current, and -40 to +85°C operating temperature range. Output current is programmed via I²C interface in 500 µA increments with clock rates up to 400 kHz, while I2C inputs set internal DAC output voltage used as reference for linear current control using... Read More

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Solid-State Controllers promote magnet lifting capacity.

May 01, 2007

Designed to replace traditional contactors and discharge resistors, OptiCon magnet controllers utilize solid-state IGBTs that provide true control of electrical current to magnets. Three models, rated for 150, 250, and 350 A service, can be installed into new equipment or retrofit into existing systems. Each can be used with any magnet or magnet system, optimizing power delivered to magnet while... Read More

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Modular Control System offers sample cycle time of 250 ms.

Aug 17, 2006

With 0.2% accuracy, DIN rail mount SRZ Control System provides selectable position proportional control, cascade control, as well as heat only and heat/cool control. True universal input includes 10 thermocouple types, RTD, voltage, or current. Single module may provide up to 4 channels of heat only or 2 heat/cool to which up to 16 modules may be connected. Alarm choices include loop break,... Read More

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AC Current Controller protects from system failures.

Jun 05, 2006

Non-intrusive, isolated current-sensing Series 882 incorporates 2 A output relay switch with LED to indicate on/off status, enabling detection of AC current overload or underload to prevent damage. Relay also enables series to turn on alarm, shut down electrical system, and provide automatic warning alerts. Controllers are available in 12 current ranges from 0.2-1 A through 300 A, with 5-terminal... Read More

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Current Loop Controller works with motorized potentiometers.

Dec 21, 2005

Able to automate existing systems, MR267 remotely controls motorized potentiometer and/or rotary cam switch via 4-20 mA current loop, 0-2.5 V input, or external potentiometer. User-specified potentiometers provide absolute positional feedback information or function as variable resistor in analog control or bridge circuit. Rotary limit switches are programmed, via cams, to electrically control... Read More